DIY Christmas Shelf Decor Ideas for the Kitchen

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Add holiday spirit to your kitchen with these easy DIY Christmas shelf decor ideas. From simple elegance to greenery and creative use of everyday items, discover the magic of holiday decorating in the kitchen.

DIY Christmas shelf decor ideas in the kitchen.
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You guys know the open shelf in our kitchen is my absolute favorite spot to style in our entire home, so of course it was the first place I decorated for Christmas! 

The first floor of our home is completely open so I love how this decorated kitchen shelf can set the tone for our downstairs. 

Last year, I filled our open kitchen shelf full of Christmas decorations and I even created a fun hot cocoa bar here. However, this year I wanted to go a simpler, more refined route when it came to the decor in the kitchen and basically throughout our entire home. 

So, I thought I would share some of the easiest ways to add the best Christmas decorations to your kitchen shelves (or kitchen for that matter if you don’t have open kitchen shelving) along with a few tips and tricks. 

From simple embellishments to the creative use of everyday kitchen items, I’ll show you how you can easily add holiday spirit to the kitchen shelves in your own home too.

Gorgeous Christmas decorations in the kitchen with greenery.

DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas

Before I delve into the specifics of our Christmas kitchen shelf decor, let me share my decorating philosophy for this holiday season, giving you a sneak peek into what you’ll be seeing from me all season long.

This Christmas, I’m embracing the concept of natural simplicity, a philosophy that aligns with my decor theme for all of 2023.

Natural simplicity is more than a philosophy or a trend, it’s a lifestyle. It’s about infusing our homes with the authentic beauty of the season, with a touch of organic elegance.

Add Christmas cheer to your cooking space with these holiday ideas.

This philosophy encourages the appreciation of elements like fresh greenery, earthy textures, and a color palette inspired by the great outdoors. 

Let’s take a look at how a natural and simple approach can transform the heart of the home into a holiday haven.

Don’t Decorate Using a Theme, Instead Choose a Color Palette

I know the idea of decorating around a certain theme seems easy, but themes can be limiting, often pushing you towards a predetermined set of decorations. 

I’ve found steering clear of a specific theme allows for more creative freedom. 

Instead of sticking to a theme, try choosing a color palette of two to three colors. 

Christmas kitchen decor with a mini tree, garland, and natural elements.

Choosing a color palette over a specific theme opens the door to creativity and flexibility, allowing you to mix and match elements that resonate with your own personal style. 

This year, I’ve opted for a color palette of three colors; timeless greens, warm browns, and festive, sparkly golds. 

These hues helped to guide the aesthetic of my Christmas kitchen shelf decor, creating a visually appealing space that reflects the natural simplicity I’m aiming for this holiday season. 

Note: When choosing colors for your Christmas decor, keep it simple! Stick to 2-3 main colors to create a cohesive and beautiful look. This approach not only makes decorating easier but also ensures a classy and festive feel without overdoing it.

Add a rustic touch to your kitchen this holiday season with baskets & greenery.

Here are some Christmas color palette ideas to inspire your holiday decor:

  • Red, Green, and Gold: Bright red, classic green, and elegant gold create a timeless, festive look.
  • White & Silver: A clean and sophisticated palette of white and silver lends a winter wonderland feel.
  • Navy Blue & Gold: Opt for a rich and regal color scheme by pairing deep navy blue with luxurious gold accents.
  • Forest Green & Burgundy: Embrace a cozy and traditional feel with deep forest green and rich burgundy.
  • Rustic Neutrals: Earthy tones like warm browns, muted greens, and natural textures offer a rustic touch and cozy Christmas palette that complements a farmhouse or cottage aesthetic.

Keep Your Christmas Kitchen Decor Simple, Less Can Be More

Reflecting on last Christmas, I found myself caught up in the excitement of decking out every square inch of my kitchen shelf with an abundance of decorations.

However, as I approach this Christmas season, I’ve come to embrace the power of simplicity.

Holiday decorations in a farmhouse kitchen with faux greenery.

This year, I’m taking a different approach, acknowledging that sometimes less truly is more.

I’ve learned that not every single open space needs to be filled with holiday decor.

By allowing some breathing room and focusing on strategically placed elements on our kitchen shelf like the evergreen garland, candles, and pitcher; I’m discovering that the resulting look is not only more refined but also allows each decoration to contribute to the overall cozy, festive feel of the kitchen.

  • When it comes to shelf decorating, group objects in odd numbers. Odd numbered groupings, like threes or fives, add a sense of balance and asymmetry that is naturally pleasing to the eye. This technique creates a dynamic and interesting display. So, when styling your shelves this Christmas, remember that an odd numbered arrangement is the secret ingredient for a captivating and well balanced display.

Bring Nature In With Real or Faux Greenery

One common denominator you’re going to see throughout our home this season is the use of both real and faux greenery.

There is something so timeless and beautiful about greenery in Christmas decor, that adding a faux hemlock garland to our kitchen shelf was a no brainer.

Farmhouse country kitchen Christmas decor for the festive holiday season.

The lifelike appearance of this faux garland not only adds a touch of natural elegance to the shelf but also ensures longevity and easy maintenance all season long.

You might notice the garland is hung with one end hanging a little lower than the other. That wasn’t an oversight, it was done on purpose!

I wanted the garland to look organic and flowing, so by hanging the garland asymmetrically I was able to create that look, while adding a playful touch to the overall display.

Note: Remember to embrace subtle variations! It helps to bring a sense of authenticity and uniqueness to your decor that you won’t see in someone else’s home.

Faux greenery placed on an open kitchen shelf for the holidays.

Because I’m going for a simple, natural look I did not add any embellishments to our faux garland.

However, if you wanted to enhance your garland with a little more texture and color here are a few creative ways to do that. 

Enhance Your Greenery With These Ideas

  • Pinecones: Add in small and medium sized pine cones throughout the garland.
  • Berries: Incorporate artificial or dried berries in shades of red or white to add festive pops of color.
  • Cinnamon Sticks: Tie bundles of cinnamon sticks with twine and tuck them into the garland for a fragrant and cozy aroma.
  • Dried Orange Garland: Create a dried orange garland by thinly slicing oranges and drying them in the oven. String the dried slices together with jute twine and weave the garland into your evergreen garland.
  • Ribbon: Introduce texture and color by weaving in ribbons that complement your color palette.
  • Mini Bells or Ornaments: Attach small jingle bells or small ornaments to the garland for a whimsical touch. 
  • Mini Christmas Lights: Weave battery operated miniature LED lights into the garland to add a warm and twinkling glow.
  • Christmas Cards: Sprinkle Christmas cards throughout the garland for your own personalized Christmas decorations.

For the final touch of greenery here, I placed this faux mini tree in a basket with a gingham bow on the countertop to add a little pop of nature and texture. 

Mini tree on kitchen counter with a gingham bow for a festive touch.

The gingham bow helps to create cohesion with the rest of our Christmas decor since I also used that ribbon in our Christmas tree decorations in the living room. 


Use Everyday Items in Your Christmas Kitchen Decor

One of my favorite approaches this year to our Christmas kitchen decor, and a budget-friendly option, is incorporating everyday items. 

Why keep something stored away in a cabinet when it can be used as one of a kind Christmas decor?!

You can easily elevate the ordinary to extraordinary by repurposing items like vintage china, ironstone pitchers, woven baskets, and festive kitchen dish towels. 

A woven basket for kitchen wall decor and a pitcher filled with wooden spoons.

These everyday items, when strategically placed on your kitchen shelves, seamlessly blends functionality with festive flair. 

A collection of well loved pieces not only adds sentimentality to your holiday decor but also effortlessly ties in with the heart of your home, the kitchen. 

Great Ideas of Everyday Christmas Kitchen Decor

  • Mugs: Display festive mugs featuring holiday motifs or colors.
  • Plates: Use holiday themed plates in various sizes as part of your decor. Stack them or hang them on the wall for a touch of Christmas.
  • Pitchers: Repurpose pitchers for holding seasonal blooms, tree branches, or maybe just a collection of wooden kitchen tools. 
  • Cutting Boards: Lean cutting boards against the backsplash or hang them on the wall. They can serve as a backdrop for other festive decor items.
  • Dough Bowl: Fill a dough bowl with colorful Christmas ornaments, cookie cutters, pine cones, or seasonal fruit. It’s a simple yet effective way to add a pop of holiday color.
  • Tea Towels: Hang Christmas tea towels from hooks or drape them over oven handles for a functional and decorative touch.
  • Baskets: Incorporate woven baskets to add texture and warmth to your decor.
  • Aprons: Hang holiday aprons on hooks or the back of chairs to bring a touch of Christmas to the kitchen.
Christmas tea towels for everyday Christmas decor in the kitchen.

When decorating with everyday kitchen items, the result is a personalized Christmas display that celebrates both the season and the cherished items that make your kitchen a warm and inviting space.

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Add a Little Cozy Ambiance

Infuse your kitchen shelves with cozy ambiance by incorporating the soft glow of candles or twinkling string lights into your Christmas decor. 

I opted to add a trio of these LED taper candlesticks in gold candle holders to our kitchen shelf. 

Taper candles weaved into a faux evergreen garland for Christmas decor.

But, you could also add battery operated Christmas lights to bring a cozy and intimate feel to your cooking space. 

Strategically placing candles within your evergreen garland or weaving twinkling lights throughout adds a magical touch, transforming your kitchen shelves into a festive display that radiates both warmth and Christmas cheer.

Have Fun & Decorate Your Home With Love

Finally, remember that the most important part of decorating your kitchen shelves is infusing them with your Christmas style. 

DIY Christmas shelf decor ideas in the kitchen.

While I hope these ideas and tips provide you inspiration, ultimately you should decorate your home in whatever way makes you happy. 

Let your heart guide the way whether it’s a nostalgic ornament, a cherished family heirloom, or a whimsical touch that speaks to your unique style.

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Your kitchen shelves are a canvas for your holiday spirit, so don’t hesitate to mix and match elements that resonate with your personal taste. 

In the end, beautiful Christmas decor is found in the joy it brings you, creating a space that reflects the warmth and happiness of the season.

Key Points to Remember When Decorating Kitchen Shelves for Christmas

  • Decorate Using a Color Palette, Not a Theme
  • Keep Christmas Kitchen Decor Simple, Less is More
  • Bring Nature in With Greenery
  • Use Everyday Items as Christmas Decor
  • Add Cozy Ambiance
  • Have Fun & Decorate With Love

Merry Christmas and happy kitchen decorating!

Natural elements in cozy Holiday decor in a country farmhouse kitchen.

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DIY Christmas shelf decor ideas in the kitchen.
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  2. It’s so much fun to see how you style your open shelving throughout the year. Your motto, start from scratch, seems to work. It’s tough for me to remove everything because it takes longer. But the results are so much better as it gives you the freedom to create just the right vignette. Plus your creativity shines through. Thanks for all of your ideas and Happy Holidays!

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