Mexican Fiesta Decorations


Incorporate the colors & textures of Mexico at your next Cinco de Mayo party with these Mexican fiesta decorations that include a variety of flowers in bold hues that is sure to capture the vibrancy & energy of the festivities.

Mexican fiesta decorations that include vibrant flowers for Cinco de Mayo.

Today I’m sharing the cutest Mexican fiesta decorations! Whether you’re having a cozy date night at home or hosting a crowd for Cinco de Mayo, these flower arrangements are the perfect addition to any Mexican celebration.

I made these arrangements last year and realized I never shared them with you. So, I’ve been anticipating the arrival of Cinco de Mayo again this year, so I could share how to make these cute & easy Mexican fiesta decorations!

These vibrant & bold arrangements take just minutes to put together, and can be completely customized to include the freshest, vibrant flowers available to you & the cans you have in your pantry.

Mexican fiesta decorations with vibrant flowers.

Now, what makes these Cinco de Mayo flower arrangements unique is the vessel you create them in…tins cans! That’s right, tins cans! To make these authentic Mexican fiesta decorations you use leftover cans of Mexican ingredients and then place bold, vibrant flowers inside.

It’s such a fun way to add fun, colorful decor to your Cinco de Mayo get-together or party!

Mexican Fiesta Decorations With Tin Cans & Flowers

From bright and bold hues to delicate and fragrant blooms, there are endless possibilities when it comes to flower arrangements for a Cinco de Mayo party.

Mexican fiesta decorations for a festive party with flowers & cans.

I am sharing exactly what I used to create these arrangements, however you can easily change the flowers to include ones that you love or look best at your market. You can also use any cans you have in the pantry. I do suggest using cans that include Mexican ingredients to make these authentic Mexican fiesta decorations.

Supplies You’ll Need for Mexican Fiesta Decorations

  • 1 bouquet Chamomile
  • 1 bouquet Craspedia
  • 1 bouquet Gerber Daisy
  • 1 bouquet Veronica
  • 1 bouquet Ranunculas
  • 1 bouquet Pea Shoots
  • 1 bouquet Green Dragon Aster
  • 1 bouquet Purple Filler Flower
  • Water
  • 3 empty cans of Mexican ingredients

*Note: You may have flowers leftover. The amount of flowers you use will depend on the amount of arrangements you make and the size of the cans.

Flowers in bright colors for a Cinco de Mayo party.

The Flowers

When choosing flowers for this Cinco de Mayo arrangement be sure to choose flowers in bold & bright hues like red, yellow, purple, and orange. These colors reflect the fun aesthetic of a Mexican fiesta!

You also want to choose flowers of varying textures like ones with smooth petals, spiky leaves, and feathery plumes to create dynamic & visually interesting Mexican fiesta decorations.

Pro Tip: Pre-made flower bouquets from the grocery store are great options for creating arrangements. They are typically less expensive than purchasing each individual flower, making it a more cost effective way to create your own flower arrangement at home.

A sink full of flowers in a cottage farmhouse kitchen.

The Tin Cans

Any size tin cans can be used for these Mexican party decorations. You can use tin cans of all the same size or varying sizes to create your fiesta decorations.

I used small, medium, and large sized cans and grouped them together in the center of our island. Whichever size cans you decide to use is completely up to you!

These canned ingredients would make excellent vessels for Cinco de Mayo decorations.

  • Enchilada Sauce
  • Chipotle Peppers
  • Pinto or Navy Beans
  • Hominy
  • Canned Tomatoes
  • Diced Peppers
  • Refried Beans
Decorations for a party with bold flowers in vibrant colors.

How to Assemble Mexican Fiesta Decorations

To start, you want to make sure you use clean cans for these arrangements.

You will want to remove the label from the can in order to wash the inside of it without ruining the label. You can either peel the label from the can (this is risky as the label can rip) or you can remove the label using a sharp utility knife (this is the method I use).

Take the knife and carefully cut on the backside of the label (the front is the side displaying the can ingredients) in a straight-line making sure it goes through the label cleanly.

Carefully remove the label from the can, gently pulling where the label may be adhered to the can. Put the labels to the side and thoroughly wash the inside of the cans.

Once the cans are dry, wrap the label back onto the can, and use a piece of scotch tape to adhere the label securely back to the can.

Vibrant & bold flower arrangements for a Cinco de Mayo party.

Fill each can with water, and then add the flowers. Arrange the flowers so each can has a variety of colors & textures.

Turn the can several times when arranging to ensure the arrangement is filled in completely with flowers & looks symmetrical on all sides.

Style your arrangements on your Cinco de Mayo table and enjoy the beauty & vibrancy of your Mexican fiesta decorations!

Decorate your next party with flowers in bold & vibrant colors.

Cinco De Mayo Recipes

Now that you have the Mexican fiesta decorations, the best part of any Cinco de Mayo celebration is the food! Here are a few delicious food ideas to serve at your next Mexican fiesta.

  • Beergaritas: The ultimate combination of a Mexican beer and a margarita that will leave you refreshed on Cinco de Mayo!
  • Super Simple Churros: These churros are the perfect dessert on Cinco de Mayo and a cinch to make with the help of Pillsbury crescent rolls.
  • Strawberry Mojito Mocktails: This strawberry mojito mocktail combines the sweetness of ripe strawberries with the tanginess of lime and the freshness of fragrant mint leaves.
Decorations for a festive party with flowers & cans.

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Mexican fiesta decorations for Cinco de Mayo.

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