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Add the feeling of summer to your home with these 10 simple summer home decor ideas that anyone can use for a cooler, calmer, and relaxed season ahead.

Summer home decor in the kitchen with natural elements.

We are just a few weeks away from my favorite time of year, the season of summer.

Why do I love summer? It’s a season of nostalgia for me.

The hot, humid days take me back to my childhood and the carefree days of summer’s long ago. I am reminded of childhood days spent entirely in the swimming pool, driving by tall cornfields on vacations to visit family in Iowa, ice cream for dinner, and summer nights sleeping in our family’s pop-up camper.

When I think about what the common denominator is for my love of summer, it really comes down to this…carefree days & relaxation. Childhood summers for me was a time like no other. There was no worry of responsibilities, no schedules, and life was just simple.

Summer vignette in a cottage farmhouse kitchen.

Now as an adult, I like to take those simple, carefree, and relaxed feelings that I experienced in my childhood to make our home feel cozy and just like summer.

Once you understand what summer looks & feels like to you; whether it’s the beach, hiking in the mountains, camping under the stars, or like me carefree days of childhood, you can incorporate that into your space to create that unique summer feeling in your own home.

Summer in the kitchen with fresh flowers & neutral colors.

Today I’m sharing 10 simple, universal summer home decor ideas that you can incorporate into your home regardless of what summer feels like to you or your personal style. Let me show you!

28 Summer Home Tours to Enjoy

Joining me today are 27 bloggers each sharing their own unique & beautiful summer home decor ideas!

Thank you to Kelly of The Tattered Pew for organizing such a great event. If you’re joining me from Kim’s tour of 
Cottage in the Mitten, thank you so much for stopping by! Kim’s home is such an inspiration for summer home decor.

Neutral cottage farmhouse kitchen with seasonal accents.

After you’ve finished with my summer home tour, make sure to head over to Renae of Peacock Ridge for her lakeside summer home decor inspiration.

At the bottom of this post, you’ll find links to all 28 home tours.

10 Summer Home Decor Ideas

Seasonalizing your home is all about catering to the 5 senses to create the ideal sensory experience for you.

By engaging all 5 senses, you can transform your home into a cozy, summer retreat that fully immerses you in the delights of what the season means to you.

White hydrangeas in farmhouse kitchen sink with a tea towel.

Here are 10 summer home decor ideas that cater to the senses of sight, smell, sound, touch, and taste.

1. Keep Your Summer Decor Cool & Simple

When it comes to summer home decor, keeping it cool and simple is the key to creating a refreshing and inviting atmosphere. The last thing you want is your home to look and feel warm & heavy during the hottest months of the year.

Summer home decor ideas for a farmhouse living room.

Start by removing thick & heavy textures and begin incorporating light & breezy ones like linen and cotton fabrics for curtains, pillow covers, and tablecloths.

Keep the clutter to a minimum. Clutter can make a space feel crowded & overwhelming. By reducing clutter, you create a more spacious and relaxing environment perfect for the warm months of summer.

Summer decor in the living room with neutral colors.

2. Utilize Functional Pieces in Your Summer Home Decor

The easiest & most cost effective way to keep your home feeling cool and uncluttered for summer is to decorate with functional decor.

Functional decor utilizes the pieces you already have & use within your home, and then displaying them as decor! It not only adds character to your home but enhances the practicality of your living space as well.

Farmhouse summer kitchen decor with baskets and functional decor.

Incorporate lightweight and versatile elements like a woven basket that can hold and organize summer essentials such as the supplies you need for an outdoor summer get-together.

Summer vignette in the kitchen for outdoor gatherings.

Wall hooks or a peg rack are great for hanging towels, hats, bags, and food covers, keeping them easily accessible.

Examples of Functional Summer Home Decor

Here are just a few examples of functional summer home decor that can enhance both the aesthetics and practicality of your living space during the summer season.

  • Woven Baskets
  • Decorative Trays
  • Old Fashioned Table Fans
  • Seasonal Fruits & Vegetables
  • Dinnerware & Glasses
  • Books
  • Wicker Food Covers
  • Towels
  • Utensil Crocks
  • Beach Bags
  • Beach Hats
Hang tea towels & food covers in the kitchen for functional summer decor.

3. Open the Windows & Let Summer In

On cooler summer days, open the windows and let summer in!

Summer home decor in a cottage farmhouse living room.

Opening the windows brings in the sounds of nature, gentle breezes, and the smell of fresh cut grass creating a more peaceful and soothing atmosphere.

It’s amazing what a little fresh air can do for the soul.

4. Incorporate a Little Red, White, & Blue

Incorporating a little red, white, and blue into summer home decor is a fantastic way to infuse a little patriotic vibe into your home.

These colors evoke a sense of American pride and are synonymous with summer celebrations like Memorial Day and the 4th of July.

Summer patriotic decor in the kitchen with mini felt flags.

These DIY mini patriotic flags are a great way to add a little patriotic spirit to you home. You can find the tutorial on how to make these charming felt flags in this blog post.

Add seasonal decor to the front door to welcome the start of summer.

A patriotic hanging door basket is another fun way to dress up your front door for summer with red & white flowers and blue ribbon. For the full tutorial on how to make a summer hanging door basket, visit this blog post.

Outdoor Patriotic Decor

You can also display large or small American flags throughout the inside or outside of your home. You can hang them on a mantle, shelf, or flagpole. Or, stick them in planters, urns, or pitchers for a beautiful display.

Regardless of how you decide to add pops of red, white, or blue to your home’s decor, you’ll love the cheerful and vibrant aesthetic it adds to your space.

5. Be Inspired by Nature

There is no better time to be inspired by nature than during the summer months. Using nature as inspiration for summer home decor brings a sense of tranquility and natural beauty into your home.

Dining room decor for summer with greenery and oranges.

There is so much inspiration that can be found outside from the green landscapes full of blooming flowers, to the driftwood & seashells found along the beach.

Summer home decor with fresh cut greenery and oranges.

I love to walk the woodline along our property, snip a few branches or weeds (yes, weeds can be beautiful too!), and add them to vase in our home. It adds a natural element to our summer home decor that is fresh, cozy, and beautiful because it came from our yard!

6. Use Decor You Already Have

When adding summer home decor to your home, it’s not always necessary to start from scratch.

Utilizing the decor you already have in your home can be a creative and cost-effective approach.

Natural summer home decor in the kitchen with woods & whites.

Take a look at your existing decor and find ways to incorporate summery elements. For instance, you can swap out heavier throws and pillows for lighter, brighter ones. Rearrange furniture to create a more open and breezy layout that maximizes natural light.

Consider repurposing items, such as glass jars or vases, to display seashells, beach stones, or colorful summer blooms. Add pops of seasonal colors through small accents like artwork, rugs, or table runners.

Simple seasonal decor in a cottage farmhouse kitchen.

By utilizing what you already have, you not only save money but also give your space a personalized touch, infusing it with a summer vibe that seamlessly integrates with your existing decor.

7. Change Your Linens in Summer Home Decor

Changing your linens (blankets, pillow covers, bedding, kitchen towels, etc.) for summer is an important step in creating a comfortable and refreshing atmosphere in your home. There is nothing worse than sweating while you’re sitting on the couch or laying in bed.

Summer home decor ideas in the bedroom with cotton bedding & fresh flowers.

Switch out heavy, winter linens and opt for lighter, breathable fabrics like cotton or linen. These materials offer better air circulation, keeping you cool and comfortable during hot summer months.

For the coziest, breathable pillow, check out our new pillows from Marlow.

Cozy summer bedding is key to a great night sleep during the hottest months of the year.

Also, make sure to choose crisp, light neutral hues to create a light and airy ambiance that complements your decor and the summer season.

French country bedroom with cotton bedding & floral wallpaper.

By changing your linens to reflect summer, you not only enhance the visual appeal of your space but also prioritize your comfort, ensuring a restful & rejuvenating sleep during the hottest months.

8. Add in Fresh Seasonal Flowers

Add fresh, seasonal flowers to your summer home decor for color, scent, and natural beauty that captures the essence of summer.

Choose flowers that are in season and that bloom during the summer months to create simple or elaborate floral arrangements. Place them in vases or decorative pots and display them on dining tables, kitchen islands, nightstands, or even on a bathroom sink.

White hydrangeas in pot are a great summer home decor idea.

Examples of Seasonal Blooming Flowers Perfect for Summer Floral Arrangements

  • Hydrangeas
  • Roses
  • Daisies
  • Dahlias
  • Sunflowers
  • Peonies
  • Zinnias
Seasonal flowers in French country bedroom for summer.

9. Savor the Flavors of Summer

What does summer taste like to you?

For me the flavors of summer include watermelon, blueberries, corn on the cob, ice tea, peaches, tomatoes, fresh herbs, and the list could go on and on!

Blueberries are a tasty summer treat and can be used in summer home decor.

One of the joys of summer, is providing the flavors of summer for your family to enjoy. Whatever tastes like summer to you, grab the ingredients and create memories with the food you serve and eat this season.

Display fresh seasonal produce on the counter for seasonal decor. You will be surprised at how much quicker fruits & veggies are eaten than when they’re hidden away in the refrigerator.

Summer kitchen counter styling with a basket for texture and fresh blueberries.

10. Don’t Forget to Enjoy the Lazy Days of Summer

Lastly and most importantly, don’t forget to embrace and enjoy the lazy days of summer.

Take time to slow down, relax, and savor the simple pleasures that this season brings, because truthfully summer doesn’t last long.

Set aside moments for outdoor lounging, whether it’s reading a book in a hammock, enjoying a picnic in the park, or simply basking in the warm sunlight by the pool.

Summer decor in the kitchen with fresh hydrangeas.

Create cozy nooks in your home where you can unwind and appreciate the calmness of the season. Indulge in refreshing treats like ice cream or cold beverages to beat the heat. Allow yourself to disconnect from technology and immerse yourself in nature’s beauty, whether it’s a stroll on the beach, a hike in the woods, or watching a breathtaking sunset.

By cherishing the lazy days of summer, you cultivate a sense of relaxation, rejuvenation, and appreciation for the unhurried moments that make this season truly the most special.

A farmhouse sink with white hydrangeas for summer home decor.

View my google web story, 5 Summer Home Decor Ideas & 5 Relaxed Summer Home Decor Ideas.

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10 summer home decor ideas for the coziest summer at home.

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