Cozy DIY Felt Wreath With Felt Spring Vegetables

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Learn how to craft a cozy and rustic DIY felt wreath with adorable felt spring vegetables. Add a touch of handmade charm to your home decor with this easy project.

Learn how to make a DIY felt wreath with felt spring root vegetables.
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Have you ever considered creating a DIY wreath using vegetables?! 

Well, I hadn’t either until I stumbled upon little felt vegetables on a trip to our local craft store. 

As I wandered through the aisles of Michael’s, my eyes landed on these small boxes of felt onions, green beans, carrots, and cabbages. They were just too cute to leave on the shelf!

I wasn’t entirely sure what I was going to do with them, but once I brought them home I decided they would make an adorable spring wreath (If you remember, one of my goals this year is to create more homemade wreaths!). 

I mean carrots, cabbage, green beans, and onions all scream spring…right?!

You’re going to love how this whimsical wreath combines the cozy feel of felt with the rustic appeal of vegetables, creating a unique decoration that will brighten any room in your home. 

So, roll up your sleeves, gather your supplies, and let’s create a one of a kind wreath using…vegetables!

A seasonal wreath for your home decor with metal wreath base and felt vegetables.

How to Make A DIY Felt Wreath for Spring

This handmade wreath is incredibly easy to make with just a few supplies.

Feel free to swap out the metal hoop wreath frame with a grapevine wreath or straw wreath for added texture to the finished wreath. 

Supplies You’ll Need

Gather these craft supplies to make this seasonal wreath…

  • 10″ Wire Hoop: This sturdy wreath form provides the structure for your wreath. It’s slim base allows the vegetables to be the star of the show. 
  • Felt Spring Vegetables: The felt vegetables I used are sold out, but you can find similar ones linked below. You’ll need enough to go around the entire wreath base.
  • Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks: You’ll need a low temperature glue gun to securely attach your felt vegetables to the wire hoop.
  • Ribbon: A decorative ribbon will allow you to easily hang your wreath.  Use ribbon with a color scheme that matches your home decor. 
  • Scissors: For cutting the ribbon.


DIY Wreath Instructions

The best part about this DIY wreath is that you don’t need to be a seasoned crafter! 

Here are the 3 easy steps on how to make a homemade spring wreath for your home…

The supplies you'll need to craft a spring wreath DIY with felt vegetables.

Prepare Your Materials

The first step is to make sure you have all your materials gathered and ready to go. 

Plug in and heat up your glue gun so that it’s hot and ready to begin gluing when you are. 

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Arrange & Glue

With your felt vegetables in hand, the next step is to arrange them on your wire hoop

Play around with different vegetable combinations until you find a layout that pleases you. 

DIY wreath craft with craft supplies found at Hobby Lobby or your local craft store.

I decided to hot glue the cabbages first because they were a little more prominent than the other vegetables.

Place a dab of hot glue on the back side of the vegetable and press it down onto the wreath base. 

Use a low temperature glue gun to secure the vegetables to the wreath form.

Once I had the cabbages glued down, I then worked around the hoop, carefully attaching the other vegetables.

Make sure to press the vegetables down firmly to ensure a secure hold. 

DIY felt seasonal wreath using a wire wreath form and felt vegetables.

Add Ribbon & Hang Your Wreath

To give your wreath that extra touch of charm, add a ribbon to the top of the wreath for hanging and then tie the ribbon in a bow.

Spring wreath hanging in a cottage farmhouse kitchen for rustic charm.

You can use any ribbon you love, this green striped ribbon is one of my personal favorites to use all year long.

Once your DIY felt vegetable wreath is complete, find the perfect spot to hang it!

  • A wire frame is a popular choice for wreath bases, however there are other wreath bases you can use like a foam wreath, grapevine wreath, or even an embroidery hoop can be used as well. Each base will offer a different look and feel to your wreath craft.
  • To prevent the felt vegetables from falling off the wreath, make sure they are firmly attached to the wire hoop with hot glue. Press down firmly and hold in place until the glue sets completely.
  • Create depth and dimension in your wreath by layering felt vegetables on top of each other.
  • Once your wreath is complete, handle it gently and hang it in a safe spot away from direct sunlight or moisture so it will last for many years to come.
Charming & rustic DIY wreath in a farmhouse kitchen for spring.

What if I can’t find pre-made felt vegetables for this easy DIY wreath ?

If you’re unable to find pre-made felt vegetables for your wreath, don’t worry!

There are still plenty of creative alternatives you can use instead:

  • Craft Your Own: You can find plenty of tutorials and patterns online to guide you through the process of making your own felt vegetables.
  • Fabric or Paper Vegetables: Fabric scraps from a fabric store can be sewn or glued together to create plush vegetables, while paper can be folded, cut, and shaped into lifelike designs.
  • Use Other Embellishments: Small wooden or plastic vegetables from a toy store or miniature gardening supplies can be painted and repurposed to make this wreath.
  • Explore Natural Elements: Dried herbs, pinecones, twigs, and small branches can be used for a bountiful garden harvest wreath. Attach these materials to your wreath base using hot glue or brown floral tape.

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Can I hang this felt wreath outside?

I do not recommend hanging this wreath on a front door outside.

Felt fabric is not weather resistant and will deteriorate when exposed to sun, wind, and rain. 

To preserve the longevity of your wreath, hang the wreath indoors where it can be enjoyed in a cozy and protected environment. 

DIY felt wreath is an easy project for a seasoned crafter.

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Learn how to make a DIY felt wreath with felt spring root vegetables.
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