Simple and Cozy Farmhouse Fall Kitchen Decor Ideas

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Embrace the warmth of the season with these cozy farmhouse fall kitchen decor ideas. Discover the beauty of simplicity and make your kitchen a place where the joys of autumn come to life.

Farmhouse fall kitchen decor ideas with white pumpkins and seasonal greenery.
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With its crisp air and vibrant hues, autumn invites us to embrace the cozy comforts of home. You see fall isn’t merely a season; it’s a feeling. A sensation that wraps us in warmth and nostalgia. 

The beauty of farmhouse decor lies in its simplicity, authenticity, and ability to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. But it goes beyond the aesthetics. It’s also about the nostalgia that accompanies this time of year. 

The aroma of freshly baked pumpkin muffins wafting through the air might remind you of your grandma’s house or the sight of oak leaves might bring back fond memories of jumping into a pile of beautiful fall leaves as a child. 

In this blog post, we won’t just be exploring farmhouse fall decor ideas, but also how to capture the essence of the autumn season.

That feeling that turns a house into a home and a space into a story.

Decorative elements in a simple farmhouse kitchen for the harvest season.

What is farmhouse decor?

Farmhouse style decor is a popular interior design trend (that I don’t see going out of style any time soon) that captures the rustic, cozy, and charming aesthetic of a traditional farmhouse. 

It blends elements of vintage, rustic, industrial, and cottage styles to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. 

The farmhouse look captures the simplicity, practicality, and authenticity of rural life, bringing a sense of nostalgia and comfort into modern homes.

Fall farmhouse kitchen decor with apples, neutral colors, and seasonal accents.

A few characteristics of farmhouse style decor include:

  • Rustic Materials: Farmhouse decor often incorporates natural and rustic materials such as reclaimed wood and distressed finishes. These materials add texture and create a weathered, time-worn appearance.
  • Neutral Color Palette: Farmhouse color schemes typically feature neutral colors like white, cream, beige, and various shades of brown. These muted tones create a calm and soothing environment, allowing other elements of the decor to stand out.
  • Natural Fabrics: Fabrics in farmhouse decor are typically natural and comfortable such as cotton, linen, and burlap.
  • Vintage Decor: Farmhouse decor often includes vintage items like mason jars, enamelware, old signs, and antique kitchen tools. These accessories contribute to the nostalgic atmosphere of the farmhouse style.

Farmhouse decor is a versatile style that can be adapted to different tastes, allowing you to infuse your living spaces with a sense of history and comfort that feels right to you.

Easy Fall Kitchen Decor Ideas

I’ve gathered some simple fall kitchen decor ideas to help you create the warm and inviting atmosphere of a farmhouse style home. 

You can also read this blog post with ideas on how to decorate kitchen countertops for fall.

Warm Color Scheme & Earthy Tones

Embrace the earthy palette of fall by incorporating warm neutrals such as beige, taupe, and muted greens into your kitchen decor. 

These warm undertones mimic the colors found in nature; like earth, sand, and natural wood. They evoke a feeling of coziness and comfort, reminiscent of natural elements that bring warmth to our surroundings.

Farmhouse style kitchen with DIY wreath for autumn home decor.

In farmhouse decor, warm neutrals work well because they embody the rustic, down-to-earth essence of rural living creating a sense of tranquility, allowing other textures and materials to take center stage. 

Neutrals provide a versatile backdrop that complements farmhouse inspired elements without overwhelming your space. They allow for a seamless blend of vintage and modern farmhouse pieces, making your decor feel cohesive and timeless.

Simple fall kitchen with natural materials and a warm color scheme.

These neutral, natural rattan trivets are one of my favorite additions to our fall decor this season.

They add warmth to our open shelving with their woven texture and warm brown color. You can shop them here.

Antique Accents

Vintage accents play a key role in farmhouse decor, infusing spaces with a sense of history and charm. 

I love to blend new and antique pieces together to create a warm, cozy aesthetic that I feel makes a big impact. 

On our open shelving (which if you didn’t know by now is my absolute favorite spot to style) I incorporated a few antique items like a transferware soup tureen and a group of my favorite ironstone pitchers. 

Rustic farmhouse wreath in the kitchen made with oak leaves, grapevine wreath, and hot glue.

These items add the perfect amount of old world charm, each imperfection telling a story of generations past. 

When I think of fall, my mind typically wanders to cozy comfort foods. And what is more comforting than a bowl of warm, hearty soup. A soup tureen is a great way to evoke that cozy feeling of fall and memories of shared meals around the dinner table. 

Utilizing antique pieces invites us to imagine the lives they’ve touched and the stories they hold, making a farmhouse kitchen not just a room but a living, breathing testament to the past.


  • Repurpose a vintage soup tureen to store wooden utensils, ladles, or even a collection of recipe cards. Its spacious interior and lidded design keep your kitchen tools organized and easily accessible.
  • Pitchers can be great vessels for cooking utensils like spatulas, whisks, and rolling pins. Their tall and narrow shape allows them to neatly corral these items, preventing clutter on your kitchen surfaces. You can also repurpose them as flower vases, creating a functional, visually appealing display.

Check out this blog post on how you can make a flower arrangement using a soup tureen.

Rustic Fall Wreath

Incorporating a rustic wreath into your fall farmhouse decor is a fun and easy way to celebrate the beauty of autumn. 

I recently shared how to make an easy DIY rustic fall wreath with a grapevine wreath base, oak leaves, ribbon which now lives on the wall above our open kitchen shelf. 

DIY rustic wreath for fall with dried oak leaves, grapevine wreath form, and ribbon.

The wreath adds a touch of seasonal charm to our kitchen and ties our fall farmhouse decor together. Its earthy tones and textured grapevine base, complement the warm neutrals and small green touches in our kitchen. 

So, if you want to get a little creative this season and add your own personal stamp to your rustic fall decor, consider creating your own DIY wreath!

Cozy Kitchen Linens

In my opinion, cozy kitchen linens are the secret sauce to a warm and inviting kitchen.

Not only do they serve as functional items, but they also add a touch of softness and comfort to the heart of the home. 

Cozy kitchen towels made with cotton and linen for a farmhouse kitchen.

I like to use towels in our kitchen made from organic materials like linen or cotton for their durability and timeless beauty of farmhouse living. 

When draped over an oven handle, neatly folded on a kitchen counter, or hung from hanging pegs; these linens not only offer a place to wipe your hands but they add texture to your kitchen’s aesthetic. 

I love the lace and hand embroidered details of the the towels we have hanging in our kitchen. I’m a firm believer that the smallest details make the biggest impact, and these towels are the perfect example of that. 

Fall farmhouse decorating ideas for the autumn season.

You can shop our cream lace tea towel here, the hand embroidered evergreen branch linen towel here, and the taupe lace kitchen towel here

Shop Cozy Kitchen Towels

Cozy kitchen linens come in various forms. These cozy kitchen linens can also add texture and warmth to your space:

  • Dish Cloths: Similar to kitchen towels but smaller in size, dish cloths are ideal for quick cleanups.
  • Pot Holders & Oven Mitts: Thick and insulated, pot holders and oven mitts protect your hands from hot cookware. Look for ones with a farmhouse style pattern like gingham, ticking stripe, or plaid.
  • Aprons: Aprons made from comfortable fabrics like cotton or linen protect your clothes from spills and splatters while cooking. You can also hang or display your apron on a hook in your kitchen to add to that farmhouse feel.
  • Placemats: Placemats add a decorative touch to your dining or kitchen table while protecting it from heat and spills.
  • Table Runners: Table runners, often made from soft fabrics like linen or burlap, will add another layer beauty to your kitchen or dining table. They can be placed over a tablecloth or used alone for a more rustic look.
  • Napkins: Cloth napkins made from natural fibers like cotton or linen bring a touch of organic sophistication to your table setting.
  • Chair Pads: Chair pads made from soft, padded materials provide comfort during meals. They come in various sizes and shapes to fit different types of chairs, adding both coziness to your dining area.

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Nature Inspired Seasonal Elements

Nature inspired decorative elements are the heartbeat of autumn decor. They weave the essence of the outdoors into the very fabric of your home.

Decorate your kitchen with dried leaves, fresh pumpkins, acorns, or pinecones for the harvest season. These elements will infuse your space with an organic warmth that you’ll find both comforting and inviting.

Farmhouse fall kitchen decor ideas with white pumpkins and seasonal greenery.

Mini white pumpkins are one of my favorite natural elements to collect each fall. You can easily find them in any grocery store, typically for less than $1.50 per pumpkin.

I recently used them to make glitter pumpkins, but I also love the simplicity of gathering them in a group of odd numbers and placing them on our kitchen counters.

Use a dough bowl or wooden board to create seasonal vignettes with the small pumpkins.

  • To keep your pumpkins looking their freshest throughout the entire season, make sure to wash them gently before displaying. Use a mixture of mild dish soap and water to clean the surface, removing dirt and bacteria that can cause mold and decay. By giving your pumpkins a little extra love, you can enjoy them throughout all of autumn.

Cozy Lighting

Cozy lighting can transform your kitchen from a functional space into a warm and inviting one that you’ll love being in. 

While ceiling lights and under cabinet lighting provide essential illumination, don’t underestimate the power of a table lamp!

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A strategically placed table lamp on a countertop or kitchen island can create a soft, ambient glow that bathes the space in warm light. 

The soft illumination adds a touch of intimacy making your kitchen feel more like a cozy gathering spot. 

The warm light of a table lamp can enhance the natural textures of wood and stone, creating the perfect balance with your farmhouse decor. 

Table lamp on kitchen counter for cozy farmhouse style.

Cozy lighting not only makes cooking a more pleasant experience but also transforms your kitchen into a place where family and friends naturally gravitate.

The table lamp in our kitchen is the perfect size for our counters and I also love the pleated gingham lampshade that fits in perfectly with our farmhouse kitchen. 

This lamp would also work in a farmhouse kitchen, and this one is super cute too!

Seasonal Greenery

Bring the outdoors in with real or faux seasonal greenery. 

Personally, I love using faux olive leaves in our fall decor. I find olive stems so warm and inviting, and I’m not even sure I can articulate why!

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In the fall, consider arrangements or vases full of eucalyptus, sprigs of dried herbs, or branches of red berries. 

The simple addition of seasonal greenery adds a layer of coziness to the kitchen. Greenery softens the kitchen, creating a seamless blend with the warm neutrals of farmhouse kitchen decor. 

Farmhouse fall kitchen decor ideas with white pumpkins and seasonal greenery.

Its presence is a reminder that natural materials evoke a feeling of tranquility and contentment as you go about your daily kitchen chores.

Here are a few examples of fall greenery that beautifully captures the essence of fall: 

  • Eucalyptus: With its muted green leaves, eucalyptus branches add a touch of whimsical touch to fall arrangements.
  • Olive Branches: They bring a touch of Mediterranean charm and work well in both rustic and modern fall decor.
  • Dried Lavender: Its slender stems and delicate buds create a rustic yet refined look.
  • Bittersweet: Vibrant red, orange berries nestled amidst green foliage are a classic fall choice. They add a splash of rich color and pair beautifully with various greenery types.
  • Magnolia Leaves: Large, glossy magnolia leaves in deep green hues are both timeless and versatile. They can be used individually or as a base for wreaths, garlands, or a seasonal centerpiece.

Display Family Recipes

One of my favorite ways to add heartfelt, personalized decor to our kitchen is by displaying family recipes.

These cherished heirlooms, often written in the handwriting of loved ones, carry the warmth of generations.

Personalized decor in the kitchen with family recipes displayed on the wall.

Consider framing recipes or handwritten recipe cards and hanging them in your kitchen or displaying them on your countertops.

You can also incorporate vintage recipe books or cooking utensils passed down through generations as decorative accents in your kitchen too.

These treasured items not only adds a touch of nostalgia but also fosters a sense of connection to the past.

Recipe box with family recipes on a kitchen counter for functional decor.

Adding meaningful accents to your kitchen is a testament to the traditions that define your family, making it a special and inviting space within your farmhouse inspired home.

Seasonal Scents

In a farmhouse home, creating a cozy atmosphere goes beyond what meets the eye, it involves engaging all the senses especially the sense of smell. 

Seasonal scents play a pivotal role in evoking the essence of fall (or all the different seasons), enveloping your home in a comforting embrace. 

Simmer pot filled with oranges, cinnamon, bay leaves, and pine boughs.

Simply light a seasonal candle or make a simmer pot with all-natural ingredients.

Stovetop potpourri is a great way to infuse the air in your home with the spicy warmth of the season with cinnamon sticks, cloves, and orange peels. 

Here is one of my favorite fall simmer pot recipes.

Apples and cookbook on kitchen countertop for fall farmhouse decor.

But don’t underestimate the aromas of home baked goods coming from the oven! There really is no better smell than a freshly baked apple pie, pumpkin bread, or cornbread muffins wafting through the house. 

These scents, whether from simmer pots, candles, or freshly baked goods bring an undeniable sense of nostalgia, creating an intimate and inviting ambiance. 

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Think Outside the Box

Finally, when it comes to fall farmhouse decor, embracing creativity and outside the box thinking can transform your home into a truly unique and inviting space! 

While pumpkins and warm neutrals are classics, don’t shy away from unconventional ideas. 

Simple fall touches with a neutral warm color scheme and earth tones.

Consider incorporating unexpected elements like vintage farm tools, repurposed wooden crates, vintage plate fridge magnets, or even plaid blankets as table runners. 

Hang a collection of antique keys or autumn themed artwork on the walls for a touch of rustic charm. 

Think beyond traditional wreaths and experiment with dried herb bundles or woven grapevines adorned with seasonal greenery. 

Decorative elements in a simple farmhouse kitchen for the harvest season.

Nature offers a ton of treasures like acorns, pinecones, or even branches that can be turned into beautiful, rustic decorations. 

Don’t limit yourself to what something might be labeled as. A ladder can serve as a creative display for blankets and an old wheelbarrow can even become a unique plant stand. 

By daring to use your imagination, you’ll discover creative ways to infuse your fall farmhouse decor with character, personality, and a touch of your own creativity.

DIY refrigerator decor to add charm & functionality to the kitchen.

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Farmhouse fall kitchen decor ideas with white pumpkins and seasonal greenery.
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