Simple Fall Entryway Decor Ideas for a Cozy Entrance

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Welcome family & friends home with these cozy, neutral, fall entryway decor ideas with a little help from my friends at Birch Lane.

Farmhouse style entryway decorated for fall with pumpkins and fall accents.
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The entryway is one of the most important spaces in any home.

It’s the first space guests see when they enter your home, and it’s the last thing you’ll see when leaving for the day. Entryway’s should be functional & practical but also warm & welcoming just like any other part of the home.

With Thanksgiving less than a month away, I am teaming up with Birch Lane to show you how to create a cozy, neutral fall entryway to welcome your guests home for the holidays.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your entryway is (ours is tiny!). All you need are a few cozy essentials to express big hospitality in a small space.

For this blog post, I wanted to share with you a side entrance to our home that leads into our kitchen. It’s a small space and one I don’t share very often. However, I thought it would be fun to share with you that even a small side entrance can be a beautiful and functional space too.

Fall entryway decor ideas for a cozy home this autumn.

Here are 5 cozy, fall entryway decor ideas to consider when welcoming guests to your home, big or small, this fall and Thanksgiving.

Fall Entryway Decor Idea #1: Versatile Doormats

A doormat is not just for wiping dirty shoes and feet.

It’s also a great way to dress up the entrance of a home. A doormat should be practical and stylish; matching the aesthetic of your home.

Front door decorations with a plaid doormat, mums, and pumpkins.

I added this cozy farmhouse style 2’x3′ black & white plaid indoor/outdoor doormat to the side entrance of our home.

The plaid black & white pattern of this rug worked well with the white mum, orange pumpkins, and green gourds we already had on our porch.

I also loved the versatility of this doormat.

This doormat can be used on either the inside or the outside of an entryway and can also be layered underneath another doormat. I love products that are not only beautiful but multi-functional too!

Fall decorations at the entrance of our home with seasonal flowers, pumpkins, and a plaid rug.

A Couple of Things to Consider When Shopping for Doormats

  • Consider where the doormat will be used. Is the mat you’re shopping for made for inside or outdoor use, or both?
  • Check the size. Doormats come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s important to find a mat that fits the size of your door and space.
  • Layer your doormats. I like to do this at our front entrance, because it has the most foot traffic into our home. Place a washable patterned mat down, and then layer a natural coir doormat on top. The coir mat removes dirt & debris while the washable mat soaks up moisture.

Shop Cozy Fall Doormats From Birch Lane

Black & White Plaid Doormat
Fall Entryway Décor
Fall Entryway Décor
Black & White Stripped Rug
Striped Doormat

Fall Entrance Decoration Idea #2: Seasonal Wreaths

Hanging a seasonal wreath on the front door instantly makes a home feel welcoming & inviting and adds the perfect touch to fall decor.

A wreath is a fun way to accessorize the outside of your home either for the season or the holidays. It gives your home personality as well as a pop of color.

Hang seasonal decorations like a wreath on your front door.

I love to change the wreaths on our outside doors seasonally; it’s a fun & relatively inexpensive way to change up the outside of our home.

Make the store bought wreath special by adding ribbon. (This is the ribbon I added to our fall wreath.)

An autumn wreath hung on the front door with seasonal ribbon.

Use ribbon as a way to hang to your wreath from the door or by simply tying a bow to the wreath. There are thousands of different ribbons to choose from and hundreds of different ways to add ribbon to a wreath.

Have fun selecting and adding ribbon!

  • Make sure when shopping for a wreath that will hang on the outside of your front door, that the wreath is weather resistant. Good quality, weather resistant wreaths can be used and repurposed for many years.

Shop Cozy Fall Wreaths From Birch Lane

Fall Wreath
Faux Olive Silk Wreath
Fall Wreath
Bittersweet Wreath
Faux Willow Wreath

Fall Entryway Decor Idea #3: Wicker Baskets

Entryways are notorious for collecting clutter (well in our house anyways)!

Farmhouse style entryway decorated for fall with pumpkins and fall accents.

Baskets offer a creative solution to declutter while adding storage to the entryway of a home.

They can used to hold shoes, hats, mail, dog accessories, keys, winter apparel, or even firewood. So versatile, right?!

Hey friend! What can I help you find?

Search our entire site!

Wicker baskets can be placed anywhere in an entryway from hanging from hooks, to tucked under benches, or even hung on walls.

A basket filled with firewood next to the entrance of our home.

I love how this handled seagrass basket full of firewood looks sitting next to the door.

We are ready to stay cozy by the fire all fall and winter long!

Shop Cozy Baskets From Birch Lane

Fall Entryway Décor
Farmhouse Baskets
Fall Entryway Décor
Set of 3 Baskets
Low Baskets

Autumn Entry Decor Idea #4: A Spot to Sit

Make sure to have a spot in your entryway for guests to be able to sit down to remove or put on their shoes and jackets.

Both of the entrances in our home are tiny, so having a spot in the entryway for someone to sit is challenging.

Cottage farmhouse entryway with pumpkins, blankets, and seasonal accents.

This stool is the perfect option for our small space.

This accent stool is not so big that it takes up the entire entryway and it’s not too small for someone to plop their bones coming in from the outside.

Farmhouse stool with pumpkins for cozy fall home decor.

I love the natural wood tone and style of this stool. Spindled legs just get me every time!

It fits our cozy cottage farmhouse fall decor perfectly. And, this stool looks so cute with a few pumpkins stacked on top too!

Shop Cozy Entryway Seating from Birch Lane

Accent Stool
Accent Stool
Fall Entryway Décor
Accent Stool
Fall Entryway Décor

Fall Entrance Home Decor Idea #5: Autumn Inspired Artwork

The entryway sets the tone of your home and reflects your taste & personality. Adding artwork to your entryway tells guests who you are and what you love.

Fall home decor in the entryway for the autumn season.

Just like the rest of your home, art adds depth and texture to your walls, so don’t neglect the wall space in your entryway!

We added this vintage inspired landscape print to our entryway. I loved the cozy, country scene and the dark frame really made the artwork pop against our light, neutral wallpaper.

Shop Cozy Artwork From Birch Lane

Vintage Landscape
Gallery Prints
Vintage Artwork
Fall Entryway Décor
Lemon Artwork

More Cozy Fall Entryway Decor Ideas From Birch Lane

Here are a few more neutral, fall decor ideas that you could use to create the coziest entryway.

Cozy Throw Blanket
Cozy Blanket
Floor Lantern
Beeswax Candles
Cozy Throw Pillow

Don’t forget to check out the fall & Thanksgiving décor at Birch Lane.

They offer everything you need to create a cozy home from furniture, rugs, lighting, to what I’ve got on my eyes on…holiday decor!

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xoxo, heidi

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Front door decorations with a plaid doormat, mums, and pumpkins.

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