Cozy Things to do to Embrace a Lazy Weekend at Home

Treat yourself to a little R&R with this guide to a lazy weekend at home. You’ll find cozy things to do by embracing comfort, self-care, and simple pleasures. Savor the joy of relaxation with these tips for the perfect weekend in the comfort of your home.

Cozy weekend at home on the couch with our dog Eleanor.
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I’m going to let you in on a little secret about me. My favorite weekends (and Eleanor’s too) are the ones when we don’t have plans.

There is nowhere to be, no schedules to stick to, and the only agenda is to welcome a weekend of doing absolutely nothing (we don’t want to do).

In a world that’s constantly on the go, there’s a certain charm in surrendering to the tranquility of a lazy weekend spent at home. It’s an escape from the busyness of life and an opportunity to enjoy simple moments.

Now, when you think of the term “lazy”, it might conjure images of being unproductive, but I think it’s time we redefine it.

A lazy weekend is not about doing nothing. Instead, it’s about embracing coziness, relaxation, and self-care.

So, kick off those shoes, slip into your favorite comfy clothes, and let’s explore cozy things to do to enjoy a lazy weekend at home.

What is a lazy weekend?

If a lazy weekend is not about laying in bed all day or doing nothing, than what it is it?

Basically a lazy weekend is a break from your usual routine. It’s a conscious choice to unwind and relax free from work, chores, or obligations.

Eleanor spending a cozy weekend at home under the covers.

It’s a time when you can prioritize relaxation, self-care, and activities that bring you comfort & joy without the pressure of being productive.

Lazy days or weekends will look different for each of us based on personal preferences. They might involve lounging in pajamas, reading a book, watching movies or TV shows, taking a stroll through the woods, or simply enjoying a cozy afternoon nap.

The true meaning of a lazy day lies in the freedom to do as little or as much as you want, without the constraints of a busy schedule.

Give Yourself Permission to Enjoy a Lazy Weekend at Home

Feelings of guilt and self judgement are the hardest part (for me anyways) about enjoying a lazy weekend in a world that glorifies productivity and the constant hustle.

But here’s the secret to a guilt free lazy weekend …giving yourself permission.

Understand that rest is not only a luxury, but a necessity for your physical and mental well-being. Release thoughts of unfinished tasks or looming deadlines, and remind yourself that taking a break is not a sign of laziness, but an essential part of maintaining balance.

Spending a relaxing weekend on the couch with a magazine.

Prioritize self-care activities that bring you joy, which I’ll share a few ideas for you in a moment. But by consciously granting yourself permission to enjoy leisure, you’re investing in your overall health and creating a positive relationship with downtime.

Remember, the world will keep turning even if you take a day or a weekend to slow down.

20+ Cozy Things to do at Home on a Lazy Weekend

Now that you’ve given yourself permission to embrace a lazy weekend at home, what should you do?

Here are a few simple, cozy ideas to help you make the most of your leisurely time at home.

Bake a Batch of Muffins

There’s something undeniably therapeutic about the aroma of freshly baked goods.

The act of baking not only brings comfort, but the reward is a delicious treat that you can snack on throughout your lazy weekend.

Muffins are the ultimate handheld comfort food and are easy to whip up from scratch or from a box mix if you want a little help from the store. Choose your favorite muffin flavor to enjoy, whether it’s a classic blueberry or a bakery style chocolate chip.

Homemade bakery style chocolate chip muffins for cozy comfort food.

Enjoy Breakfast in Bed

Start your lazy weekend by treating yourself to breakfast in bed.

Whip up some French toast, grab a few freshly baked muffins, pour a steaming cup of coffee (or tea), and savor the simple joy of a relaxing meal without the weekday rush.

Lazy weekend at home in cozy pajamas with breakfast in bed.

Spend the Day in Cozy Pajamas

Embrace the liberating feeling of spending the entire day in your coziest pajamas.

There’s something wonderfully comforting about letting go of formal clothes and surrendering to the softness of loungewear.

It’s a small yet significant act of self-care that sets the tone for a weekend dedicated to comfort.

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Make a Linen Spray

Unleash your creativity to create a personalized linen spray.

You can experiment with scents that you love like lavender, eucalyptus, citrus, or a soothing blend of essential oils.

Spritz sheets and bedding with a lavender linen spray to create a cozy atmosphere.

Spritz the spray on your pillows, bed linens, or throughout your home for an instant burst of freshness and to enhance relaxation and comfort.

Use the Slow Cooker to Make Apple Butter & Give Jars Away to Loved Ones

Turn your lazy weekend into an opportunity to make a sweet treat not only for your but for loved ones as well by making your own slow cooker apple butter.

Gather applesauce, sugar, & spices and let the slow cooker work its magic to create the ultimate cozy spread.

The best apple butter spread made in small batches.

But here’s the best part, you can share the love!

Give away homemade jars of apple butter to friends and family. It’s a meaningful way to spread coziness to those you care about the most.

Have a Movie Marathon

Turn your lazy weekend at home into the ultimate movie marathon!

Grab your coziest blankets, pop some popcorn, and settle in for a day of watching your favorite movies.

Game day popcorn snack recipe with dill pickle seasoning.

No matter what your favorite movies or tv series are, a movie marathon is the perfect way to relax and unwind.

Here are a few of our favorite movies to enjoy during a lazy weekend:

  • Harry Potter
  • Lord of the Rings
  • The Shawshank Redemption
  • Forrest Gump
  • The Matrix
  • Star Wars
  • Apollo 13
  • While You Were Sleeping
  • The Fugitive
  • Fried Green Tomatoes
  • Field of Dreams

Do you have a favorite movie or movies that you love and can watch over, and over again?

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Play Board Games

Dust off those board games tucked away in the closet and rediscover the joy of some old fashioned entertainment.

Strategic board games like Monopoly, chess, checkers, or Scrabble are a great way to give yourself a break from the phone, tablet, or television.

Enjoy a relaxing weekend with a friendly game of chess to relax and unwind.

Grab family members to play with you for a little friendly competition and laughter during your laid back weekend.

Take a Walk Outside

A lazy weekend at home doesn’t mean it has to be spent indoors.

Embrace nature by taking a leisurely walk through your backyard, on a nature trail, park, or even on a bustling city street. The simple act of putting one foot in front of the other can be transformative for the body and mind.

Taking a walk outside is more than just physical exercise; it’s an opportunity to clear your mind, gain perspective, and connect with the world around you.

Create a Simple Flower Arrangement

You don’t have to be an expert horticulturist to put together a beautiful arrangement of flowers for your home.

Pick fresh flowers to create a floral arrangement for a relaxing weekend at home.

Select a variety of flowers, whether from your own garden or your local grocery store, and let your creativity blossom.

Experiment with different colors, textures, and heights as you arrange the flowers in a vase, mason jar, or a decorative vessel.

Creating your own flower centerpiece is an easy way to add a fresh, natural element to your lazy weekend at home.

Create a simple hydrangea centerpiece for easy home decor any time of the year.

Make Your Own Homemade Vanilla Extract

Making your own homemade vanilla extract is surprisingly easy and adds delicious flavor to your favorite recipes.

I like to make enough to gift to friends and families throughout the year and for the holidays.

Vanilla extract made at home with liquor and vanilla beans.

You’ll notice the smell and taste of homemade extract is better than anything you can buy in the store.

So, the next time you’re baking cookies, cakes, muffins, or even a simple batch of pancakes, use your homemade vanilla extract. It’s delicious!

Craft a Wreath With Fresh Rosemary

This fragrant herb will not only add a touch of greenery to your home but will fill it with a delightful scent.

Begin by gathering a grapevine wreath and fresh rosemary sprigs. Using floral wire, secure the rosemary to the wreath, layering the sprigs in a circular pattern until the wreath is full.

DIY Rosemary wreath with fresh herbs from the garden.

Once complete, hang your rosemary wreath in the kitchen to welcome guests with its rustic charm.

Put a Simmer Pot on the Stove

Create cozy ambiance in your home with a simmer pot on the stove.

Simmer pots are a simple and natural way to infuse your home with inviting scents.

Start by filling a pot with water and adding a combination of aromatic ingredients. You can experiment with citrus slices, cinnamon sticks, cloves, and fragrant herbs like rosemary or thyme.

Lemon, rosemary, & chamomile in a stovetop potpourri.

As the pot gently simmers, the ingredients release their wonderful aromas.

It’s a perfect activity for a lazy weekend, adding a touch of comfort and warmth to your home.

A few of my favorite simmer pot recipes…

Write & Send Snail Mail

Rediscover the charm of handwritten notes by dedicating some time on your lazy weekend to write snail mail.

In a time when we’re dominated by instant messaging, taking the slower route of sending a handwritten letter or a thoughtful card adds a personal touch that digital messages can’t capture.

Writing snail mail to friends and family on lazy weekend spent at home.

Find a cozy spot, grab your favorite stationery, and let your thoughts flow onto paper. Share updates, express gratitude, or simply send a heartfelt hello to a friend or family member.

Writing pen on paper can be a therapeutic and mindful experience, allowing you to reflect on your feelings and connect on a deeper level.

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Organize a Closet

Dedicate some time to organize a closet that might need to be cleaned and decluttered.

Note: When organizing a closet, start small to prevent feeling overwhelmed. Tackling an entire closet in one go can be a daunting prospect. Instead, focus on a specific section or category within the closet like shoes, tops, or accessories. By breaking the task into manageable segments, you make the process more achievable and set yourself up for small victories. Celebrate each organized section before moving on to the next. Before you know it, you’ll have an organized closet without the stress of trying to conquer it all at once.

Begin by taking everything out, creating a blank canvas to assess what you have.

Sort through your clothing, shoes, and accessories, setting aside items for donation or discard if you no longer want them.

As you add items back into the closet, consider a system that works for you, whether it’s arranging clothes by color, season, or category. Utilize storage bins, baskets, or hangers to maximize space and maintain a neat appearance.

Closet organization during a leisurely weekend at home.

As you fold, hang, and arrange, you’ll find a sense of accomplishment in bringing order to your personal space.

Plus, an organized closet contributes to a more relaxed and stress free home, making it a great lazy weekend activity with lasting benefits.

Pamper Your Skin

Treat your skin to some extra love with a pampering lazy weekend skincare routine.

Gather your favorite masks, creams, and scrubs to create a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own bathroom.

Take your time, apply each product with care, and let the rejuvenating effects leave you feeling refreshed and glowing.

Self-care is essential in your overall well being!

Coconut oil sugar scrub made with natural products for glowing skin.

Read a Good Book

Select a book that you’ve been wanting to read or explore a genre you’ve been curious about.

Whether you love fiction, non-fiction, or a timeless classic, reading a good book is a timeless way to spend a lazy weekend.

Find a cozy nook in your home and lose yourself in the narrative!

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Other Cozy Activities to Try on a Lazy Weekend

  • Take a nap.
  • Have an indoor picnic.
  • Start and finish a jigsaw puzzle.
  • Create a scrapbook.
  • Press flowers.
  • Try a new hobby like calligraphy, knitting, or embroidery.
  • Make bookmarks.
  • Write in a journal.
  • Plan a vacation you’ve been wanting to take.
  • Plant a garden.
  • Create a playlist of your favorite songs.
  • Make bread from scratch.

And finally…savor the silence of your lazy weekend.

Find a moment during your lazy weekend to embrace stillness by sitting in silence, gazing out the window, or simply lying down and letting your mind wander.

Sometimes, the most fulfilling moments come from doing nothing at all.

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  1. Thank you for your comment Sharon! I’m so glad you enjoyed this blog post and that you love my chocolate chip muffin recipe!!!

  2. Great Relax and Rewind Weekend Ideas! Something for Everyone? Even “US” busy people. Your posts have a positive impact… I find my self after all these years of go-go-go taking time outs to give myself permission for self care and relax. This is amazing to me as I live in a completely different climate, here on the Gulf Coast of Texas, I enjoy so many of the things you are sharing with your readers. MY FAVORITE!!!! YOUR MUFFIN RECIPE! OMG In my 40 years of baking, it is the absolute best Muffin Recipe I have every made, tasted, enjoyed! I did find a trick to get the muffin top I want. I lightly spray only the bottom of the pan with Bakers Joy. My daughter use to work in a bake shop and I make them at least 1 time a week, she “Loves Them”, so do the grandchildren. When I eat one with my coffee, it’s better than eating a York Peppermint Patty. Only better. I total just relax. Hugs and Thank You,


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