Easy No Sew Kitchen Towel DIY With Rubber Stamps


Create your own personalized kitchen decor with this step by step tutorial to a no sew kitchen towel DIY using an ink pad and rubber stamps.

No sew kitchen towel DIY with white linen towels and rubber stamps.

Do you ever picture something that you’d like to have your home only you’re not able to find it online or in-store?

This happened to me recently when I started looking for fall, block printed kitchen towels. I couldn’t find what I was looking for…anywhere.

In my search for the perfect kitchen towel, I was reminded of stamped napkins I created a few years ago. When I crafted the napkins I remember thinking how I wanted to try this technique on dish towels. Well I never did, until now! 

I’m not quite sure what took me so long to try this stamping technique on towels, but now that I have, I’ve been imagining all the designs and patterns I can create for different seasons and holidays.

DIY dish towels for personalized kitchen decor.

If you’re someone who loves both crafting but may not have basic sewing skills (Like me!), then this is a great project for you!

In this blog post, I’ll show you how no sewing skills are required to create your very own kitchen towel with charming stamp designs.

Why rubber stamps for this kitchen towel DIY?

Rubber stamps are a good thing to use to instantly transform a plain piece of fabric into a work of art. 

Stamped tea towels adds personalized decor to the kitchen.

Stamps are a fun way to imprint intricate designs, unique patterns, or even personalized messages onto a variety of surfaces. With rubber stamps, your creativity knows no bounds, which is perfect for these kitchen tea towels.

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What You’ll Love About These DIY Dish Towels

Making this simple kitchen towel using rubber stamps offers an easy way to unleash your creativity, add a personalized touch to your kitchen, and create something both beautiful and functional. 

What you’ll love about this easy project:

  • PERSONALIZATION – Making your own tea towels is an easy way to add your unique style and personality into your kitchen decor. You can choose stamp designs that resonate with you and create a towel that showcases what you love.
  • QUICK & EASY – The no sew aspect of this simple project makes it perfect for beginners. You won’t need to worry about a sewing machine, threading needles, or stitching.
  • CREATIVITY – Rubber stamps open up a world of creative possibilities. You can experiment with different stamp designs, colors, and arrangements to create a truly unique and visually appealing kitchen towel that reflects your personal taste.
Stamped kitchen towel DIY supplies with an ink pad and rubber stamps.

Supplies for Stamped Kitchen Towels

  • New Tea Towels: Choose a high quality 100% cotton or linen solid colored kitchen towel as your canvas.
  • Rubber Stamps: Select an assortment of rubber stamps that match your kitchen’s theme or personal style. You can find a ton of stamp options from florals & greenery to charming farm animals online or at the craft store.
  • Ink Pad: Invest in an acid free, permanent, and waterproof ink pad in a color that complements your towel and stamp design.
  • Iron: To seal the stamp print to the towel.
  • Fabric Scraps: Choose a small amount of fabric similar to your dish towel material for practice stamping.

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Easy Step by Step Tutorial for DIY Kitchen Towels

Step 1: Plan Your Design

Before you begin stamping, visualize your design and how you want it to appear on the towel.

Note: Before stamping your tea towel for the first time, it’s a good idea to practice stamping on a scrap fabric pieces. This will help you decide on the perfect dish towel patterns and the right amount of pressure to apply when stamping.

Step 2: Stamping

Begin stamping your designs onto the towel using your chosen ink color.

For our fall kitchen towels I wanted a block print pattern, so I decided to stamp 2 oak leaves in opposing directions with an acorn stamped in the middle of the leaves.

When crafting your own kitchen towels you don’t need to worry about perfection. The beauty of each towel lies in it’s uniqueness. No two towels will be the same!

Easy kitchen DIY with stamped kitchen towels for seasonal decor.

To help with stamp spacing and to create straight lines I used a yard stick.

I began stamping in a vertical line on the bottom of the towel, stamping the oak leaves about 3″ apart, alternating the rows to create a block print. Each row is about 2 1/2″ inches apart. 

For the acorn, I alternated those rows as well with one row of the acorn facing down, and the next row the acorn facing up.

Rubber stamped dish towel for cottage farmhouse kitchen decor.

Ultimately, the design and pattern you decide upon is completely up to you!

Step 3: Let the Towel Dry

Allow the ink to dry completely, which should take 1-2 hours or you can allow to dry overnight.

Tea towel DIY with stamps and ink for farmhouse kitchen decor.

Step 4: Iron to Seal

On the highest iron setting with steam, iron your kitchen towel on the side with the stamped design. This will set the ink to the towel.


  • Test your stamps on a scrap piece of fabric. This helps you get comfortable with the pressure and technique required, ensuring a better outcome on the actual towel.
  • Before you start stamping, plan out your design. This will prevent mistakes and help you achieve a balanced look.
  • Apply a moderate amount of ink to your rubber stamps. Too much ink can lead to smudging, while too little can result in incomplete or faint designs.
  • When stamping, apply even pressure to the entire stamp surface. This helps ensure that the design transfers uniformly onto the fabric.
  • Keep some scrap paper or paper towels handy to blot the stamp after inking. This prevents excessive ink from transferring onto your towel, which can lead to smudges.
  • Take your time and be patient with each stamping. Rushing can lead to uneven designs and mistakes.

How to Hang Your Finished Towels

Hanging your finished DIY kitchen towels is the final step to proudly displaying your creative masterpiece. 

I love to tie our tea towels around these hooks in our kitchen (you can see my tutorial for tying dish towels here), however if you don’t have hooks like ours, you can display your hanging towel a few different ways.

Hanging kitchen towels on hooks for easy kitchen use.
  • Hang your kitchen towel over the handle of your oven or any other appliances with handles. This method keeps the hanging kitchen towel within arm’s reach while also adding a little something extra to your appliances.
  • Add decorative wall hooks in your kitchen and hang your towel as you would with a coat or apron.
  • If you have cabinets with handles, drape the towel over the handles. This method is simple and efficient ensuring your towel is always nearby.

Why should I use 100% cotton fabric or linen tea towels for this DIY?

Using 100% cotton or linen fabric towels is the best choice for it’s kitchen use durability.

No sew kitchen towel DIY with white linen towels and rubber stamps.

These light weight fabrics possess excellent ink adherence, ensuring your stamped designs maintain their vibrancy after multiple washes.

The natural qualities of these fabrics make them ideal canvases for your rubber stamp designs, guaranteeing a long lasting, visually appealing, and functional addition to your kitchen.

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Looking for more creative inspiration? Check out these easy DIY projects. Discover how simple materials can transform into stunning creations that reflect your personal, unique style.

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Can you actually use these DIY kitchen towels or are they just for decoration?

Absolutely, you can definitely use the flour sack towels that you created with rubber stamps!

One of the great aspects of this project is that the towel remains functional in addition to being a decorative piece. 

DIY dish towels for personalized kitchen decor.

Here are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that your kitchen towel remains both beautiful and usable:

  • Fabric Ink: Make sure to use fabric-safe ink pads that are meant to adhere to fabric fibers. These inks are designed to withstand washing and maintain their vibrancy.
  • Washing Care: Treat your tea towel like any other fabric item. Wash it on a gentle cycle with cold water and mild detergent. Avoid using bleach or harsh chemicals that could damage the design.
  • Drying: After washing, you may want to air dry the towel to prevent excessive wear and tear from high heat. If you use a dryer, opt for a low heat setting.
  • Ironing: Iron your kitchen towel on the reverse side to avoid direct heat on the stamped design.

DIY Kitchen Towels Are Great Gifts

DIY tea towels with rubber stamp designs are not just a great idea for your home, they make thoughtful, handmade gifts for various occasions as well. 

DIY Kitchen towels are a great gift idea for the holidays or for a housewarming.

Simply tie a folded towel with pretty ribbon for an easy, budget friendly gift. Or, include a DIY towel in a basket with other cooking essentials like a cookbook, wooden spoons, a recipe box, or this homemade vanilla extract for a more substantial gift.

Here are some occasions where these personalized kitchen towels would be the perfect gift:

  • Housewarming: Welcome someone to their new home with a customized kitchen towel.
  • Holidays: Whether it’s Christmas, Hanukkah, Easter, or any other holiday; a festive kitchen towel is a great way to add seasonal decor to any home.
  • Hostess Gift: Show your appreciation when invited to someone’s home by gifting a personalized kitchen towel.
  • Thank You Gift: A handmade towel is a thoughtful way to say “thank you” to someone who has done something special for you.

Remember, the key to making these hand towels ideal for any occasion is the personalization.  This thoughtfulness will make your handmade gifts truly special and appreciated.

DIY Flour sack towel gift idea with ribbon and a wooden spoon.

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No sew kitchen towel DIY with white linen towels and rubber stamps.
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