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Easy Simmer Pot Recipes for a Delicious Smelling Home 

Heidi Samia | Eleanor Rose Home

4 easy simmer pot recipes to fill your home with delicious aromas. From citrus and spice to scents of the tropic, these recipes are guaranteed to make your home feel cozy and smell amazing too.

A simmer pot is essentially a pot of water filled with various ingredients (typically a mix of herbs, spices, fruits, or flowers) simmering on the stove, creating a fragrant aroma that will fill your home.

What is a simmer pot?

Simmer Pots are a great alternative to lighting candles, air fresheners, room sprays, or diffusers. 

Why You'll Love a Simmer Pot

Simmer Pot Recipe #1:

Walk through Williams-Sonoma and you are met with welcoming & soothing aromas of a bright citrusy scent. 

Williams-Sonoma Recipe

Simmer Pot Recipe #1:

You can recreate that amazing simmer pot blend with lemons, fresh sprigs of rosemary, vanilla, and peppercorns.

Simmer Pot Recipe #2:

The delicious aroma will transport you to the Bahamas or the Caribbean without the cost of a plane ticket.

Tropical Recipe

Simmer Pot Recipe #2:

Bring the scent of the tropics into your home with this stovetop potpourri filled with citrus fruits, pineapple, and coconut extract.

Simmer Pot Recipe #3:

This all green potpourri recipe is my favorite to have simmering on the stove during the summer months.

The All Green Recipe

Simmer Pot Recipe #3:

This potpourri will make your home smell fresh and clean with fresh mint, thyme, limes, and vanilla extract.

Simmer Pot Recipe #4:

Chamomile has a sweet, warm, herbaceous aroma that has been shown to relax the body & mind.

Chamomile Recipe

Simmer Pot Recipe #4:

Studies have shown that chamomile relaxes emotions, muscles, and even brain waves making it the perfect addition to a simmer pot recipe.

A simmer pot will last for multiple days. Allow the pot to fully cool, place lid on pot, and store in the refrigerator until ready to simmer another time.

How long will the simmer pot last?

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