New Studio McGee Target Fall 2024 Collection: My Top Picks

My top picks from the new Studio McGee Target Fall 2024 Collection. Explore patterned throw pillows, furniture, and stylish decor to update your home this autumn.

My top picks from the Studio McGee Target fall 2024 collection.
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Before you think I’ve gone off the deep end sharing fall decor before summer has even officially begun, hear me out.

I actually thought the same thing when I saw there were new Studio McGee pieces launching at Target, clicked on the collection, and then realized it wasn’t new summer pieces, but fall.

At first, I was a bit skeptical, “Hello…fall decor in June?!”

But once I started browsing, I was completely hooked. The collection is cozy and thoughtfully curated that I couldn’t help but start planning my fall decor early.

You’ll find the Studio McGee fall 2024 collection at Target is packed with beautiful, versatile pieces that bring the perfect blend of warmth, texture, and style into your home.

As someone who loves to update our home decor seasonally, I was immediately drawn to the rich, autumnal color scheme and cozy linens in this fall collection.

From comfy throw pillows to moody wall art you can mix & match to create your own gallery wall, every piece is designed to enhance the comfort and aesthetic of your home.

Trust me, once you see these pieces, you’ll be ready to start planning your autumn decorating too!

3 Things I’m Loving About the New Studio McGee Target Fall Collection

While there are many things I love about the new Studio McGee fall collection, there were 3 specific areas that stood out to me in particular: the throw pillows, the lamps & lampshades, and the vintage-inspired artwork.

Let’s take a look at each in more detail so you can see why I’m obsessing over these three things!

Cozy Fall Throw Pillows

It’s no secret I adore Threshold x Studio McGee throw pillows. I’m not even sure if I could count the amount of pillows I have purchased through the years.

So, why do I love them and these new fall ones so much?

  • Versatile: One of the main reasons I’m obsessed with these throw pillows is their incredible versatility. The Studio McGee collection features beautiful designs that can seamlessly blend into any decor style (modern, farmhouse, traditional). This fall, their decorative pillows include a mix of plaid patterns, textured fabrics, and earthy tones.
  • High Quality: Studio McGee throw pillows are made to last. The materials are not only soft and comfortable but durable too. The pillow covers maintain their shape and appearance even after repeated use and washing.
  • Coziness: Throw pillows are one of the easiest ways to add a cozy feel to any room, and the fall collection takes this to the next level. The plush fabrics and warm colors create an inviting atmosphere that’s perfect for curling up with a good book or enjoying a movie night. 
  • Affordable: Studio McGee creates high-end looks at accessible prices. You don’t have to break the bank to refresh your decor with these stylish pieces.

Shop Our Favorite Studio McGee Fall Throw Pillows

Mix & Match Lamps and Lampshades

One of the most exciting aspects of the new Studio McGee collection is the ability to mix & match lamps and lampshades.

Better than ever before, this feature allows you to personalize your lighting so that it fits your personal style and the specific needs of your space. 

Here are some things to consider when mixing and matching lamps & lampshades:


  • Choose the Lamp Base First: Start by selecting a lamp base. Consider the material, height, and silhouette.
  • Select Complementary Shades: Look for lampshades that complement the base. Pay attention to the size and shape of the shade to make sure it provides the right amount of light and fits well with the base.
  • Experiment with Textures & Colors: Don’t be afraid to mix different textures and colors to create a unique lamp and shade combination.
  • Think About Function: Different shades diffuse light in various ways. Consider how much light you need and how the shade will direct it.

Shop Our Favorite Studio McGee Lamps & Lampshades

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Moody Artwork to Create Gallery Walls

I’ve always loved the artwork in the Studio McGee collections at Target. The prints look vintage and you can’t beat the prices (most of the framed art work is under $50).

I noticed the new fall collection has even more art work then previous collections and the pieces are perfect for creating a stylish and cohesive gallery wall which takes a lot of the guesswork out of decorating for you.

Shop Our Favorite Studio McGee Artwork


  • Before you start hanging your artwork, plan your layout. Lay the pieces on the floor and arrange them until you find a layout you love. You can also use painter’s tape to outline the frames on the wall, giving you a visual guide.
  • Combine different sizes of artwork to create visual interest. Larger pieces can serve as focal points, while smaller prints fill in the gaps and add variety. Balance is key, so make sure the arrangement feels cohesive and not too crowded. Using a mix of sizes adds dimension and prevents the wall from looking too uniform.
  • Even if you’re mixing different styles and sizes, having a unifying element can help tie everything together. This could be a consistent color scheme, similar frame styles, or a common theme throughout the artwork. 
  • Think about the space where your gallery wall will be displayed. For example, a gallery wall above a sofa might have a different layout than one in a hallway. Make sure the arrangement fits well with the scale and proportions of the area. Take into account the height of the wall and the furniture around it to ensure the artwork is at eye level and well placed.

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75+ Favorite Finds From the Studio McGee Target Fall 2024 Collection

Are you ready to shop the new fall Studio McGee collection? I know I am!

Simply click the photos below to shop each of our favorite finds. 

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I’d love for you to leave me a comment and let me know which pieces you’re loving and which ones you’ve added to your shopping cart!

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My top picks from the Studio McGee Target fall 2024 collection.
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