5 Creative Ideas for Decorating With Baskets


Baskets are a must for keeping a home organized and functional. They add texture, warmth, and personality to any room they are placed in. Here are 5 creative ideas for decorating with baskets that will not only add coziness to your home but organization as well.

Flowers on a kitchen counter in a woven rattan basket.

If you asked my family they may tell you that I have a slight obsession with baskets. I’ve got them in every room of the house from the bathroom to the kitchen, from the living room to the all of the bedrooms. And I won’t even tell you how many are currently in storage!

Why am I obsessed with baskets? They are multifunctional. What’s not to love about something that can be used & styled a million different ways?! Decorating with baskets is not only one of the easiest ways to incorporate texture, beauty, and personality into a room but baskets can organize & create functionality in the space at the very same time.

The great thing about baskets is that they come in a wide range of styles, colors, materials, and sizes. So no matter the style of your home, or the room you’re looking to add beauty & organization to, you’ll be sure to find a basket that matches the needs of your space.

Flowers in a farmhouse woven vessel on a the kitchen counter.

Check out this blog post where I shared a round up the best farmhouse storage baskets to incorporate into your home’s decor.

Let’s talk about choosing the right baskets and then I’ll share 5 creative ways for decorating with baskets that you can use in the rooms within your home.

Choosing the Right Baskets for Your Home

With so many different styles of baskets available, it can be overwhelming to decide which ones are right for your space. Here are some key factors to consider when choosing the style of basket to add to your home.

Decorating with baskets on the kitchen counter is easy with a gathering basket.

Basket Material

Baskets come in a variety of materials, including wicker, rattan, seagrass, metal, wire, and fabric. Each material has its own unique look and feel, and the choice of material can impact the overall style of your home.

For example, I love decorating with baskets made of wicker or rattan because they add a classic, timeless, and cozy feel to our home. However, if you prefer an industrial or modern feel, metal baskets might work better in your decor.

Consider the existing decor of your home and choose a material that complements it.

Gathering basket on the kitchen counter is a great way to decorate with baskets.

Basket Size & Shape

The shape and size of a basket can also impact its style.

Baskets come in a multitude of shapes, such as round, square, oval, and rectangular. Some baskets have a tapered shape, while others have a straight edge.

The size of the basket is also important, as larger baskets can be used for storage, while smaller baskets can be used as decorative accents.

When decorating with baskets, consider the purpose and the space in which it will be used when selecting the baskets shape and size.

The Color & Pattern of the Basket

Baskets come in a range of colors and patterns, from natural hues to bold shades and intricate designs.

Woven rattan baskets are great for decorating a classic & timeless home.

When choosing the color and pattern of a basket, consider the color palette and style of your home. Natural hues, such as brown, beige, and white, are versatile and can complement many different decor styles.

Bold colors and patterns can add a pop of color and visual interest to a room, but may not work well in every space.

Basket Functionality

Most importantly, consider the functionality of the basket.

If you plan to use the basket for storage, choose a style with a flat bottom that can stand on its own.

Want to use the basket as a planter? Choose a style with an open weave that will allow for proper drainage.

Remember to consider how you want the basket to function for you and choose a style that will meet your needs.

Decorating with baskets in a neutral farmhouse style home.

5 Creative Ideas for Decorating With Baskets

Now that we’ve discussed choosing the right basket for your home, let’s look at a few creative ways to decorate with baskets.

Decorating With Baskets on a Bookshelf

When living in a neutral home, it’s essential to incorporate texture into spaces to create a visually appealing aesthetic.

Decorating with baskets to create a cozy bookshelf.

To add another layer of texture to our living room, I placed our collection of books in baskets on the bookshelves. I love the coziness the woven rattan baskets (here is a similar basket to the ones on our shelves) add to what could be a cold, plain white bookshelf.

Baskets in the living room are a great way to collect and house items your family might use everyday from books to blankets & pillows, along with toys & games.

Neutral farmhouse living room with built in bookshelves.

Decorating with baskets in the living room not only corrals your items but will add charm & character to the space too. That’s a win-win in my book!

Other items you can store in baskets:

  • Blankets
  • Pillows
  • Magazines
  • Towels
  • Shoes
  • Toys
  • Books
  • Games
  • Movies
  • Papers
  • TV Equipment
A cozy bookshelf decorated with wicker baskets and books.

Decorating With Baskets to Create a Vignette

Creating a vignette of similar items is a fun way to utilize baskets. You simply gather items you want to style together and group them within a basket.

Decorating with baskets to create a vignette of like items.

To create this vignette, I placed a seagrass tray (this basket is no longer available, but I did find this similar option or this one too) on our living room dresser and filled the basket with objects that included a lamp, books, greenery, and candles.

The basket acts as the base and the objects are corralled and styled within it.

A rustic farmhouse-style living room decorated with a vignette corralled by a basket.

Decorating With Baskets in the Kitchen

Decorating with baskets in the kitchen is such a wonderful way to incorporate warmth & coziness into the room that is probably the most used in any home.

Baskets add warmth & texture to a spring cottage farmhouse kitchen.

Here are a few ideas on what you could place inside of a basket in the kitchen:

  • Fruits & Vegetables
  • Utensils
  • Greenery
  • Kitchen Linens
  • Cookbooks
  • Spices
  • Keys, Wallets, Phone Chargers
Spring decorating ideas that include vintage pieces & baskets for texture.

Add Greenery to Baskets

This is such a simple way to add a touch of nature to your home along with a pop of texture from the basket.

Here I hung a scalloped rattan basket (this basket is no longer available, but I did find this similar option) on our sweet home wall hooks by our side entrance, and placed a few faux fig leaf stems inside of the basket.

An entrance decorated with a rustic container filled with vibrant greenery, adding warmth and texture to the decor.

In the kitchen, to add texture to this area of our counter, I placed a faux potted ribbon fern inside of a small woven basket (here is a similar basket option). Adding the basket created depth and visual interest to the vignette.

Faux greenery in a cottage farmhouse kitchen adds a pop of green to the decor.

Decorating With Baskets on the Counter

One of my favorite things to do in spring and summer is to shop our yard for fresh greenery and flowers. Bringing nature inside our homes adds a natural element to decor that feels fresh and new.

Gathering basket on the kitchen counter is a great way to decorate with baskets.

I love a gathering basket full of fresh stems placed on the counter. Our cherry tree is in bloom, so we (by we, I mean Mr. ERH) snipped a few long branches and brought them inside.

These stems will eventually go in water, but I just love how beautiful the white blooms look inside this wicker gathering basket. Don’t you?!

Decorating with baskets on the kitchen counter is easy with a gathering basket.

You can also use a gathering basket to collect fresh produce or herbs from the garden and leave them on the counter to use in a homemade dish or meal.

Faux stems would look great styled in a gathering basket as well since they don’t require water and will last forever on the counter.

Flowers on a kitchen counter in a woven rattan basket.

Will you incorporate any of these creative basket decor ideas into your home? Let me know by leaving a comment, I’d love to hear from you!

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