How to Make Simple DIY No Sew Kitchen Cafe Curtains

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Elevate your kitchen decor with this simple curtains DIY using kitchen towels. With this tutorial, I’ll show you how easy it is to create stylish cafe curtains with no sewing required.

Simple cafe curtains in a farmhouse kitchen for a cozy atmosphere.
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If there was one trend I loved seeing in 2023, was that curtains are back!

After years of no curtains on most of the windows in our home, I added curtains to our living room windows last year and was shocked at the feeling of warmth and coziness this small update added to our home.

I think the resurgence of curtains over the last year or so has been driven by the desire for our homes to be more than just functional spaces.

Curtains bring a sense of character and personalization, that can instantly turn a house into a home.

As we step into the new year, my prediction for 2024 is this…cafe curtains are going to make a comeback in the kitchen. 


These shorter curtains, which traditionally cover only the lower half of a window, are great for the kitchen. They are the perfect way to strike a balance between functionality and style, which is essential in a cozy home.

So, for my first DIY of the new year, I thought I would show you how you can make your own custom curtains for the kitchen.

Whether you can use a sewing machine or not, this no-sew cafe curtain tutorial is your ticket to staying ahead of one of the trends I predict for 2024.

All you need are a couple of kitchen towels, a curtain rod, and curtain clips to transform your kitchen windows in minutes…I’ll show you how!

No sew curtains in the kitchen with kitchen towels and curtain rings.

What are cafe curtains and why are they a good window treatment for the kitchen?

Before we dive into this DIY, let’s talk about what cafe curtains are and why they are a good window treatment option for the kitchen. 

Cafe curtains are a style of window treatment that typically covers only the lower half or two-thirds of a window, leaving the upper portion exposed. 

Named after the charming cafes in Europe that commonly use this style, cafe curtains offer a unique and practical solution for kitchen windows.

Cafe curtains made with kitchen tea towels for a custom curtain panels.

Here are several reasons why cafe curtains are a great option for the kitchen:

  • Privacy with Natural Light: Cafe curtains provide a balance between privacy and natural light. By covering only the lower part of the window, they allow sunlight to filter into the room while still offering a level of privacy.
  • Stylish Appeal: Cafe curtains add a touch of charm and character to the kitchen. 
  • Functional Design: They don’t obstruct work areas in the kitchen and are easy to maintain, making them a functional and stylish window treatment option.
  • Easy Maintenance: Simpler to clean and maintain than full length curtains or blinds, they cover a smaller area, and they are easier to take down, wash, and rehang.
  • Versatility: Whether you choose a simple solid color or a pattern, cafe curtains can easily adapt to your kitchen’s decor.

Why You’ll Want to Make Your Own Cafe Curtains

Making your own cafe curtains for the kitchen offers a blend of creativity, personalization, and practicality.

With this DIY project, you have the freedom to create personalized curtains without sewing that match your specific style, allowing you to choose patterns and colors that resonate with your kitchen decor.

And why spend a fortune on ready made window treatments, when you can create your own at a fraction of the price?!

What you’ll love about this DIY:

  • PERSONAL PREFERENCE – The variety of kitchen towel patterns, colors, and textures allows for you to personalize your no-sew curtains however you like.
  • FUNCTIONALITY – Cafe curtains offer a practical solution for kitchens. They provide a balance between privacy and allowing natural light to filter into the space, making them both functional and charming.
  • INEXPENSIVE – This DIY project offers an affordable and easy way to enhance your kitchen decor without the need for expensive fabrics or custom window treatments.
Custom kitchen cafe curtains made with dish towels and curtain ring clips.

Materials You’ll Need for This Pair of Curtains

  • Kitchen Towels: Choose a pattern or color that complements your kitchen decor, these are the towels I used.
  • Cafe Curtain Rod: Choose a rod that fits the width of your wind. Cafe curtain rods are typically smaller in width with a simple design.
  • Curtain Clip Rings: Look for sturdy 3/4″-1″ curtain clips that not only match the curtain rod but will easily secure to the kitchen towels.
  • Tape Measure: Use a measuring tape to determine the length of the curtains and the spacing for the curtain clips.
  • Iron: An iron will smooth out any wrinkles in the kitchen towels before you begin the project to ensure a neat and polished look once the curtains are hung.


How to Make Cafe Curtains Using Kitchen Towels

I think you’re going to be surprised at how easy to make these cafe curtains are!

With just a couple of simple steps, you’ll have charming kitchen curtains in minutes.

Step 1: Selecting the Right Kitchen Towel

The first thing is to raid your kitchen linen collection for towels that match your kitchen’s aesthetic.

Whether you prefer vibrant patterns, classic stripes or plaids, or simple solid colors, pick towels that resonate with the ambiance you want to create.

Green plaid kitchen towels for custom made kitchen cafe curtains.

This is your chance to infuse a bit of personality into your kitchen!

Remember, you aren’t sewing the towels so if you don’t like the look of your curtains, it’s as easy as removing the clips and hanging new towels to change the look.

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Step 2: Measure Your Window

Measure the length and width of the window to determine the appropriate size for your curtains. 

You can hang the kitchen towels vertically or horizontally based on the size of your window. 

Keep in mind that cafe curtains typically cover only the lower half of the window. 

Once you have your measurements, you can fold over the extra length of material (if the towel is too long) and then use an iron to smooth out any wrinkles on an ironing board.

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Step 3: Attach the Curtain Clip Rings

Lay your kitchen towels on a flat surface, and evenly space ring clips along the top edge. 

Now here’s what is going to set your DIY cafe curtains apart from everyone else’s!

Make your own custom curtains with kitchen towels and clip rings.

To make your curtains resemble the look of pinch pleat curtains, don’t simply attach the clips to the curtain. 

Instead, pinch the fabric together on the folded edge, gently open the clips, and attach them securely to the fabric. 

Step 4: Hang Your DIY Curtains

With the curtain clips securely attached, it’s time to hang your no-sew cafe curtains.

Install a cafe curtain rod in the middle (or about 2/3’s of the way up) of your kitchen window and slide the curtain rings holding the curtains onto the curtain rod

Note: The cafe curtains I made for our kitchen windows do not fully close. So, if you have an extra wide window like we do, and are wanting these curtains for privacy, you will want to hang two kitchen towels on either side of the window.

Easy DIY curtains in the kitchen for simple home decor.

Step back and admire the transformation of your kitchen window with the beautiful curtains that you made!


  • Choose kitchen towels that are both visually appealing and practical. Consider the color, pattern, and texture, and ensure the towels are made of a material that can withstand regular use and occasional exposure to moisture.
  • If your kitchen towels have wrinkles, use an iron to smooth them out before attaching the curtain clips.
  • Maintain consistent spacing between the curtain clips along the top of the curtain. This ensures an even distribution of fabric when the curtains are hung, creating a balanced and cohesive look.
  • When hanging your new curtains, position them at the right height to achieve the desired look. Typically, cafe curtains cover the lower half or two-thirds of the window, providing privacy while allowing natural light to enter.
Make your own custom curtains with kitchen towels for DIY decor.

Why are kitchen towels ideal for this DIY no sew project?

There are many reasons why kitchen towels are a great way to make DIY kitchen curtains. 

  • Accessibility: Kitchen towels are readily available in most households, making them an easily accessible material.
  • Variety of Patterns and Colors: Kitchen towels come in a wide array of patterns, colors, and textures which means you customize curtains to fit your home and your style.
  • Budget Friendly: Kitchen towels are generally more affordable than specialty curtain fabrics.
  • No Sewing Required: The simplicity of using curtain clips to attach the towels means that even individuals with no sewing skills can successfully complete the project…like me!
  • Quick & Easy: The simplicity of the materials and the lack of sewing make this a quick and easy DIY.
  • Upcycling: Use kitchen towels you already have to make this an eco-friendly project.
  • Functional Material: Kitchen towels are designed to be absorbent and durable, suitable for the practical needs of a kitchen environment.
Simple cafe curtains in a farmhouse kitchen for a cozy atmosphere.

Are there other materials I could use to make easy diy curtains?


There are several materials you can use to create your own diy curtains for your kitchen, each offering its own unique style and texture. 

Here are some alternative materials you could consider:

  • Fabric Shower Curtains
  • Tablecloths or Table Runners
  • Vintage Flat Sheets
  • Canvas Drop Cloths
  • Burlap
  • Cotton Napkins

When choosing another medium, consider both the aesthetic and practical aspects, ensuring the material is suitable for the kitchen environment.

Common Questions About Cafe Curtains

Can I use any kind of kitchen towel for this project?
Yes, you can use a variety of kitchen towels including dish towels, tea towels, or hand towels. Choose towels that match your preferred style and complement your kitchen decor.

Can I use these curtains in other rooms besides the kitchen?
Yes! While designed for the kitchen, these beautiful custom curtains can be used in bathrooms, laundry rooms, or any space where you want to add a touch of charm and privacy.

What’s the ideal length for cafe curtains?
Cafe curtains typically cover the lower half or two-thirds of the window. Measure the width of your window and the height to decide on the coverage that provides the right balance of privacy and natural light for your space.

How do I hang the curtains at the right height?
Hang the cafe curtains at a height that provides the desired coverage while leaving enough space between the bottom of the curtain and the window frame for a balanced look.

How to Keep Kitchen Curtains Clean

Kitchen curtains can accumulate quite a few stains (and dust too) especially near the kitchen sink.

Open and close your cafe curtains regularly to remove any dust particles. Regular vacuuming with a brush attachment helps remove dust and debris from curtains that cannot be easily removed.

Hey friend! What can I help you find?

Search our entire site!

Most kitchen towels should be able to go into the washing machine and dryer without affecting the integrity of the material, however look at the care instructions on your kitchen towel for recommended washing methods to be sure.

Either way, to maintain clean kitchen curtains, adopt a routine of regular maintenance and proactive care.

No sew curtains in the kitchen with kitchen towels and curtain rings.

Are cafe curtains right for your home?

Determining whether cafe curtains are right for your home involves considering both your aesthetic preferences and practical needs.

Cafe curtains add a touch of charm and creates a cozy atmosphere wherever they are hung and are ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, or rooms where privacy is needed.

Their versatility lies in the variety of fabrics and patterns available, allowing you to match them with your home’s overall aesthetic.

If you appreciate a balance between functionality and visual appeal, cafe curtains might be the perfect addition to your home, offering a timeless and easy-to-maintain window treatment.

So, will you be jumping on the cafe curtain bandwagon in 2024?!

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Simple cafe curtains in a farmhouse kitchen for a cozy atmosphere.
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  1. Heidi, I took your idea and made these cafe curtains. In the spirit of coziness, I took it a step further for my room. I stitched a hem so the rod would fit through and hung them up. I also took one towel and cut it in half lengthwise and sewed a straight line to make another hem ( at the top) to make a valance. They came out so cozy and warm looking, however they are light to brighten up the long days of winter. Thank you so much Heidi for the idea!!!.

  2. I love this idea. I loved it so much that I tried it myself. I have two windows and a door and I used dish towels for all. What a refreshing change at a very reasonable price.

    Thank you Heidi

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