Picnic Essentials

Picnics can be spur of the moment or planned down to the tiniest detail. Whether your picnic is extravagant or simple, these picnic essentials are all the things you’ll need to create a cozy indoor or outdoor picnic from the picnic basket, to the dinnerware, down to the blanket.

Picnic essentials are the things you need to host an picnic indoor or outdoors.

I was recently asked in an upcoming brand collaboration to create a romantic dinner for two at home. I jumped at this idea, because you all know…Dave & I love to be home. Dinner in the comfort of our home, yes please, sign us up!

As I was brainstorming ideas on what to share for an intimate dinner for two, my mind kept wandering back to the idea of a picnic. Why a picnic? Well, picnics provide a space that can be elegant and romantic, yet simple and sweet. They can be set up in the spur of the moment, or they can be customized and planned down to the tiniest detail. But more than anything, a picnic holds the promise of quality time with lots of laughs, good food, and tasty drinks. So, what better way to enjoy the company of someone you love than by creating a picnic.

With ideas flowing on a picnic for two, I thought I should share these ideas with you in a series of picnic blog posts. In this blog post you will find all the picnic essentials you will need to create a cozy indoor or outdoor picnic. From the basket to the dinnerware, down to the blanket. In the next series of blog posts, I shared how to create an indoor picnic and what to serve at a picnic.

I’m so excited to share this picnic series with you, especially with spring & summer arriving in the next few months!

Picnic Essentials

I’ve rounded up a few fun picnic essentials that will help you create the perfect indoor or outdoor picnic. Simply click on the photos below to shop or visit our “Shop” tab to shop the entire look.

Picnic Baskets

What’s a picnic without a picnic basket?! There is something so fun and whimsical about packing everything (food, drinks, dinnerware, etc.) all into a basket and carrying it to the beach, park, or just to your living room floor. Here are a few of my favorite picnic baskets that I found around the web that include simple baskets, bags, insulated totes, and baskets that include all the picnic accessories.

Picnic Blankets Are a Definite Picnic Essential

A blanket is an absolute must when it comes to picnic essentials in my opinion. It’s the piece that ties the entire picnic together. There is something about sitting on the earth or floor on a cozy blanket. It grounds us and brings us back to what’s important…spending quality time with people we love and care about.

Picnic Dinnerware & Utensils

You may already have outdoor dinnerware or a picnic basket that came with all the accessories. If not or if you want to update what you already have, here are some fun dinnerware and utensil options that are beautiful, reusable, and non-breakable (An absolute must when traveling, right?!).

Picnic Drinkware

Drinks are a picnic essential to wash all the tasty, delicious picnic food down. Whether you’re drinking a cold glass of soda, refreshing lemonade, or a spicy glass of red wine, these glassware options are non-breakable and will easily elevate your picnic.

More Essentials for a Picnic

For more picnic essentials including napkins, storage, and all the accessories be sure to visit our Amazon Storefront.

Everything you need to create a beautiful, cozy picnic.

Picnic Essentials Shopping Guide

If you’re hosting an outdoor picnic, these DIY lemon & herb citronella candles are a picnic essential. They are a great, all-natural way to repel annoying insects.

Check out the next blog post in this Eleanor Rose Home picnic series, “Indoor Picnic for 2” where I show you how to use some of these picnic essentials. And don’t forget to grab my picnic food recipes for date night here!

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xoxo, heidi

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  1. Exactly! We still have a ways to go here in Massachusetts for outdoor picnic weather so why wait and just have one inside instead!

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