Easy DIY Christmas Chair Decorations With Wreaths

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Add festive holiday cheer to your kitchen counter stools with these DIY Christmas chair decorations using small wreaths and Christmas ribbon. It’s a simple and elegant way to bring the Christmas spirit into your home, without the fuss of floral wire or command hooks.

Simple Christmas decoration in the kitchen with small wreaths and ribbon.
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Last year was the first time I added small wreaths to the backs of our kitchen counter stools, and I loved it!

I’m not sure why I had never done it before, but I knew it was something I was going to continue doing each and every holiday.

With the simple addition of a wreath and ribbon, these chair decorations instantly made a big impact in our kitchen and and made it feel so warm & cozy. Essential feelings (in my humble opinion) especially during the Christmas season!

A couple of weeks ago I shared a reel on social media of our Christmas chair wreaths. I received lots of questions on the wreaths I used, how I secured them to the back of each chair, and if the wreaths bothered the person sitting in the chair.

So for this blog post, I’m sharing everything you need to know when it comes to this simple Christmas decoration in the kitchen.

You’ll find this easy little decoration is super simple with no floral wire or command hooks needed, just small evergreen wreaths and Christmas ribbon.

Christmas decoration ideas on the kitchen with small wreaths & ribbon.

Choosing the Perfect Christmas Wreath for Your Chair Decorations

The first step when it comes to adding a holiday touch to your kitchen chairs is selecting the perfect faux evergreen wreath.

You’ll want to find a wreath that is the right size for you chairs. I’ve found that a wreath around 10″ in diameter is typically the perfect size for a chair. It’s not too small and not too big. 

When selecting a faux evergreen wreath, I like to opt for simplicity and timelessness.

I recommend using basic evergreen wreaths without embellishments to achieve a classic look. Unadorned wreaths have a timeless charm that complements any holiday decor this year and beyond.

Wooden kitchen chairs with farmhouse country Christmas decorations.

The beauty of an evergreen wreath is its understated elegant look, allowing you to customize it with the ribbon you love.  

Why You’ll Love Faux Evergreen Wreaths for This DIY

While you can use fresh greenery for these DIY Christmas wreaths, here’s a couple of reasons why I love to use faux. 

  • Convenience: Consider the benefits of using faux wreaths for this DIY project. They offer durability, reusability, and a low-maintenance approach to seasonal decor.
  • Eco-Friendly: Choosing faux wreaths contributes to sustainability, providing an eco-friendly and budget-friendly way to reduce the need for frequent replacements.
  • Worry Free Decorating: Faux evergreen wreaths eliminate the worries of greenery wilting or drying out during the holiday season.

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Finding the Right Christmas Ribbon for Your Christmas Chairs

Selecting the perfect ribbon is an important step in adding a festive touch to your DIY Christmas chair decorations. 

The choice of ribbon can dramatically influence the overall aesthetic, allowing you to tailor the look to match your personal style and existing holiday decor. 

I’ve used this Noel ribbon in our holiday decorations for years and so using it to secure the wreaths to the chair was a no-brainer for me.

It’s a ribbon that’s classic, elegant, and timeless but feel free to use the ribbon you love and that will match your holiday decor.

You’ll want to consider the width and material of the ribbon, ensuring it complements the size of your evergreen wreaths.

For instance, a really wide ribbon will look silly and out of place on a small wreath.

DIY Christmas decorations to add the holiday spirit to the kitchen.

Note: Steer clear of wired ribbon. While wired ribbon may offer added structure for intricate bows, it can prove a bit unruly when working with smaller evergreen wreaths. Opting for non-wired ribbon provides a softer, more natural drape around the wreaths, ensuring an elegant finish without the hassle of wire. The pliability of non-wired ribbon allows for easy adjustment and a relaxed, organic appearance, contributing to the overall charm of your festive chairs.  

Whether you prefer a simple bow or a more elaborate knot, the right ribbon serves as the finishing touch that brings your DIY Christmas decorations to life. 

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Supplies You’ll Need for Christmas Chair Decorations

  • Small Evergreen Wreaths: The focal point of your chair decorations.
  • Ribbon: Choose a ribbon that complements your holiday color palette.
  • Scissors: For cutting the ribbon to the desired length.


Kitchen Chair Decorations Step-by-Step Guide

With just small evergreen wreaths and ribbon, you can effortlessly transform your kitchen counter stools into festive focal points.

This DIY Christmas chair decoration proves that holiday decor can be simple, elegant, and stress free.

Festive evergreen wreaths on kitchen counter stools for holiday decor.

Decide on Your Ribbon and Wreaths

Choose a ribbon that matches your holiday decor and pair it with small evergreen wreaths.

Cut Ribbon to Desired Length

Using scissors, cut pieces of ribbon to your preferred length.

I cut our ribbon into four 60″ lengths so I could make a floppy bow with long tails. 

Just make sure the ribbon is long enough to tie around the top of each wreath and chair with some excess for hanging.

Pull Ribbon Through Wreath

Take one piece of ribbon and pull it through the top, center of the wreath making sure the end of the ribbon is even on both sides.

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Loop Ribbon Over the Back of the Chair & Knot

Simply loop the ribbon over the top of the chair.

Tie the ribbon in a knot at your desired height to keep the wreath securely in place.

Christmas kitchen decorations on chairs without floral wire or command hooks.

Then, tie the ribbon in a bow and allow the evergreen wreath to hang freely.

Repeat for Each Chair

Repeat the process on the back of each chair, ensuring the ribbon lengths are consistent for a cohesive look. 

DIY Christmas wreaths on the back of kitchen counter chairs.

Finishing the Ribbon

One step I think most people neglect to do, is to finish the ends of the ribbon.

Fold the bottom of each ribbon tail in half lengthwise, and cut an upside down “V”.

Noel Christmas ribbon to hang wreaths on the back of chairs in the kitchen.

This gives a finished, polished look to the ribbon that most people don’t do.

Finally, adjust the bows on the wreaths as needed to achieve a visually pleasing decoration.


  • When tying the ribbon around the evergreen wreaths, ensure your knots are secure to prevent slipping. This will keep the ribbon and wreath in place for a polished look.
  • To maintain a cohesive appearance across the back of your chairs, measure the ribbon for each wreath consistently. 
  • Don’t be afraid to mix and match ribbon styles for a more eclectic look.
  • Before finalizing the ribbon lengths, do a test hang to ensure the evergreen wreaths are at the desired height on the back of your kitchen counter stools.
  • Add a rustic feel to each chair decoration by attaching small ornaments, pine cones, bright berries, dried orange slices, or even personalized tags. 
  • Consider adding battery-powered twinkle lights to the evergreen wreaths. The soft glow of Christmas lights will create a magical ambiance.
  • Don’t forget that the charm of DIY Christmas projects lies in their handmade nature and festive spirit!

Can the person sitting in the chair feel the wreath?

This was a question I received on social media and the answer is, no.

Back of chair with Christmas wreath hanging from white ribbon.

The backs of our chairs are open but if you’re sitting on our kitchen counter stools the wreath does not touch your back making them suitable decorations for the kitchen.

Trust me, if my family hasn’t said anything about this, you should be good too!

Hey friend! What can I help you find?

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What if I can’t hang wreaths on the back of my chairs like yours?

If you’re unable to hang wreaths directly on the back of a chair with ribbon, floral wire or Command hooks are another great way to hang them.

Wooden chairs decorated for Christmas in a farmhouse country kitchen.

Here’s how you can adapt this DIY:

Using Floral Wire:

  1. Wrap the Wreath: Securely wrap floral wire around the top of each evergreen wreath. Make sure it’s tight enough to hold the wreath in place.
  2. Attach to Chair Back: Use the ends of the floral wire to attach the wreath to the chair back. Wrap it around the chair’s structure, securing the wreath in the desired position.
  3. Adjust for Stability: Check the stability of the wreath and make any necessary adjustments to ensure it’s securely fastened without wobbling.

Using Command Hooks:

  1. Select Appropriate Hooks: Choose appropriately sized Command hooks based on the material and structure of your chairs. The hooks should adhere well to the chair surface.
  2. Attach Hooks: Follow the instructions on the Command packaging to attach them securely to the chair backs. Make sure to press firmly for a strong bond.
  3. Hang the Wreath: With the hooks in place, hang the evergreen wreaths on the hooks. Adjust the position to achieve the desired height and spacing.

Some Things to Consider…

  • Chair Material: Ensure that the method you choose is suitable for the material of your chairs. Command hooks work well on smooth surfaces, while floral wire is versatile for various chair textures.
  • Temporary: Keep in mind that Command hooks are designed for temporary use and are easily removable without damaging surfaces. Floral wire may leave slight indentations but is generally less permanent than screws or nails.
Evergreen wreath Christmas decor for the holiday season in the kitchen.

There’s no strict rule, just remember that consistency is key.

Test the hanging lengths before finalizing to ensure the wreaths are at the right height on the chair backs.

Christmas decoration ideas on the kitchen with small wreaths & ribbon.

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Simple Christmas decoration in the kitchen with small wreaths and ribbon.
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