Indoor Picnic for Two

5 easy steps to create a simple, romantic, and memorable date night with an indoor picnic for two. An indoor picnic is the perfect opportunity to enjoy quality time with the one you love in the comfort of your own home.

Date night indoor picnic ideas for two in the comfort of home.

Given the choice between dining out or eating in for date night, you can bet my husband and I will choose staying in each and every time. But just because we love being home, doesn’t mean date night has to be boring or include eating take-out on the couch!

I have the perfect date night idea for you fellow homebodies or for those of you looking for a unique way to spend quality time with someone you love…an indoor picnic! What could be better than enjoying delicious picnic foods, with a glass of wine, on cozy blankets with your honey on the living room floor.

Indoor Picnic ideas for a romantic date night at home for two.

I’ve put together 5 steps for you on how to create a perfectly cozy indoor picnic date night that includes indoor picnic for two ideas and date night picnic food options.

Be sure to check out this post, where I shared all the picnic essentials you’ll need for an indoor or outdoor picnic which includes links to shop picnic baskets, blankets, dinnerware, and more. For picnic food recipes, check out this post where I shared ideas on what to serve at a picnic along with recipes for the food shown here.

Cozy date night for two with a romantic indoor picnic.

5 Steps for a Cozy Indoor Picnic for Two

1. Keep it Simple & Plan Ahead

Picnics can be as elegant, elaborate affairs however for this romantic indoor picnic for two it’s best kept simple and sweet. The focus of your date night should be about spending quality time with the one you love more than the decor around you.

Picnic essentials are the things you need to host an picnic indoor or outdoors.

Make the food you’ll be serving at your indoor picnic ahead of time. This will make your life that much easier on date night. You simply pull the food from the fridge, assemble, and your ready for a romantic night in.

2. Create a Cozy Aesthetic

Set the mood for the indoor picnic with cozy blankets and pillows.

Indoor Picnic for two ideas to reconnect with someone you love.

On our living room floor I placed one of our favorite quilts, and then layered a blanket on top of that. Add as many layers of blankets you like to create a comfortable cozy place to sit and relax.

I then took the throw pillows from the couch and placed those around the picnic area so we could either sit on the pillows are lean against them. The more pillows, the cozier your picnic will be. Well, in my humble opinion!

Flowers are the perfect addition to date night for two.

For an even cozier & romantic atmosphere, light a few candles and turn on relaxing music. Add a vase of flowers to your picnic as well. I picked these up at the grocery store while shopping and simply placed them into a mason jar.

3. An Indoor Picnic Isn’t a Picnic Without a Picnic Basket

Am I right?!

A picnic just doesn’t feel like a picnic without a basket. For an indoor picnic you might not necessarily need a basket to carry all of your supplies. However, you still need one for that fun, whimsical picnic feeling!

Cozy date night with an indoor picnic for two on the living room floor.

I used our picnic basket as more of a place to display food and drinks.

I flipped the basket upside down and placed the wine & cake for our picnic on top. Our picnic basket also has a removable top with legs which we used as a kind of dinner tray to put our plates on. The removable picnic basket top also has two cup holders, so we were able to keep our glasses of wine relatively safe from spilling.

Picnic foods for a date night indoor picnic for two.

You can find my favorite picnic baskets in this picnic essentials blog post.

4. Make Finger Foods for an Indoor Picnic

The food might be the best part of any picnic, aside from the quality time you’re spending with your loved one.

Pasta salad is the best picnic food because it travels well.

The easiest picnic foods are the ones you can make ahead of time and ones that don’t require much cooking or baking. For our indoor picnic for two, I kept the menu simple. We had a Mediterranean pasta salad, avocado chicken salad on croissants, along with a simple charcuterie board. For recipes for the picnic food shown here, check out this blog post.

Sandwiches are a classic picnic food option because they are finger foods that travel well. Pasta salad is a great picnic option because you can place each serving into a mason jar and screw on the lid. So easy!

Finger food ideas for a spring or summer gathering or get together.
Picnic food for a romantic indoor picnic for two.

I kept the charcuterie board relatively easy with just a few ingredients. I placed grapes, cheese, and crackers on it along with our sandwiches and jars of pasta salad. It was so fun to talk and munch on all the goodies on our indoor picnic date night.

We washed all of our picnic food down with our favorite white wine. And for dessert, cake (more on that in a second)!

Wine and cake are the best for a cozy indoor picnic for two.

5. Let Them Eat Cake

Here is a fun cake hack!

Surprise your someone special with a beautifully decorated cake. They will think you spent all day baking and decorating the cake, but you actually didn’t!

A cake hack that is easy to do and is fresh & delicious.

Here’s the trick. Purchase a store bought cake from the bakery (it can be one that is fully decorated) along with your favorite seasonal berries. Remove most of the outer frosting, to make the cake look somewhat “naked”. Then add the seasonal berries to the top and you have the prettiest cake that no one will ever know you didn’t bake!

The cake I purchased was actually orange. You can check out what this cake looked like originally in this reel on Instagram. I brought the cake home, removed the orange frosting, added a little more white frosting, and then topped with strawberries, blueberries, and chamomile flowers.

I thought it came out so pretty and perfect for a spring picnic for two!

Create a date night for two in your cozy living room with these steps.

More Picnic Ideas

For all the picnic essentials you will need to create your own indoor or outdoor picnic visit our Amazon Storefront.

You can also shop this picnic shopping guide by clicking below.

Everything you need to create a beautiful, cozy picnic.

Picnic Essentials Shopping Guide

Be sure to check out the final blog post in this picnic series, “Picnic Foods for Date Night” where I shared my picnic food recipes!

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5 steps to create a cozy date for two in the comfort of your living room.

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  1. Thank you Renae! It was so fun to put together. This cold northeast weather is not stopping us from having a picnic!

  2. He will love it!!! We had such a fun time enjoying finger foods and quality time with one another on the floor of our living room!

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