How to Make a Homemade DIY Candle in an Old Tea Tin

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Follow this easy tutorial on how to make a homemade DIY candle using a tea tin. Discover the joy of repurposing while creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home or use as personalized gifts for your loved ones.

An awesome tutorial on how to make a homemade candle inside of a tea tin.
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Tins, boxes, and bags of tea are something I always have in our house.

I’ve been a tea drinker since first sipping on homemade sun tea during the hot months of summer as a child. There is something so comforting to me about the bitter, refreshing taste of tea.

My love of tea (hot or iced) has carried into adulthood, offering comfort during cold winter nights and a refreshing escape on warm afternoons.

However, as much as I love my tea collection, I’ve recently found a new way to appreciate the tea containers in my cupboard by transforming them into charming homemade candles.

Join me as I show you how to easily turn ordinary tea tins into vessels of warmth, light, and coziness.

Let’s dive into the steps of making your own DIY candle, transforming the tea tins that most of us probably have in our homes, into sources of comfort or perfect gifts for family & friends.

Homemade candles in tea tins for cozy home decor.

What you’ll love about this diy:

  • REPURPOSED DECOR – One of the best aspects of this DIY is the opportunity to repurpose tea tins that might have otherwise gone in the recycling bin. Giving new life to these tins will add charm to your home decor. 
  • EASY TO MAKE – The simplicity of this easy project means you don’t need to be a seasoned crafter to create a beautiful candle. Whether you’re trying your hand at candle making for the first time or looking for a relaxing weekend project, crafting tea tin candles is enjoyable and straightforward.
  • PERSONALIZATION – You have the freedom to choose the tea tin design and your favorite candle scent which means you can create a candle that reflects your personal style and preferences.

How to Make a DIY Candle in a Tea Tin

Crafting your own homemade candle in a tea tin is a rewarding and fun project, and gathering the right supplies is the first step towards creating a personalized masterpiece. 

Cozy DIY candle in tea tin to add coziness to your home decor.

Supplies You’ll Need to Make a Homemade Tea Tin Candle

Keep in mind that the size of the tea tin you decide to use will influence the amount of wax you’ll need.

I used a 2.8 ounce tea tin which needed about 3 16-ounce bags of candle wax to fill the tin (there was a little leftover to fill a smaller tin).

The supplies you’ll need…

  • Empty Tea Tin: A versatile and decorative vessel for your homemade candle. Choose a tin that complements your personal style and the color scheme of your home.
  • Candle Wick: Responsible for the cozy flame it’s the essential core of your candle.
  • Candle Wax: The main ingredient for your candle. I used these scented 100% natural soy wax melts, which I loved because I didn’t have to add any fragrance to the wax. Easy peasy!
  • Microwave Safe Bowl: The vessel for melting your wax safely.
  • Hot Glue or Candle Wick Sticker: Used to secure the wick in place at the bottom of the tin giving you extra stability during the pouring and setting process.
  • Wick Holder: Keeps the wick centered and upright while pouring and setting the wax. Ensures a straight and even burn throughout the life of the candle.
  • Wick Trimmer: Trims the wick to the desired length after the candle has set. Ensures a clean and efficient burn with each use.


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Step by Step Guide on How to Make a DIY Candle in a Tea Tin

Here’s the tutorial on how to transform a humble tea tin into a charming homemade candle. Each step of this project is easy and enjoyable.

Get ready to light up your space with the warm glow of your own DIY candle!

Step 1: Choose Your Tea Tin

Start by selecting an empty tea tin that speaks to you.

Whether it’s a thrift store find or a tin adorned with intricate patterns, the possibilities are endless. 

The tea tin will not only serve as a vessel but will also add a personal touch to your homemade creation.

Step 2: Melting the Wax

Place soy wax melts into a microwavable bowl. I used a Pyrex measuring cup so that I could easily pour the melted wax into the tea tin.

Microwave the soy wax for 1 minute then stir.

Microwave for another minute, stir, and then microwave the wax in 30 second increments until it is completely melted and in liquid form.

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Place the melted wax off to the side and allow to cool slightly. Wax will become slightly cloudy as it cools.

Step 3: Place the Candle Wick Inside the Tea Tin

With a glue gun add a small dab of hot glue to the bottom of the candle wick (the metal part) or I used a double sided sticker that came with the candle wicks to secure the wick to the bottom of the tin.

Handy tip!

Here’s an easy way to secure the wick to the bottom of a deeper tea tin. Grab the cover of a meat thermometer, slide the wick through the cover, press the cover with the wick inside down to the tin’s base, and then simply slide the cover off. This technique not only ensures a centered and secure wick placement but also makes the process so much smoother.

Step 4: Pour the Wax

Carefully pour the melted wax into the tea tin, ensuring the wick stays centered. Use a wick holder or popsicle stick to keep the wick in place as the wax cools and solidifies.

DIY candle using an old tea tin and wax melts for cozy home decor.

Step 5: Allow the Candle to Set & Trim the Wick

Allow your candle to set and fully solidify for about 24 hours, then trim the wick to your desired length using a wick trimmer.

Get ready to enjoy the cozy glow of your homemade candle!


  • Use hot glue or a candle sticker to secure the wick to the bottom of the tea tin. This prevents the wick from moving during the pouring and setting process.
  • Keep the wick centered during the pouring and cooling process by using a wick holder or by simply placing chopsticks across the top of the tin.
  • Allow the candle to cool gradually to prevent cracks in the wax. Avoid placing it in a drafty or overly cool area during the setting process.
  • Once the wax has set but is still slightly soft, you can add decorative natural elements like dried flowers or herbs to the surface of your DIY candle for a rustic look.
  • Trim the wick to about 1/4 inch above the surface of the candle using a wick trimmer after the wax has fully solidified. This helps ensure a clean and efficient burn.
Learn how to make a candle inside of a tea tin with soy wax melts and an empty tea tin.

How much wax will I need to fill a tea tin to make a candle?

The amount of wax you will need will depend on the size of your tea tin.

A general rule of thumb is to calculate the volume of the tin and then use approximately 1 ounce of wax per cubic inch.

Can I use any tea tin when I’m making homemade candles?

Yes, you can use any size or shape tea tins for candle making.

Just make sure that they are clean and dry.

Vintage, modern, or decorative tins can all be used for this DIY.

Hey friend! What can I help you find?

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What type of wax is best for DIY tea tin candles?

Soy wax and paraffin wax are commonly used for tea tin candles.

Each has its own characteristics, with soy being eco-friendly and paraffin offering a longer burn time.

DIY project for cozy home decor using soy wax and empty tea tins.

What can I do with the tea tin once the candle has burned out?

Once your tea tin DIY candle has burned out, don’t throw the tin away!

You can repurpose the tea tin in other creative and practical ways.

Here are some ideas:

  • Storage Container: Clean the tea tin thoroughly, remove any leftover wax residue, and use it as a storage container. It’s perfect for holding small items like office supplies or trinkets.
  • Plant Pot: Drill a few drainage holes in the bottom, add some soil, and transform your tea tin into a unique plant pot.
  • Desk Organizer: Store pens, pencils, paperclips, or other office supplies in tea tins for easy access on your desk.
  • Bathroom Storage: Use the tea tin to organize and store small items in your bathroom, such as cotton balls, Q-tips, or hair accessories.
  • Gift Container: Get creative with gift-giving by using the tea tin as unique packaging for homemade cookies or candies.
  • Mini First Aid Kit: Create a compact first aid kit by storing bandages, antiseptic wipes, and other small medical supplies in the tea tin. It’s portable and convenient too!
  • Craft Supplies Organizer: Corral small craft supplies like buttons, beads, or thread in the tea tin. It not only keeps things organized but also adds a decorative element to your crafting space.
Easy homemade project to add cozy fragrance to your home.

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An awesome tutorial on how to make a homemade candle inside of a tea tin.
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