Make a Fall DIY Rustic Wreath in Less Than 15 Minutes

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Create charming fall decor in less than 15 minutes with this quick and easy DIY rustic wreath. All you need are a few supplies from your craft store to make a beautiful wreath for your home.

DIY rustic wreath for fall with dried oak leaves, grapevine wreath form, and ribbon.

I love when inspiration hits me when I least expect it. On a shopping trip to Trader Joe’s a couple of weeks ago, I stumbled upon beautiful bunches of dried, preserved oak leaves. 

The bunches were huge with these adorable, perfectly shaped oak leaves in the perfect color of brown for fall. As soon as I saw them, I knew I needed to create a fall wreath with the little gems I found. I scooped up 3 bunches, and couldn’t wait to make the vision I had in my mind!

What I love about this rustic farmhouse wreath is not only its simplicity and the fact that it only took me 15 minutes to make, but the best part is the character each oak leaf adds to the wreath. The slightly curled edges of the leaves and their earthy brown hues makes this wreath look organic and adds the perfect touch of the outdoors to our home decor.

Now, creating a rustic fall wreath does not have to be complicated or time consuming. You can make a beautiful decoration that celebrates the beauty of autumn with just a grapevine wreath base, dried preserved oak leaves, hot glue, and a ribbon. 

Rustic farmhouse wreath in the kitchen made with oak leaves, grapevine wreath, and hot glue.

So, channel your inner crafter, gather your supplies, and let the joy of DIY fill your home with the warmth of fall!

Supplies for This DIY Rustic Wreath

The basic supplies you’ll need for this craft are readily available at craft stores and can even be found in your backyard, making this project incredibly budget friendly.

  • Grapevine Wreath Base: The grapevine wreath base serves as the foundation for your rustic wreath. Its natural, organic texture provides the perfect backdrop for the oak leaves. Crafted from intertwined grapevines, it adds authentic rustic charm.
  • Dried Preserved Oak Leaves: The heart of this wreath! The dried preserved oak leaves bring the essence of fall to this DIY project. Their warm, earthy brown color and intricate veins adds character and depth, turning a simple wreath into a stunning piece of seasonal decor.
  • Hot Glue Gun: With its quick drying capabilities, it allows you to securely attach the oak leaves to the grapevine base. The hot glue gun ensures your wreath stays intact.
  • Ribbon: The finishing touch to your rustic wreath, the ribbon adds a pop of color and whimsy. This is the exact ribbon I used.


How to Make This Easy DIY Wreath

If your oak leaves are attached to a branch, begin by removing them and creating a pile of leaves that you’re going to attach to the wreath.

Collect the best looking leaves (both big & small). You’ll want to discard any leaves that have big holes or large chunks of the leaves missing from them.

Rustic farmhouse wreath for fall with a grapevine wreath and dried leaves.

The next step is securing the leaves onto the wreath with a hot glue gun. 

Apply a small dab of hot glue to the base of each leaf and press it firmly onto the grapevine wreath. 

Attach dried oak leaves to grapevine wreath with a small dab of hot glue.

As you work your way around the wreath, you’ll see your creation coming to life, each leaf adding its own unique texture and character.

Note: Don’t worry about perfection when attaching the leaves to the wreath. The charm of this rustic wreath lies in its organic, slightly messy arrangement.

Now, here’s where your wreath is going to be different than those traditional wreaths! 

DIY fall wreath with dried oak leaves for farmhouse style home decor.

Don’t add the oak leaves in a full circle around the wreath. Stop when you are about 3/4 of the way around the wreath, leaving 1/4 of the grapevine wreath showing. 

This is going to add visual appeal to your wreath, and make your wreath stand out. 

Rustic fall wreath with dried leaves and a farmhouse style ribbon.

Finally, tie a ribbon into a bow to the side of the wreath where you stopped adding leaves for the finishing touch.


  • Before gluing, play around with leaf placement on the wreath base. Arrange them in creative ways to find a pattern you love. Remember, the beauty of a rustic wreath lies in its organic, imperfect arrangement.
  • When applying hot glue, use a small amount. Too much glue can make your wreath look messy and may seep through the leaves. A little glue goes a long way in securing the leaves firmly.
  • Add your own personal touches to your wreath. Incorporating small pinecones, acorns, or faux berries would be a great addition for extra texture and visual interest.
  • Remember that imperfections add to the charm of a rustic wreath. Don’t worry if it’s not absolutely perfect. The handmade, organic feel is what makes it special.

Displaying Your Fall Wreath

Once your wreath is complete, find the perfect spot to display your creation. 

I hung ours in the kitchen, I just loved the natural element it added to this space. 

Farmhouse style kitchen with DIY wreath for autumn home decor.

You could also hang this pretty wreath on your mantle, on an interior door, or maybe on a hook in your entryway to greet guests as they come in the door. 

No matter where you decide to hang it this rustic wreath, you’ll find that it not only captures the essence of fall but also showcases your creativity.

Can I hang this wreath outdoors?

Since this wreath is made with dried preserved oak leaves and a grapevine base it’s best suited for indoor display.

Exposure to outdoor elements like rain, wind, and sunlight can cause the leaves to deteriorate more quickly. Also, natural elements might attract insects or pests, potentially damaging the wreath over time.

By keeping your wreath indoors, you can preserve its charm and ensure it remains a beautiful piece of fall decor, adding warmth to your home for seasons to come.

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Can I use fresh oak leaves for this wreath?

While fresh oak leaves can be used, they are more prone to wilting and may not maintain their vibrant color for as long as dried, preserved leaves.

Rustic fall decoration in the kitchen with dried oak leaves and a grapevine wreath.

Can I add other elements to this wreath like pinecones or faux flowers?

Yes, feel free to get creative with unique ideas. That’s the fun of crafting your own wreath!

Adding pine cones, acorns, or faux flowers would be the perfect addition to this wreath’s making it uniquely yours.

Can I use a different base instead of a grapevine wreath forms?

You can experiment with a different wreath frame such as foam base or wooden hoop.

Keep in mind that the choice of base can affect the overall look and durability of the wreath. However, experimentation can lead to unique and beautiful results!

Rustic farmhouse wreath in the kitchen made with oak leaves, grapevine wreath, and hot glue.

Can I customize the ribbon to match my decor?


Choosing a ribbon that complements your existing decor is a great way to personalize the wreath and tie it seamlessly into your home’s aesthetic.

I like to use farmhouse style ribbon like this striped one. However, burlap ribbon or a buffalo check ribbon are also great choices for that rustic feel.

How can I store the wreath after the fall season?

Store the wreath in a cool, dry place, preferably in a box to protect it from dust. Avoid crushing it, as the delicate leaves can lose their shape.

I’ve found the easiest way to store wreaths like these is by hanging it on a hook in a closet.

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DIY rustic wreath for fall with dried oak leaves, grapevine wreath form, and ribbon.
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  1. Heidi,
    I’m loving all the leaf wreaths this year and yours is amazing. I plan to share a link on DRA tomorrow.

  2. My God, how beautiful it is! You’ve got a beautiful wreath. I love autumn for its colors. These colors soothe me, I love the comfort of autumn. But more than that, I really like to collect leaves and dry them. It’s very romantic, actually! This is my tradition from year to year. I think it’s time to make something like a wreath and find a use for these sheets that I collected. Thank you for such a guide! Very cool, adds atmosphere to my house. Any other “autumn” ideas?? I love such things, it brings me joy

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