Simple and Charming Minimalist Fall Decor Ideas


Fall decor doesn’t need to be overwhelming to create an inviting and cozy ambiance. These 10 charming minimalist fall decor ideas will infuse your space with the spirit of autumn while maintaining a simplistic aesthetic.

Minimalist fall decor with fresh greenery and a bowl of apples.

There is something so cozy and homey about the season of autumn. Leaves turn from shades of green to warm, rich hues and the air turns crisp and cool. It’s as if Mother Nature is signaling us that it’s time to bring that beauty indoors. 

And while we often associate fall with abundance; bushels of apples, piles of pumpkins, and displays of foliage, there’s an unspoken beauty in simplicity. Minimalist fall decor takes the essence of the season and transforms it into it’s simplest form, allowing each element to speak for itself.

Minimalist decor is about choosing a few key pieces that resonate deeply, rather than drowning in a sea of fall decorations that really don’t have much meaning.

So, instead of completely redecorating our home for fall, I like to focus on a few carefully selected items that capture the spirit of the season. That can be as easy as a cozy throw blanket draped over the sofa for relaxing, a pumpkin candle permeating our home with delicious spicy aromas, or a vase full of my favorite greenery.

Minimalist fall decor with seeded eucalyptus and a bowl of red apples.

Simple fall decor is a reminder that the most memorable moments are often found in simple gestures; a warm mug of spiced cider, a quiet afternoon spent reading by the window, or a conversation with loved ones around the kitchen island.

This autumn find solace in minimalism. By choosing to celebrate the season with a keen eye and a light touch, you’ll invite the essence of fall to fill your home in a way that feels authentic, inviting, and truly comforting.

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Minimalist Decorating Using Your 5 Senses

I find the easiest way to approach minimalist fall decorating is by utilizing your senses.

Cozy fall kitchen with pumpkin spice candle and apple pie.

When guided by your 5 senses, your home will become more about creating an atmosphere that speaks to your soul and resonates with what autumn feels like to you, rather than filling it with an abundance of items.

  • Sight: Visualize the charm of a solitary pumpkin placed thoughtfully on a mantel, or the cascade of dried leaves in a minimalist wreath. By focusing on these simple yet impactful visual elements, your space will breathe with understated beauty.
  • Touch: The feel of a woven blanket, the smoothness of a ceramic pumpkin, the delicate crispness of dried leaves; these textures awaken our sense of touch, connecting us with the physicality of the season.
  • Smell: One of the most important senses when it comes to creating a cozy fall home. The woody notes of dried branches, the faint scent of cinnamon and nutmeg from a potpourri bowl are fragrances that evoke memories of apple orchards and cozy firesides.
  • Sound: Imagine the soft crackle of a cozy fire nearby. Subtle seasonal sounds offer tranquility that will elevate your space.
  • Taste: While minimalist fall decor may not be directly tied to taste, it sets the stage for family gatherings and get-togethers. A well dressed table or a cozy reading corner can become the backdrop for savoring seasonal flavors, encouraging you to indulge in the comfort and nourishment of fall inspired treats.

Understanding What Fall Feels Like to You

Now that you’re guided by your 5 senses, the next step to truly master the art of minimalist fall decor, is understanding what the fall season feels like to you.

Heidi the creative mind behind Eleanor Rose Home.

Fall isn’t merely a season; it’s sensations that spark our emotions and nostalgia. It’s the crisp fall air, the earthy aroma of fallen leaves, the warmth of a cozy sweater, and gathering around a crackling fire.

By understanding what fall means to you, you can translate those sensations and special memories into your home decor choices. This is the compass that will guide you toward selecting the perfect minimalist elements for your home. Maybe it’s a single leaf, a simple arrangement of branches, or a muted pumpkin.

Heidi and her dachshund rescue Eleanor Roosevelt.

Once you grasp what fall truly feels like to you, minimalist fall decor allows you to create a space that is both simple, profound, and uniquely yours without much decor.

Simple and Charming Minimalist Fall Decor Ideas

With an understanding of what fall feels like to you, here are a few simple ideas on how to begin adding minimalist fall decor elements into your living spaces utilizing all of the 5 senses.


Before you head to the store to shop for new fall decor, take a pause and shop your own home.

You’ll often find pieces you’ve forgotten about or haven’t used in years. Look through storage, cabinets, and corners to uncover items that aren’t necessarily considered seasonal items but can capture the essence of the season.

Faux pumpkin on a kitchen shelf with dried eucalyptus.

I styled the open kitchen shelf in our kitchen without purchasing any new fall decor. This lopsided faux pumpkin was a favorite of mine last year, and this year it found it’s way to to the top of the kitchen shelf.

Fall decorations on an open shelf in a farmhouse kitchen.

Tea towels, another faux pumpkin, and ribbon I used in last year’s decor found new purpose in this year’s minimalist fall decor scheme as well.

Shopping your home not only saves you money, but also offers a chance to use your imagination and creativity to repurpose items you’ve cherished over time, creating a truly personal and meaningful fall-inspired home.


Finding beauty in simplicity often involves reimagining the items we already possess.

Simple fall decor on a kitchen table with oak leaves and gingham tablecloth.

Rather than seeking new fall decor each year, reusing your existing decorations across the seasons not only will save you money but storage space as well.

Candles, pumpkins and oak leaves on a farmhouse cottage kitchen table.

Most of the items I used to style this fall table are pieces I use in our home decor all year long. The olive bucket feels more like fall with the addition of oak branches and a tan satin ribbon tied to the handle. And then adding a few pumpkins to the table transforms everyday candlesticks and a tablecloth into autumn decor creating a simple seasonal tablescape.

By eliminating seasonal boundaries, you not only showcase their enduring charm but also create a cohesive and balanced space that exudes the essence of fall with a touch of familiarity.

Note: Remember that simplicity doesn’t equate to predictability. Thinking outside the box opens up a world of creative possibilities. Don’t hesitate to repurpose everyday items as unique decor elements like a collection of vintage books that can become unexpected focal points.

Update Wall Art

Updating your wall art is an easy way to incorporate the fall feel and the essence of the season into your home.

By swapping out your existing artwork for fall inspired pieces, you can transform the entire ambiance with a simple, single change.

Seasonal fall decor in the kitchen with wooden wall art & vases of flowers.

One of my favorite ways to swap out artwork seasonally is with wooden wall art from one of my favorite home decor retailers, Joyfully Said. They create unique, one of a kind wooden wall art that adds coziness to our home with warm textures and beautiful designs.

Minimal fall decor for a cozy autumn season at home.

You can shop my favorite fall signs here, and make sure to use code eleanorrosehome at checkout for 15 % off your sign, banner, or apparel order.

Another one of the best & most affordable ways to swap out artwork seasonally is by shopping Target. Target’s collections with Hearth & Hand and Studio McGee makes shopping for beautiful, seasonal artwork extremely affordable.

Horse canvas print and framed tree wall art hanging in farmhouse entryway.

I love these new pieces of framed art from Target that I hung in our entryway. Can you believe I spent under $25 for both?!

You can shop the horse print here, and the framed oak tree sketch here.

For fall, you’ll want to use artwork with muted tones, fall colors, nature-inspired motifs or landscapes, or abstract representations of autumn’s beauty.

Burn a Seasonal Candle

Sometimes the smallest detail can have the biggest impact. Lighting a seasonal candle can instantly change the aesthetic of a room.

Pumpkin spice candle adds delicious scents to a cozy fall home.

The flicker of candlelight creates a warm glow while the fragrance of the candle fills the air with notes of spiced apples, pumpkin, or forest woods. It not only enhances the atmosphere but can trigger happy and cozy nostalgic emotions too.

Incorporate Nature

There’s a profound beauty in the simplicity of all that Mother Nature has to offer.

Minimalist fall decor with fresh greenery and a bowl of apples.

Incorporating nature into your decor brings a sense of authenticity and coziness that in my opinion cannot be replicated.

I love the wild textures and simple beauty of seeded eucalyptus styled in a vase or urn in fall decor. It’s greenery that complements the decor around it, looks beautiful all on it’s own, and can be dried for use all season long.

Neutral vase of seeded eucalyptus on a wooden dresser in the living room.

Remember to embrace the colors and textures of the season with delicate branches, seasonal fresh flowers, pine cones, white pumpkins, and seasonal fruit. By including these elements in your decor, you’re not just seasonal decorating, you’re inviting the outdoors in. 

Check out this pumpkin centerpiece that utilizes natural decor and can be used for fall entertaining.

Throw Blankets

Adding a throw blanket over the arm of a couch, at the foot of a bed, or piled in a basket is the easiest way to introduce fall textures and colors into your space. The richness of woven fabrics instantly evokes the essence of autumn, making your home feel inviting and comfortable. 

I love adding thick, chunky blankets to almost every room of the house for not only comfort but as a reminder to slow down and embrace the cozy moments of fall. 

Cottage farmhouse living room with cozy textures.

There’s nothing better than cuddling in a warm blanket with a cup of tea & a good book or hunkering down for a night of movies snuggled on the couch. 

Throw blankets are the ultimate in blending style with function, making them the ultimate in functional decor. 

You can read more on functional decor in this blog post, here.

Throw Pillows

I have to admit that I have a slight obsession with throw pillows (Can you ever have too many?). Well not necessarily throw pillows but the pillow covers. 

Cottage farmhouse living room with cozy throw pillows on the couch.

Updating the throw pillow cover on our pillows is one of my favorite things to do seasonally because it’s such a simple way to change the look of a space. 

For fall, I like to incorporate throw pillows with textures like wool and boucle in rich, warm hues along with a few printed pillows for the ultimate in cozy vibes. 

Minimalist fall decor in the living room with cozy throw pillows.

Remember to mix fabrics, textures, and prints to evoke the cozy essence of the season. Mixing elements creates a well balanced and inviting fall inspired aesthetic in your home. 

Shop the Best Fall Throw Pillows

Note: Instead of storing multiple pillows, opt for purchasing new pillow covers. These covers allow you to easily update the look of your throw pillows without taking up excess room. As the seasons change, swap out your current covers for new ones that showcase autumn’s colors and patterns. This approach not only saves space but also offers an economical and eco-friendly way to refresh your decor.

Seasonal Fruit

Create an authentic fall ambiance by incorporating fresh or dried fruits into your minimalist decor.

Dehydrated honey crisp apple slices for cozy fall home decor.

These natural elements bring a dynamic pop of color and dimension to your space. A bowl of crisp apples or a cluster of dried oranges effortlessly captures the essence of the season, infusing your home with the earthy aromas and vibrant hues of autumn.

The addition of fruits whether displayed on a dining table, adorning a mantel, or tucked into a decorative vignette bridges the gap between nature’s bounty and the minimalist aesthetic.

Easy instructions on how to make toaster oven dried apples.

Seasonal fruit is a reminder that even the simplest elements can contribute to the warmth and beauty of fall.

Vintage Inspired

Introducing vintage inspired items into your seasonal decorating adds a layer of timeless charm that complements the season’s inherent coziness. 

Collection of amber glass with candles and fresh flowers.

Vintage decor items evoke a sense of nostalgia and history, infusing your space with character, charm, and depth. Amber glass, vintage urns, or aged books blend effortlessly into the minimalist approach.

These items bring a touch of authenticity to your decor, reminding us that the beauty of fall is enduring and that the past can gracefully intertwine with the present to create a space of tranquility and warmth.

Vintage Ironstone pitcher with dried hydrangeas are simple fall decorations.

Here are some ideas for vintage inspired items that would look great in your fall decor:

  • Antique Books: Stacks of antique books with faded covers can serve as both decor and conversation starters on a coffee table or shelves.
  • Rustic Crates: Vintage wooden crates, whether stacked or used individually, can add a touch of rustic charm. They’re perfect for holding pumpkins, gourds, or other fall themed items.
  • Vintage Clocks: A vintage clock with its aged patina can be a unique statement piece on a mantel or wall.
  • Copper Kitchenware: Vintage copper pots, pans, and utensils can be displayed in the kitchen or on a dining room table. Adding a warm metallic hue that complements fall tones.
  • Old Mirrors: Vintage mirrors with ornate frames can reflect the changing colors of the season, adding depth and elegance to your decor.
  • Woven Baskets: Vintage woven baskets exude a rustic charm. Use them to hold blankets, throw pillows, or dried florals.
  • Decorative Tins: Antique tins with intricate designs can be repurposed as charming containers for fall potpourri, candles, or small decorative items.
  • Vintage Glassware: Delicate vintage glassware, like colored glass vases or goblets, can hold dried flowers or branches.
Minimalist fall decor with demijohns and dried hydrangeas.

Fall Simmer Pot

A simmer pot is the embodiment of both aesthetic and aroma when it comes to fall decor.

With a handful of natural ingredients like cinnamon sticks, cloves, and apple slices gently simmering on your stove, a simmer pot creates aromas that resonate with the season’s warmth.

Fall simmer pot with dried fall fruit and seasonal spices.

The minimalist approach lies not just in the simplicity of the ingredients, but in the profound impact they have on your space. The simmer pot’s ability to infuse a room with the essence of autumn encapsulates the very heart of minimalism; making the most out of a few select elements.

As the fragrance fills your home it reminds you that even the smallest details can have a profound and soothing effect on our environment.

Here’s the recipe for my favorite fall simmer pot.

Why You’ll Want to Adopt the Minimal Look in Your Home

Minimalism, at its core, is about decluttering and focusing on what truly matters. Applying this principle to fall decor can create a serene and inviting ambiance that highlights the natural beauty of the season.

What you’ll love about minimalist fall decor:

  • TRANQUILITY – In a world that often feels fast paced and overwhelming, a minimalist approach allows you to create a space that is calm and soothing, providing a respite from the chaos of everyday life.
  • SIMPLICITY – By paring down your decor to the essentials, you’re able to showcase the authentic beauty of each element. Instead of drowning in an abundance of decorations, you’re able to appreciate the individuality of a single leaf, a muted pumpkin, or a flickering candle.
  • CONNECTION TO NATURE – Minimalist decor encourages a deeper connection with nature as you focus on elements like dried leaves, wooden textures, and natural hues. This mindful approach can evoke a sense of gratitude for the changing seasons and the beauty each one brings.
  • PERSONALIZATION – Minimalism allows you to curate an aesthetic that reflects your unique style and preferences. Each chosen item holds significance, telling a story about who you are and what you value.
Minimalist fall decor with fresh greenery and a bowl of apples.

View my google web story, Simple & Pretty Minimalist Fall Decor Ideas.

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Minimalist fall decor with fresh greenery and a bowl of apples.

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