The Best Places to Find Inspiration for Home Decor

Unlock your creativity with this guide to the best places for home decor inspiration. From blogs and magazines to Pinterest and Instagram, discover endless resources with ideas on how to transform your home.

Pinterest, Instagram, & blogs are some of the best places to find home decor inspiration.
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One of the most asked questions I receive is, “Where do you find home decor inspiration?”

It’s a question that resonates with many, and my response might sound cliche but literally…anywhere and everywhere! It may seem like a vague answer, but it’s genuinely where the magic lies.

The truth is, inspiration can be found in the most unexpected places and has a way of revealing itself when we least expect it.

Sometimes it happens when I’m flipping the pages of a magazine or catalog, scrolling through Instagram, or sometimes when I’m taking a stroll through nature.

So in this blog post, I’m excited to reveal my insider secrets and unveil the best places for you to find home decorating inspiration. From magazines and social media to nature and beyond, inspiration and creativity is just waiting to be uncovered!

Home decorating ideas and inspiration that include books, catalogs, magazines, and more.

8 of the Best Places for Home Decor Inspiration

These are the best places to find decorating ideas and inspiration for your home.

The sources I’m including in this blog post are for everyone looking for decorating ideas and inspiration, regardless of your personal style.

1. Magazines

In a time when screens dominate our everyday lives, there’s something nostalgic about flipping through the pages of a beautiful magazine.

Endless possibilities await within the pages of a good magazine. Whether you’re seeking inspiration for a room renovation or simply looking to add a few finishing touches, magazines offer a ton of practical tips and creative ideas to transform your space.

One of the greatest benefits of reading a magazine is the curated content.

Expert editors and designers carefully select and curate each feature, which means only the most captivating and relevant designs fill the pages. This is great for you because it saves you time and energy, allowing you to focus on the most inspiring and impactful ideas.

Magazines are a great source of home decor ideas curated by expert editors.

To make the most of your magazine reading experience, explore a variety of genres, from mainstream interior design publications to niched down titles focusing on specific styles or themes.

Magazines are not just for reading. You can also use magazines as a hands on tool by tearing out pages, making notes in the margins, and creating mood boards to capture and remember your favorite ideas.

magazine Tips

  • Explore a variety of magazines to expose yourself to different styles and perspectives. From high-end luxury to budget-friendly solutions, there’s literally a magazine for every taste and budget.
  • As you flip through the pages, tear out images that resonate with you and create a vision board. This visual collage will serve as a roadmap for your decorating journey and help you refine your style preferences.
  • Magazines often feature articles on architecture, travel, and lifestyle. Draw inspiration from these diverse topics and incorporate elements that reflect your personality and interests.

2. Catalogs

While magazines offer a curated glimpse into interior design and home decor, catalogs provide a more intimate & personal experience.

These free publications from your favorite furniture and decor retailers are not just marketing materials; they’re your ticket to exploring the latest trends, new products, and envisioning how they might fit into your own home.

Catalogs serve as sort of your own personal design lookbook. Allowing you to browse through pages of beautifully styled rooms and curated collections.

Pottery Barn catalog with classic products for home decor inspiration.

You’ll want to pay attention to the styling and presentation of each product within the catalog.

Notice how furniture pieces are arranged, how colors are coordinated, and how accessories are layered to create a cohesive & inviting space.

Make a note of any design ideas or product combinations that catch your eye and consider how they might translate into your own home.

catalog Tips

  • Don’t feel confined to one catalog or brand. Mix and match pieces from different catalogs to create a personalized look that reflects your unique style and personality.
  • Use catalogs as a tool for visualizing how different pieces might look in your own home. Cut out images of furniture and decor items that you love and arrange them on a mood board or collage to see how they work together.
  • Keep an eye out for catalogs featuring seasonal collections or special discounts and promotions. These can be great opportunities to get inspiration for seasonal decorating or snag new pieces for your home at discounted prices.

A few of my favorite catalogs that I look forward to seeing in our mailbox…

  • Pottery Barn
  • Wayfair
  • Serena & Lily
  • Restoration Hardware
  • Grandin Road
  • Ballard Designs
  • Frontgate
  • The Company Store
  • West Elm
  • Garnet Hill

3. Home Decorating Books

Books are unique when it comes to home decor inspiration.

They offer knowledge and insight that goes beyond the pages of magazines or the images you might see on social media.

Books are a unique source of information in home decorating.

When choosing books on home decor there are a million possibilities, so think about your specific interests and goals.

Are you drawn to a particular aesthetic; cottage style, farmhouse, coastal, French country, minimalist, modern, or contemporary?

Are you looking for practical advice on furniture arrangement, color theory, or styling tips?

Whatever your needs, there’s always a book that caters to them.

Pro Tip: Don’t overlook old home decor books for inspiration. These can actually be treasure troves of design ideas, featuring timeless styles, and forgotten techniques that can add depth and character to your decor.

Vintage home decor books are a great resource for ideas & inspiration.

Coffee Table Books

These books are perfect for displaying on your coffee table or bookshelf. Filled with photos of beautiful interiors, they offer endless inspiration and serve as great conversation starters for guests.

Practical Guides

These books focus on practical advice and tips for decorating your home. From beginner’s guides to advanced techniques, they cover everything from choosing paint colors to arranging furniture as well as accessorizing your space.

Style Guides

Style guides dive into specific design aesthetics, exploring their history, key characteristics, and signature elements.

DIY & Upcycling

DIY and upcycling books offer creative projects and ideas for repurposing old furniture, making custom accessories, and adding personal touches to your space.

Book Tips

  • Build a collection of books on home decor to reference whenever you need inspiration or advice. Organize them by topic or style for easy access.
  • Don’t limit yourself to books on a single topic. Mix and match different genres and styles to get a well rounded perspective on home decor.
  • Use books as a jumping board for home decor experimentation. Try out new ideas and techniques inspired by the pages of your favorite books, and don’t be afraid to put your own spin on them.

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4. Blogs

Some might say that blogs are becoming a thing of the past in the age of social media, but I believe that they remain an invaluable and irreplaceable resource. Well, I hope so at least!

Blogs offer more than just inspiration; they provide a sense of connection and community for individuals with similar interests and tastes.

They also offer a level of depth and authenticity that can be lacking in other forms of media.

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Unlike the curated and polished images of magazines or social media, blogs provide more of a realistic look into homes that are actually lived in by real families.

Bloggers share their personal stories, struggles, and triumphs, creating a sense of intimacy and relatability that resonates with readers on a deeper level.

Blog Tips

  • Define your personal style and aesthetic preferences. Knowing your style will help you narrow down your search and find blogs that align with your personal style.
  • Many interior designers, decorators, and home decor brands have their own blogs where they share design tips and styling ideas. Follow your favorites on social media like Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest and check out their blogs for inspiration and advice.
  • Once you’ve found a few blogs that you enjoy, engage with the community by leaving comments! Building connections with other readers and interacting with the blog’s creator can enrich your experience and provide valuable insights & inspiration.

A Few of Our Favorite Home Decor Blogs

5. Pinterest

If there’s one place that delivers the most amount of home decor inspiration, it’s Pinterest.

Pinterest offers something for everyone with it’s vast collection of images, ideas, and inspiration.

If you’re unfamiliar with Pinterest, it’s an app that you can use to easily create and curate boards filled with images that capture your aesthetic, style preferences, and project ideas.

It doesn’t matter if you’re drawn to Scandinavian simplicity, French country elegance, or farmhouse-cottage style; there is literally no shortage of pins to spark your imagination.

The Pinterest app is a great resource for decorating ideas & inspiration.

The beauty of Pinterest lies in its versatility. If you’re looking for ideas for a specific room, searching for DIY projects, or seeking inspiration for a seasonal refresh, you’ll find it with a simple search.

Once you begin to use and interact with Pinterest, the algorithm will recommend pins based on your interests and activity, which will help you to discover new sources of inspiration.

Finally, one of the greatest benefits of Pinterest is its ability to inspire collaboration and discovery. You can follow boards curated your favorite bloggers, designers, and brands so you can stay up-to-date on the latest trends and ideas.

pinterest Tips

  • Use specific keywords to narrow down your search and find exactly what you’re looking for. Instead of typing “living room decor,” try “cottage farmhouse living room decor” for a more refined results.
  • Organize your pins into distinct boards based on themes, rooms, or projects. This makes it easier to find inspiration and keep track of ideas.
  • Follow boards and users that align with your style and interests. Look for bloggers, designers, and brands whose pins consistently inspire you. This will help curate your feed with content tailored to your tastes.
  • When you find a pin you like, take a moment to explore the related pins below it. This can lead you down a rabbit hole of inspiration, uncovering new ideas and sources you may not have discovered otherwise.
  • While it’s great to stay up-to-date on the latest trends, don’t feel pressured to follow them if they don’t align with your personal style. Use trends as inspiration, but always stay true to your own personal preferences!

6. Instagram

Instagram has certainly changed the past few years. The days of scrolling beautifully curated photos have been replaced with short reels showing more “real life” content.

However, you can still find a ton of home decor ideas on Instagram.

Home decor inspiration can be found anywhere like Instagram, nature, or catalogs & magazines.

Unlike curated magazines or well written blogs, Instagram provides a real time glimpse into the lives and homes of designers and decorators around the world.

From stylish living rooms to cozy bedrooms and everything in between, Instagram offers an array of spaces to explore and draw inspiration from.

Hey friend! What can I help you find?

Search our entire site!

Just like Pinterest, Instagram has an algorithm. So, the more you stop and view a particular post, the more similar content you’ll see in your feed. This makes it easier for you to discover new accounts and ideas that match your interests and preferences.

If you find an Instagram post that you love or that inspires you, did you know that you can save it?

Instagram’s “Save” feature allows you to bookmark posts for future reference. You can use this feature to create collections of your favorite design ideas, color schemes, and styling tips for easy access whenever you need inspiration (similar to creating boards on Pinterest).

Another aspect of Instagram that you should make sure to check out is, Stories.

Many interior designers, decorators, and influencers like myself use Stories to share behind the scenes glimpses, real time updates on projects, and engage with followers in a more relaxed manner.

By watching Stories, you can gain valuable insights into the lives and work of your favorite creators, as well as access exclusive content and sneak peeks that may not be available elsewhere.

instagram Tips

  • Don’t just passively scroll through your feed; engage with the content that resonates with you. Like, comment, save, and share posts that inspire you. Authentic engagement signals to the algorithm that you’re interested in certain types of content, leading to a more personalized feed.
  • Expand your horizons by following a diverse range of accounts, including those curated by designers, decorators, and brands. This will ensure that your feed is filled with a variety of perspectives, styles, and ideas, keeping your inspiration fresh and dynamic.
  • Use Instagram’s “Save” feature to bookmark posts that inspire you for future reference. Create collections or folders to organize your saved posts by theme, room, or project making it easy to find inspiration when you need it.

A Few of Our Favorite Instagram Home Decor Accounts

7. Nature

In my personal opinion, there is no place quite like the great outdoors for home decorating inspiration.

Mother nature provides an endless amount of diverse colors, textures, patterns, and shapes.

It doesn’t matter if you’re surrounded by forests, rolling hills, sandy beaches, or arid deserts; each landscape offers its own unique palette of colors and textures to draw ideas from.

By incorporating natural elements like earthy tones and organic textures into your decor, you’re able to create a home that feels calm, grounded, and peaceful.

Heidi and her dachshund rescue Eleanor Roosevelt.

One of my favorite rituals is taking Eleanor for an afternoon walk outdoors. As we walk, I find myself constantly inspired by the sights, sounds, and sensations around us.

From the vibrant colors of wildflowers in spring to the earthy pinecones & acorns in fall, I’m always thinking of how I can create something with these natural elements to incorporate into our decor.

A handful of foraged acorns for natural fall decor.

So, don’t underestimate the power of a walk or stroll through nature to spark your creativity.

Whether it’s the petals of a blooming flower, the rough texture of tree bark, or the rustle of leaves in the wind; moments spent outdoors offer a wealth of ideas just waiting to be discovered.

Examples of Things to Search for in Nature to Use in Your Home Decor

  • Pinecones: Pine cones can be used in various ways from wreaths, garlands, or as a bowl filler.
  • Seashells: Collected from the beach, display shells in bowls, vases, or shadow boxes to bring coastal charm & beachside vibes to your decor.
  • Driftwood: Weathered and worn by the elements, use it as a centerpiece for a dining table, as a base for an art piece, or as a decorative accent on shelves or mantels.
  • Rocks & Stones: Smooth river rocks or colorful pebbles can be arranged in bowls, terrariums, or glass vases to create beautiful displays.
  • Dried Flowers & Grasses: Pressed flowers, dried grasses, and seed pods can be used to create arrangements that add a touch of nature to your home.
  • Feathers: Whether collected from your backyard or purchased from a craft store, feathers add a touch of texture to your decor. Use them to embellish floral arrangements, especially in fall.
  • Moss: Soft moss can be used to create living arrangements. It can also be used to line planters, cover soil in potted plants, or as a base for floral arrangements.

8. Home Decor Inspiration is Anywhere & Everywhere

Sometimes, the best sources of inspiration for home decor can be found in the most unexpected places.

From the busy streets of the city to the quiet corner of a small coffee shop, inspiration can strike when you least expect it.

The key is to keep your eyes and mind open to the world around you, so that you can translate moments of beauty & creativity into your own decor vision.

Pinterest, Instagram, & blogs are some of the best places to find home decor inspiration.

Everyday experiences and activities can serve as sources of inspiration.

A visit to an antique shop, a stroll through your neighborhood, lunch at your favorite cafe, or a hike in the woods can provide moments of beauty that resonate with your personal style and preferences.

Make sure to pay attention to the fine details, like the way sunlight filters through the leaves, the texture of a weathered brick wall, the colors of a sunset, and let them inspire your decor choices.

You never know when these simple moments can spark new ideas, ignite your imagination, and breathe life into your decor.

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Pinterest, Instagram, & blogs are some of the best places to find home decor inspiration.
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