How to Make Homemade Candles in Scallop Seashells


Add a touch of coastal decor to your home with these DIY seashell candles. Learn how to make homemade candles in scallop shells with this easy step by step guide.

Homemade candles with soy wax and scallop shells.

Our home is nestled about 20 minutes from the beautiful beaches and water of the Atlantic Ocean. We are fortunate to be able to visit the shoreline any day of the week to soak up the sunshine and watch the waves crashing along the beach.

While we don’t visit the beach as often as I’d like (Mr. ERH isn’t the biggest beach person), it’s still just a stones throw away.

Even though we have the luxury of the coastal experience anytime, you may not. If you don’t live near the coast but love the coastal vibe, I have the craft for you!

Homemade candles in scallop seashells are the perfect way to infuse your home with a little touch of the beach & the ocean. There’s something truly magical about the soothing glow of candles and the alluring charm of the seashore, so why not combine the two?

Homemade coastal candles with soy wax and scallop shells.

Scallop seashell candles are fun and easy to make which means you don’t have to be an avid crafter to create your own candles at home. I’ll walk you through the simple step by step process on how to make homemade candles in scallop seashells.

Let’s get crafting!

Coastal Inspiration With the Cozy Creative Collaborative 

The Cozy Creative Collaborative is a group of blogging friends who gather together once a month to share seasonal inspiration and ideas with you right here on the blog. 

Coastal inspired decor with DIY seashell candles.

This month were sharing all things coastal inspired!

If you’re joining me from Nicolle of Our Tiny Nest, thank you so much for stopping by! Nicolle’s DIY beach memory box is the perfect way to memorialize special summer moments.

After you’ve finished reading my blog post, make sure to head over to Charity of Mornings on Macedonia for DIY seashell wall decor idea.

DIY seashell candles for coastal summer decor.

At the bottom of this post, you’ll find links to all the coastal inspiration this month.

Finding the Perfect Seashells for Homemade Candles

The first thing you’ll need for these homemade candles is the seashells.

I purchased these scallop shells from Amazon for this craft, however you can use shells you may already have in your home that you’ve collected on summer vacations or if you live near the beach, you can go on a hunt for shells to use specifically for these candles.

White scallop seashells for homemade candles.

Here are a few essential tips to remember when choosing the perfect shells for this DIY project:

  • Intact & Unblemished Seashells: Look for seashells that are intact and free from cracks, chips, or significant imperfections. Cracked shells may not hold the wax securely, leading to leakage and an uneven burn. Opt for shells that have a smooth surface and are in excellent condition to ensure a polished final product.
  • Deep & Wide Shells: The depth of the shell is essential to hold an adequate amount of candle wax. Aim for seashells with a deeper well to accommodate a sufficient amount of melted wax, resulting in longer lasting candles.
  • Sturdy & Balanced Seashells: Select shells with a sturdy base that can stand upright on a flat surface. Shells with an uneven or wobbly base might not hold the wick steady during the pouring and setting process.

Note: Embrace the beauty of diversity by gathering seashells of various sizes and colors. Mixing and matching different shells add character & uniqueness to your candle collection, creating a visually stunning display. The varying hues of shells can also complement the color of the candle wax and enhance the overall aesthetic.

Cleaning & Preparing the Seashells

Make sure to clean the scallop seashells thoroughly to remove any sand, debris, or saltwater residue. Rinse the shells with clean water and gently scrub them to ensure a pristine surface.

Allow the shells to dry completely before moving on to the candle making process.

All the supplies you will need to make homemade shell candles.

How to Make Homemade Candles in Scallop Shells

With the shells selected, cleaned, and dried it’s time to make homemade candles!

Here’s the easy step by step process that will make about 4 large scallop seashell candles.

Supplies You’ll Need to Make Candles at Home

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Making the Seashell Candles

There are countless ways & various techniques to making candles at home. Here’s the easy process I used that includes melting the candle wax in the microwave.

Step 1: Melting the Wax

Place about 2 cups of the candle wax flakes in a microwavable dish. I used a Pyrex measuring cup so that I could pour the wax into the shells once it melted.

Soy candle wax for homemade shell candles.

Microwave the flakes for 1 minute then stir. Microwave for another minute, stir, and then microwave the flakes in 30 second increments until the soy wax is completely melted and in liquid form.

Melted soy candle wax for DIY candles in shells.

Once the candle wax is melted, you will have about 1 cup of melted wax.

  • Use a pot holder to pull the glass dish from the microwave. The glass will become hot as the candle wax melts.

Step 2: Add in the Candle Fragrance

With a fork, mix in 1 millimeter of your choice of candle fragrance to the melted wax. I had peach fragrance on hand so that’s the scent I used.

Mix until the oil of the fragrance is no longer visible in the wax (about 20-30 seconds).

Place the scented candle wax off to the side and allow to cool slightly. Wax will become slightly cloudy as it cools.

Step 3: Place the Candle Wicks in the Seashells

While the candle wax cools, you can add the candle wicks to the inside of the seashells.

Attaching the candle wicks to the inside of the shells with hot glue.

With a hot glue gun, place a dollop of hot glue on the metal bottom of the candle wick. Attach that to the deepest part of the inside of the seashell.

  • I used a wax covered candle wick which kept the wick standing straight up. This way I didn’t have to worry about the wick falling over or into the wax.

Once the all the wicks have been added, you can begin pouring the candle wax into the shells.

Preparing the shells for the candle wax on a baking sheet.

Step 4: Pouring the Candle Wax Into the Scallop Shells

On a covered surface (I used an aluminum foil lined baking sheet), prop the shells up so that they are as level as possible. I used a few paper towels on each side of the shell to make them level to ensure the wax wouldn’t flow out of the shells.

Very carefully pour the cooled candle wax into each seashell. Fill them up to the brim, leaving just a little space at the top to prevent overflowing.

Seashell candle in a scallop shell made with soy wax.

The candle wax will become opaque as it cools.

Step 5: Allow the Candles to Set & Cut Wicks

Allow the candles to cool and set completely. Depending on the size of your candles, this process may take a few hours.

Homemade soy candles with soy wax for coastal decor.

After the wax has solidified, trim the wick to about a quarter-inch above the wax’s surface. This step ensures a cleaner and more even burn when you light your candles.

FAQs About Homemade Candles

Soy wax is a popular choice for homemade candles due to its natural origin, clean burning properties, and ease of use. It is eco-friendly, has a lower melting point, and holds fragrances well.

Yes, start by melting the soy wax as usual and then add a small amount of candle dye to the melted wax. Stir gently until the dye is fully incorporated. Adjust the amount of dye to achieve your desired color intensity.

Yes, you can use essential oils to add fragrance to your homemade candles. Essential oils come in a variety of scents, allowing you to customize your candles with natural aromas.

Displaying Homemade Seashell Candles

With your scallop seashell candles now complete, it’s time to showcase them in your home.

Coastal decor with shell candles, seagrass, and beach towels.

You can get creative with your displays by placing them on a decorative tray, a seashell-themed dish, or even in a sandy glass bowl for an extra beachy touch.

These charming candles are perfect for beach themed gatherings, and make perfect gifts for friends & family.

Homemade candles with soy wax and scallop shells.

What can I do with the seashell candles once they’ve burned out?

Once the candles have burned out, the scallop seashells can be repurposed in various creative ways.

  • Clean the seashells and use them as decorative accents around your home. Arrange them on a shelf, in a glass jar, or in a shadow box to create a charming coastal display.
  • Get crafty with your seashells by turning them into unique DIY projects. Create seashell picture frames, jewelry, or even a beautiful seashell wreath to continue the coastal theme throughout your home.
  • Incorporate the seashells into your garden as decorative elements or markers for plant beds. They can add a touch of whimsy to your outdoor space and serve as a reminder of the beach.
  • Crush the seashells into small pieces and use them to create intricate seashell mosaics on picture frames, mirrors, or wooden trays.
  • Make the seashells into candles again!
  • Use the shells as filler material for decorative vases or bowls. Combine them with other beach finds like sea glass or driftwood for an authentic coastal touch.
  • If you have young children, save the seashells for arts and crafts projects. They can use them for school projects, creating beach-themed collages, or making fun DIY shell animals.

By repurposing the seashells from your homemade candles, you can continue to enjoy their beauty and bring a touch of the coast into your life in other ways.

Beach inspired candles for coastal home decor inside or outside.

View my google web story, How to Easily Make Homemade Candles in Seashells.

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xoxo, heidi

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Add a touch of coastal decor to your home with these DIY seashell candles.  Learn how to make homemade candles in scallop shells with this easy step by step guide.
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  1. Hi Heidi! We also feel blessed to live one hour from one coast and two hours to the other! The beach is so relaxing and my husband enjoys collecting seashells! Love your idea to make shells into candles! ! I have never made candles before and it looks so fun! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. These shell candles are SO lovely, Heidi!
    What a pretty way to use seashells for Summer time! Gosh how lucky are you to live so close to the beach!! Your photos are always so beautiful, as well. Pinned!

  3. Heidi this post was fabulous! I am SO excited to try this ( I have always wanted to make my own candles) but have been intimidated. You make it so easy and explain it so well. Thank you!!

  4. Heidi how lucky you are to have the beach so close to you! One of these days I’m gonna have to come down and meet ya there! These are just beautiful! They would make a great gift too! You are so talented my friend!

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