How to Make DIY Fridge Magnets With Vintage Plates

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Here’s a step by step tutorial on how to easily add style, personality, and functionality to your kitchen decor with these creative DIY fridge magnets using vintage plates.

DIY fridge magnets with vintage plates for kitchen decor.

For years I’ve been looking for ways to beautify the right side of our fridge that in all honesty, is an exposed eyesore in our otherwise lovely kitchen. It’s been a constant thorn in my side that isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

I’d love to upgrade our refrigerator to one of those sleek white GE Cafe appliances, however Mr. ERH (the constant voice of reason in our house) has assured me that as long as our fridge works and runs efficeintly, a new one is not on the horizon.

While I was sleeping the other night, a solution to this kitchen eyesore appeared to me in a dream. I don’t recall the specifics of that dream, but I awoke with newfound inspiration. I was going to create my own refrigerator magnets using little vintage plates!

It was as if the universe had whispered the answer on how to add style and character to the ugly side of our fridge directly into my subconscious.

If you have a similar fridge dilemma or simply want to infuse your kitchen with a touch of charm and creativity, these vintage plate magnets are the answer.

Add charm and character to your refrigerator with DIY magnets.

In this blog post, I’ll show you how easy it is to make DIY magnets for your refrigerator. Get ready to give your kitchen and your fridge a mini makeover that’s both fun and functional!

Supplies You’ll Need to Make These DIY Magnets

Before we dive into this step by step tutorial, here are the materials you’ll need to gather for this DIY project.

  • Small Vintage Plates: You’ll want to use vintage plates that match the aesthetic of your kitchen. You can find small vintage plates or butter pat dishes in thrift stores, flea markets, online on websites like Etsy, or you can find them in your own kitchen cabinet.
  • Flat Ceramic Magnets With Double Sided Adhesive: Ensure you have enough flat disc magnets to attach to the back of each plate. Larger plates will require the use of more than 1 magnet. You can find these at most craft stores or online.
  • Rubbing Alcohol: You’ll want to clean the backside of the vintage plate where you’ll be attaching the adhesive.
  • Sandpaper (optional): If your plates have uneven surfaces, sandpaper can help smooth out the area where you want to attach the adhesive.


DIY kitchen decor with vintage plates and magnets.

Choosing the Right Vintage Plates to Make Into Fridge Magnets

When it comes to selecting the right vintage plates for your DIY fridge magnets, size does matters.

Smaller plates or butter pats are preferred for this project because they will adhere more securely to your fridge’s surface. These petite plates have less weight and surface area, making them less likely to slide down the fridge or detach from the magnetic surface.

Using smaller plates will also allow you to create a charming collage of magnets on your fridge, giving it a visually appealing look.

So, while you’re on the hunt for vintage plates, don’t underestimate the power of smaller plates or butter pats. They’re not only practical but also open up endless creative possibilities when decorating your refrigerator.

DIY refrigerator decor to add charm & functionality to the kitchen.

Choosing the Right Magnets for this Kitchen DIY

Choosing the right magnets for your DIY fridge magnets is important to ensure both functionality and aesthetics.

Opt for flat ceramic magnets or neodymium magnets, which are strong and capable of securely holding the plates to your fridge.

Make sure the magnets are smaller than the plates, allowing for a neat flush fit. This prevents the magnets from peeking out around the edges of the plates.

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You’ll also want to consider the thickness of the magnets. They should be thin enough not to add unnecessary bulk to your magnets but still provide ample magnetic strength to hold the plates in place.

By selecting the right magnets, you’ll guarantee that your vintage plate fridge magnets are both functional and beautiful.

How to Make DIY Fridge Magnets With Vintage Plates

Prepare the Plates

Begin by cleaning your vintage plates thoroughly.

Use warm soapy water to remove any dust, grime, or residue from years of use. Let them dry completely before moving on to the next step.

Attach the Magnets

Right before attaching the magnets to the plates, rub a small amount of rubbing alcohol to the spot where you’ll be attaching the adhesive and let dry (this helps ensure the adhesive fully sticks to the plate).

How to attach a ceramic magnet to the back of a vintage plate for DIY kitchen decor.

Place one side of the double sided adhesive to one side of the magnet.

Stick the other side of the adhesive to the back of the plate. Press firmly to fully adhere the adhesive to the plate.

Note: Larger plates may require more than one magnet for secure adhesion to your fridge. Due to their increased weight and size, a single magnet might not provide enough strength to hold them in place. To address this, simply attach multiple magnets to the back of the larger plate. Position them evenly across the plate’s surface, ensuring they have good contact with the magnetic surface of your fridge. This approach will distribute the magnetic force evenly and prevent the plate from sliding or sagging.

Display Your DIY Magnets

Display your vintage magnets on the front or side of your refrigerator or any magnetic surface in your kitchen.

Have fun arranging them in a way that complements your kitchen’s style and color scheme!


  • If your plates have a glossy or uneven surface, lightly sand the back to create a rough texture. This will help the adhesive bond more effectively.
  • Larger vintage plates may require more magnets for secure adhesion.
  • Periodically check your vintage plate magnets for any signs of loosening or damage. If needed, reapply adhesive or add more magnets for reinforcement.
  • These DIY fridge magnets are a great gift idea. Consider crafting a few extra to give to friends and family for special occasions. For more homemade gift ideas, click here.

DIY Fridge Magnets for Functional Kitchen Decor

These DIY magnets not only add a personal touch to your kitchen but also serve as functional tools for staying organized and keeping important items within easy reach.

Fall artwork hung on the fridge by vintage plate magnets.

Here’s a list of common items that these magnets can securely grip:

  • Photos: Display your favorite family pictures, vacation snapshots, or art prints.
  • Shopping Lists: Stay organized by keeping your grocery and to-do lists front and center.
  • Recipes: Attach printed or handwritten recipes to your fridge for easy access while cooking.
  • Notes & Messages: Leave sweet notes, love messages, or encouraging words for your family members.
  • Art Prints: Display small art prints or illustrations that you find inspiring or visually appealing. ERH insiders can download and print this fall artwork I created & hung on our fridge. Not an ERH insider? Sign up here.
  • Inspirational Quotes: Display motivational quotes or daily affirmations using vintage plate magnets. These can serve as a source of inspiration and positivity in your daily routine.
  • Travel Keepsakes: Display travel souvenirs, postcards, or mementos from your adventures on your fridge.
  • Holiday Cards: During the holiday season, adorn your fridge with festive greeting cards from friends and family.

FAQs About DIY Magnets

It’s best to use flat ceramic magnets or neodymium magnets. These magnets provide strong adhesion while maintaining a low profile on the back of the plates.

Vintage plate magnets are easy to remove without damaging the fridge’s surface. Gently slide the magnet off the surface rather than pulling it.

Vintage plate magnets are designed to hold lightweight items like notes and photos, they may not be strong enough to support heavier objects like keys or towels.

Other DIY Magnet Ideas

I had so much fun creating magnets out of vintage plates, I’ve been brainstorming other objects to make into magnets.

That’s the beauty of DIY magnets…you can tailor them to your personal style and interests. Use your imagination to create something that is unique and one of a kind to your home.

Here are a few ideas I’ve come up with…stay tuned because you may see more DIY fridge magnets on the blog in the coming months!

  • Wine Cork Magnets: If you’re a wine enthusiast, collect wine corks and transform them into unique magnets.
  • Mini Plant Magnets: Purchase tiny clay or ceramic pots and turn them into mini plant pot magnets. Add a small succulent or cactus, and attach a magnet to the back.
  • Alphabet Magnets: Purchase wooden alphabet letters and attach magnets to the back. You can use these magnets to leave messages, spell out names, or create fun word art on your fridge.
  • Natural Stone Magnets: Collect small, smooth stones from your garden or a nearby beach. Paint or decorate them and add magnets.
Add charm and character to your refrigerator with DIY magnets.

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DIY fridge magnets with vintage plates for kitchen decor.
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