Functional Kitchen Decor for Summer

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Summer is the perfect time to infuse your cooking space with functional kitchen decor that’s not only practical but also looks beautiful and makes your life easier & more enjoyable during the season.

Functional summer decor in the kitchen with fresh flowers & fruit.

While we spend most of our free time outside during the summer months, I still find myself spending quite a bit of time in the kitchen either preparing easy meals for dinner or fresh lemonade for sipping on by the pool. Having a kitchen filled with simple and functional decor allows me to focus on what truly matters, the process of preparing & creating seasonal dishes for my family quickly and without the hassle of clutter or disorganization.

Summer is also the time when families and friends gather the most from summer cookouts to graduation parties & barbecues, and so the kitchen becomes the hub and heart of the home. Functional kitchen decor elevates the overall experience of entertaining guests during the summer season.

By incorporating simple yet practical elements, you can ensure that every moment spent in the kitchen whether entertaining or preparing a weeknight meal is both enjoyable & efficient.

Functional kitchen decor for summer with fresh flowers & a pitcher.

Here are a few ideas on how to add functional kitchen decor to your cooking space that will add simplicity, functionality, and style without much effort. Because when it comes to the kitchen, it’s not just about the end result, but the journey that brings people together in the warmth of the summer sun.

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What does summer feel like to you?

Before we dive into how to add functional kitchen decor to your home this summer, I first think it’s important to know and understand what summer feels like to you.

Summer vibes in the kitchen with fresh herbs & fruit.

Summer evokes a wide range of emotions and experiences for each one of us, from the warmth of the sun on your skin to the sound of waves crashing on the shore. Take a moment to reflect on what summer means to you personally; whether it’s a sense of relaxation, adventure, or connection with loved ones.

For me, summer is all about nostalgia. Remembering the fun, carefree days of my childhood and trying to incorporate those cozy feelings into not only our kitchen decor but throughout our entire home.

When thinking of what summer feels like to you, consider the colors, textures, and elements that resonate with those feelings. You might envision bright pops of citrus hues, airy fabrics, or natural materials like seashells or wildflowers.

Apples and rosemary in a neutral farmhouse kitchen.

By grasping the essence of what summer means to you, you can curate functional kitchen decor that not only reflects your personal style but also brings the spirit of summer uniquely alive in your home.

What is functional kitchen decor?

You may be asking yourself, “What is functional kitchen decor?”

Decorating the kitchen with simple and functional pieces is not just about enhancing the visual appeal of the space but serving a practical purpose as well.

The kitchen is the most used room in any home so by incorporating simple & functional decor, you can create an environment that promotes efficiency, organization, as well as a sense of coziness & homeliness.

Pitcher of fresh flowers in a cottage farmhouse kitchen styled for summer.

During the summer, it’s essential to have a kitchen that supports easy meal preparation, efficient storage solutions, and an overall pleasant ambiance.

Simple and functional kitchen pieces allow us to fully enjoy the seasonal delights of summer. Additionally, a well-decorated kitchen can inspire creativity, encourage healthy eating habits, and make the space more inviting for family and friends.

Display Cooking & Baking Ingredients in Canisters on the Counter

One way to add practicality and visual appeal to your kitchen is by displaying your cooking & baking ingredients on the counter or on a shelf. Having essential ingredients within easy reach can streamline your cooking process and add a touch of charm to your kitchen.

Kitchen canisters are ideal functional kitchen decor for holding baking supplies.

These glass bon bon jars are one of my favorite functional kitchen decor pieces. I use them to house sugar, flour, and oats; ingredients I use all the time when baking. These glass jars are perfect for our kitchen because not only are they huge and hold a ton of baking supplies, but they also look beautiful displayed on our kitchen buffet with their unique bell shape.

Here’s a fun tip! If you use clear jars to display baking ingredients like me, consider using vintage mugs or teacups as scoops. It adds character to your jars and a fun & unique alternative to the plain old plastic or wooden scoop.

Farmhouse kitchen decor with glass canisters on wooden table.

Displaying baking supplies, spices, or ingredients you use everyday not only creates a cozy aesthetic, but it also saves valuable cabinet space and allows for quick and efficient access to the ingredients you use regularly.

Use Pitchers for Drinks & Decor

Pitchers are such a versatile and stylish addition to your functional kitchen decor for summer, serving multiple purposes beyond their traditional use for serving drinks.

Summer pitcher filled with fresh flowers with glasses of lemonade on the side.

There is something about serving ice cold summer drinks in a pitcher that brings me back to memories of my childhood when bright red Kool-Aid was poured from yellow Tupperware pitchers.

Pitcher of lemonade is the perfect summer drink on a hot day.

And so when I recently found this ribbed plastic beverage pitcher with a pourable lid, that brought those plastic Tupperware pitchers back to life for me! This pitcher is perfect for hot summer days by the pool with its lid keeping the bugs out of fresh lemonade, ice tea, or fruit infused waters.

Summer kitchen decor in a cottage farmhouse kitchen.

Pitchers are not just for serving drinks though, they also make excellent decorative vessels for fresh flowers or herbs, holding kitchen utensils, or just on their own displayed on a shelf.

The tall and elegant shape of a pitcher adds a touch of charm as well as vertical interest to your functional kitchen decor for summer.

Lemonade and flowers are both functional kitchen decor items.

Whether you’re quenching your thirst or adding charm to your kitchen, pitchers are the perfect functional decor piece that effortlessly blends utility with beauty in the summer months.

Create Vignettes for Easy Entertaining

Creating vignettes in your kitchen is a wonderful way to enhance functional kitchen decor for the summer months and elevate your space for summer entertaining.

Farmhouse summer kitchen decor with baskets and functional decor.

What is a vignette? Vignettes are carefully curated arrangements of objects that tell a story and add visual interest to a specific area. In the kitchen, you can create vignettes on countertops, shelves, or even a dedicated bar cart.

Summer vignette in a cottage farmhouse kitchen.

For summer entertaining, I created a vignette on our kitchen counter right next to our back deck with a few things I can quickly grab for drinks or serving food. All I have to do is grab the basket and bring it outside or leave on the counter for guests to grab their own glass & dinnerware at their leisure.

Blueberries are a tasty summer treat and can be used in summer home decor.

I placed a faux potted plant into this vignette to add a little greenery, but that could easily be swapped out for fresh flowers, bowl of fresh fruit, or anything else that would go well with your summer entertaining vignette.

If you love the little patriotic flags in this vignette, this blog post has all the details on how to easily make them!

Summer in the kitchen with fresh flowers & neutral colors.

By thoughtfully arranging functional and decorative items in a vignette, you’ll create an inviting and cohesive space that not only enhances your summer entertaining but also brings a sense of joy and style to your kitchen.

Add a Fresh Herb Garden to Your Kitchen Window

A fresh herb window box garden is a delightful addition to your functional kitchen decor for the summer season.

Kitchen window box herb garden is a great addition to your cooking space.

I love having fresh herbs right outside my kitchen window for the convenience of having fresh herbs whenever I need them, but also the natural beauty & charm they add to our kitchen. Not to mention the smell of fresh herbs is intoxicating!

Summer herbs in planter outside a country kitchen.

An herb garden in a window box garden brings the outdoors in, infusing your kitchen with a refreshing and organic ambiance.

Whether you have a spacious windowsill or a small ledge, a fresh herb window box garden offers a functional and visually appealing solution that elevates your summer kitchen decor to new heights of flavor and charm.

For more tips, tricks, and ideas on adding an herb garden to a kitchen window box, you can check out this blog post.

A Summer herb garden right outside your kitchen window.

Another way to use utilize fresh herbs is by creating stovetop potpourris. It’s an easy way to infuse your kitchen and home with the scents of summer while using herbs that may be old or expiring. Here’s a few stovetop potpourri recipes for you that my family loves.

I’ll also be sharing a unique way to use fresh rosemary sprigs in a blog post later this week. If you want the details on that, become an ERH insider and I’ll have that post delivered right to your inbox!

Swap Out Kitchen Linens Seasonally

One of my favorite and easiest ways to change the decor in our home seasonally is by swapping out our kitchen linens and more specifically, tea or hand towels.

Hang tea towels & food covers in the kitchen for functional summer decor.

Tea towels add color and personality to your kitchen with vibrant patterns and designs. For summer, I like to choose patterns that reflect the spirit of the season with stripes & plaids, however citrus or tropical prints are great summer prints as well.

White hydrangeas in farmhouse kitchen sink with a tea towel.

The great things about tea towels is that they functional & practical, but they are a great decorative accent when hung from hooks, folded on a shelf, draped over your oven or dishwasher or displayed on a towel rack.

They bring a cozy and refreshing vibe to your functional kitchen decor while adding a touch of seasonal flair.

Use Cookbooks as Decor

Cookbooks are not only valuable sources of culinary inspiration but also versatile elements to incorporate into your functional kitchen decor.

Neutral farmhouse summer kitchen with seasonal accents.

Displaying a curated selection of cookbooks on your kitchen counter or open shelving adds both functionality and visual interest to your space. For summer, choose cookbooks that highlight summer recipes, seasonal ingredients, or cuisines that resonate with the sunny vibes of the season.

By showcasing these cookbooks, you not only have easy access to delicious recipes but also create a charming focal point in your kitchen.

Summer home decor in the kitchen with natural elements.

Stack them creatively, use a stylish cookbook stand, or lean them against a backsplash for an effortless yet curated look.

The presence of cookbooks in your kitchen not only serves as a practical resource but also adds a personal touch, reflecting the recipes your passionate about.

Use Seasonal Foods as Functional Kitchen Decor

Summer foods have the remarkable ability to serve as both nourishment & functional kitchen decor, bringing a delightful and mouthwatering aesthetic to your cooking space.

Blueberries and lemons are great functional kitchen decor items for summer.

Colorful and vibrant fruits like blueberries, watermelon, strawberries, and citrus fruits can be arranged in a fruit bowl adding a pop of freshness to your kitchen.

Fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, and herbs from your garden can be displayed in bowls or rustic baskets, infusing your kitchen with a touch of natural beauty.

Seasonal decor in the kitchen with blueberries and flowers.

Summer foods whether fresh or prepared, become functional kitchen decor that not only delights the taste buds but also transforms your kitchen into a feast for the eyes, celebrating the abundant flavors and colors of the season.

Decorate With Summer Items You Use Everyday

Incorporating everyday items into your functional kitchen decor can extend beyond the cooking space itself, adding convenience and style to adjacent areas.

Farmhouse entryway with glass door and neutral colors.

For example, this side entrance off our kitchen leads to the pool area, so why not transform that into a practical and inviting space as well?

Add pieces you use in the summer to your door for functional decor.

During the summer months, we utilize these wall hooks to hang towels, hats, and other pool essentials, creating a designated spot for these items. By doing so, we not only keep the kitchen and pool area organized but also ensure that everything need for a refreshing dip is easily accessible.

Summer farmhouse entryway that leads to the pool.

By blending functionality with a touch of design, this entrance space becomes an extension of functional kitchen decor, promoting efficiency and enhancing the overall aesthetics of a summer home.

13 Other Functional Kitchen Decor Ideas

  1. Mason jars for storing beverages or displaying freshly picked flowers.
  2. Open shelving to showcase colorful plates, bowls, and glasses.
  3. Vintage utensils, such as ladles and wooden spoons, for a touch of nostalgia.
  4. Citrus fruit bowl for a pop of color and easy access to vitamin-rich fruits.
  5. Cutting boards made of natural wood or bamboo for both functionality and aesthetics.
  6. Bar cart or beverage station for organizing and serving summer cocktails.
  7. Food covers for outdoor entertaining.
  8. Potted succulents or small indoor plants to add greenery and freshness.
  9. Fruit and vegetable baskets for storing and displaying seasonal produce.
  10. Apron hooks or hangers for keeping aprons within reach for summer cooking.
  11. Wire or woven baskets for organizing and storing picnic essentials.
  12. Ice bucket or ice cube trays for keeping drinks cool on hot summer days.
  13. Oil and vinegar bottles or dispensers for elegant & efficient seasoning during meal preparation.
Summer decor with flowers in farmhouse style kitchen.

Final Thoughts on Functional Kitchen Decor for Summer

Let’s quickly summarize these 8 easy ideas for adding functional kitchen decor to your home for summer.

  • Display Cooking & Baking Ingredients in Canisters on the Counter
  • Use Pitchers for Drinks & Decor
  • Create Vignettes for Easy Entertaining
  • Add a Fresh Herb Garden to Your Kitchen Window
  • Swap Out Kitchen Linens Seasonally
  • Use Cookbooks as Decor
  • Use Seasonal Foods as Functional Kitchen Decor
  • Decorate With Summer Items You Use Everyday

As summer arrives, seize the opportunity to revitalize your kitchen with functional decor that combines style and practicality.

There are endless possibilities to infuse your kitchen with the feeling of the season from fresh herb gardens to using pitchers for drinks & decor. Unleash your creativity and enjoy the process of creating a kitchen that feels like summer to you and that balances aesthetics and functionality. Happy summer!

Summer pitcher filled with fresh flowers with glasses of lemonade on the side.

View my google web story, 8 Ways to Create a Functional & Beautiful Kitchen for Summer.

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Functional kitchen decor for the summer season.

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