How to Organize a Small House With No Storage

How to organize a small house with no storage is easy with these simple tips that anyone can use to organize and declutter their home.

How to Organize a Small House With No Storage

“For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

When you have a small home, ever square inch is valuable real estate. I’ve learned this lesson living in a smaller sized home these past twenty or so years. I have to be creative in the way I store things in our home, since we do not have a whole lot of storage space.

Years ago, when we were remodeling/building our home, I eliminated at least four closets, now looking back, I wish I had kept them! Little did twenty something year old me know, was how much stuff (ahem…décor) I would accumulate throughout the years.

Small Home Organization

I am no expert on organization however, I’ve compiled my top five tips on how to organize a small house with no storage. I am a firm believer that an organized home, is a happy home. There is nothing worse in my opinion, than living in clutter. A cluttered home can be stressful physically and mentally. How can you unwind at the end of the day with clutter all around you?

Home should be your safe haven, the place where you can relax and unwind, without the stress of clutter and disarray. There is enough of that in the world around us, we don’t need that in our homes too!

How to Organize a Small Home With No Storage

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How to Organize a Small House With No Storage Tips

Tip #1: Everything Has a Home

I have used this tip since I was a little girl. When my room was messy as a child, I remember as I was putting away my toys, that each item had a home, and I needed to place that item in the right spot.

I still use this tip today. When I have a bunch of stuff to put away or organize and I start to feel overwhelmed, I try to focus on one item at a time and think, where does this belong?

When you ask yourself this simple question, you will quickly find the answer!

Home Organization

Tip #2: Start in One Space & Start Small

Starting in one space and starting small will help you to reach your goals. If you think about an entire house that needs to be organized, that can be extremely daunting. But, if you start with one room, then one area within that room, the task at hand doesn’t seem so scary.

For instance, let’s say your bedroom is in need of some organization. Break that down even smaller (dresser, under the bed, closet, drawer, etc.). If you start small, it’s more likely you will accomplish your goals. Tell yourself, I’m just going to organize this dresser today. Or if that is too overwhelming, I’m going to organize this one drawer.

Set realistic goals for yourself so that they are attainable.

How to Organize a Small House With No Storage

Tip #2: Throw Away What You Don’t Need or Use

Once you have chosen an area of your home to organize, throw away what you don’t need or haven’t used within the last year. I like to use the one year mark because if I haven’t used something in that amount of time, it’s likely I will never use it again. Essentially it is taking up valuable real estate in your home and you most likely will not miss it.

Don’t store your items that you are throwing away in a garage, basement, or somewhere else in your home. Get rid of it! Hold a garage sale or donate your items to goodwill.

Organizing a Small House

Tip #3: Accessibility

Make sure the items you use the most, are easiest to access.

Alternatively, the items you use the least should be stored away on the highest shelf or furthest back in the closet.

Use clear or labeled storage containers so that items can easily found and you are not wasting your valuable time searching for something.

The three golden rules of organization include visibility, accessibility, and flexibility.

Organizing a Home

Tip #5: Storage Baskets

How to organize your house with no storage is easy with storage baskets. They are a great way to organize your home and do not need to be hidden away. Baskets are the perfect vessel for storing something on an open shelf or cabinet. Baskets can be used to hold clothes, shoes, accessories, blankets, pillows, and many other things.

Do not use baskets as catch-all’s though. This can be a dangerous trap that many people fall into. Remember everything has a home so your baskets should not be something you toss everything into, but to hold “like” items together.

Woven rope baskets are some of my favorite baskets to store items in, and I recently purchased the two baskets below. Not only are they sturdy & flexible, perfect for storage, but they also provide a coziness to any home.

We have an abundance of blankets in our home, so I recently purchased two large woven rope baskets (one a large oval and the other a large round) for our living room to store them. The soft jute material is so cozy, the sizes I ordered are huge and ideal for storing larger items, and the two tone color of these are beautiful and fit perfectly into our home.

Consider adding these woven baskets to your home for storage and to add that warm cozy feeling.

Home Organization

How to Organize a Small House With No Storage

I hope these tips are useful and ones that you can use in your home as well. Trust me when I tell you, getting organized is one of the best feelings! You will feel accomplished and that anything is possible.

So, what are you waiting for?! Tackle that junk drawer, through away those clothes that you haven’t worn in years, clean out that cabinet underneath the sink, and relish in that feeling of accomplishment!

How to Organize a Small House With No Storage

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How to Organize a Small House With No Storage

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  1. SO many great ideas Heidi. I have a 1600 square foot cottage and am always trying to find new storage solutions. My guess is that they didn’t have much to store in 1920 based on the closet space we have here. Ilove using baskets for storage as well.

  2. Heidi,
    Your ideas are so helpful. Even with larger closets, your tips are pin-worthy. Thanks for sharing.

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