Cozy Winter at Home


Bundle up and get ready for a cozy winter at home with these ideas to keep you warm and snuggly all season long.

Cozy Winter at Home

Happy winter solstice!

It’s the first day of winter and I am not sure about you, but once the holidays pass & the twinkling lights of the Christmas tree come down, I have a hard time accepting that Christmas is over and winter is just beginning. After Christmas the house feels empty, the days short, and the nights incredibly long. But after that initial sense of sadness that the holidays are over and the realization that the festive decorations must come down, I begin to look at winter in a light.

You see living in the northeast, winter for me is all about coziness. Winter is a time for hibernation, a time to be snowbound, a time for enjoying the warmth of a fire, and a chance to snuggle up to enjoy the home we have created. As a homebody, a cozy winter at home is perfection.

If you find yourself sad that the holidays are over and feeling a touch of the winter blues, this blog post includes simple ideas & pieces you can use to create a cozy winter at home that will warm your body & soul. I promise they work, you see, these are the things I use to fight the winter blues.

Cozy Winter at Home

Cozy Winter Candles

Candles in the winter season are essential for a cozy winter home. They provide a cozy ambiance during the long nights of winter that makes a home feel instantly warmer. I like to burn candles during the winter with woodsy scents, but whatever fragrances evoke that warm cozy feeling for you, is the scent you should burn in your home.

These are a few of my favorite winter scented candles.

Cozy Winter Candle

Warm Caramel Crumble Farmhouse Candle is a sweet aroma of homemade caramel dessert with warm buttery blends, highlighted with cinnamon-spiced maple, rich vanilla, and baked green apples.

Cozy Winter Candle

Winter Woods Farmhouse Candle is a crisp scent of snow-covered woods with soothing blends of frozen fir and white cedar, highlighted with clean citrus & fresh winter musk.

Cozy Cabin Candle

Cozy Cabin Farmhouse Candle is a soothing scent of fresh mountain air, intertwined with woodsy autumn notes of fir, sandalwood, amber, and lush cedar.

Momma's Kitchen Candle

Momma’s Kitchen Farmhouse Candle is a warm and cozy blend of green apples, bright peach, and fresh pine, highlighted with a heart of cinnamon and notes of sweet balsamic spice.

You can grab the exclusive ERH coupon code to Antique Candle Co. when you download my free eBook, “How to Style Shelves Like a Pro”!

Cozy Winter Pajamas

I am going to let you in on a little secret about me. When I’m home and there is no where I need to be…I’m in pajamas 99% of the time! I just love the coziness and comfort of jammies, don’t you?

I recently recieved a pair of pajamas from Summersalt, and they have quickly become my favorite. Their PJ’s are made with soft, high quality materials and the fit is perfect. Here are a few of my favorites.

Cozy Winter Pajamas

The print of garden party silky PJ set is adorable and adds a hope of spring on a dark winter’s day. This pattern is perfect for warding off the winter blues!

Cozy Winter Pajamas

The Cloud 9 pajama set is the set that I own. It’s the perfect weight (the fabric is not too thick or thin), and it fits the body perfectly.

Cozy Winter Pajamas

I love a good sleep shirt and the Cloud 9 boyfriend sleep shirt is made with the same high quality material as the pajama set. If you are someone who sleeps warm, this sleep shirt would be perfect for you!

Cozy Winter Pajamas

Who doesn’t love an outfit that can be worn day or night?! This All Day & Night long sleeve set can be worn out of the house while running errands or is cozy enough to be worn in bed all night long.

Use my exclusive code HEIDIJS10 at checkout for 10% off your Summersalt purchase.

Cozy Winter Blankets

You cannot have a cozy winter home without blankets. Blankets are perfect for keeping warm and essential for long afternoon naps on the couch. I like to keep thicker textured blankets out for snuggling during the winter months. Velvet, fleece, Sherpa, and knitted cotton fabrics are warm & cozy options.

Cozy Winter Blankets

This lodge plaid Sherpa back throw was made for wintertime relaxing. The neutral plaid mixes effortlessly with existing décor, and the Sherpa backing makes it all the more cozy.

Chunky Knit Throw Blanket

Layer this ellsworth chunky knit border throw on a sofa, bed, or reading chair. The thick, chunky yarn creates a cozy texture and a weight that is soft against the skin.

Cozy Winter Blanket

This plush throw features a handknit cable pattern and a Sherpa back. The alpine handknit cable Sherpa back throw is ready for snuggling on the most frightful of winter days.

Marshmallow Blanket

An indulgently soft and incredibly warm marshmallow blanket will keep you snug & cozy all winter long. It’s the perfect layering piece to style on a bed or on a couch.

Cozy Winter Recipes

A cozy winter home is not complete without delicious comfort food cooking in the kitchen. I love the smells that permeate our home while our food is baking or cooking in the kitchen and there is nothing that warms the body more than homecooked comfort food.

These recipes are some of families favorites. Each recipe is comforting, easy to make, and tastes delicious!

Slow Cooker Chicken Corn Soup

Soups are the quintessential winter comfort food. This slow cooker chicken soup is absolutely perfect on a cold snowy day. It’s hearty with chunks of chicken, potatoes, carrots and decadent with bacon & cream to finish the soup. The slow cooker does all the work for you, which allows you time to get cozy on the couch with a good book or movie.

Meatless Baked Ziti

Maybe it’s because I’m from the Midwest, but casseroles are always a go to for me when I’m craving a hearty meal. This meatless baked ziti is one of our families favorites. It’s filled with pasta, sauce, and cheeses making it a stick to the ribs meal that will feed an army.

French Toast Casserole

Breakfast or dinner…that is the question! Or how about both?! Our family enjoys this sourdough French toast casserole for breakfast around the holidays or on a cold night when we are craving breakfast for dinner. It’s perfect for either time of day with a side of fresh fruit & crispy bacon.

For more comfort food recipes, click here.

More Cozy Winter at Home Inspiration

For more cozy winter inspiration visit this blog post, which includes another delicious comfort food recipe perfect for the winter months.

Cozy Living Room

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Cozy Winter at Home

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