Lazy Girl’s Easter Cake With Thyme Bunny Ear Cake Topper


Elevate a store bought cake for your Easter celebrations with this easy, rustic, and charming bunny ear cake topper made with fresh thyme.

Bunny ear cake topper made with thyme for Easter celebrations.

Spring is officially in the air, and Easter is just around the corner (not quite sure how that is possible)!

If you’re anything like me, you love the idea of creating delicious Easter treats for the holiday, but the thought of spending hours in the kitchen while you have a million other things going on can feel overwhelming.

There’s dinner that needs to be cooked, Easter eggs to dye, and plastic eggs to fill for Easter egg hunts.

With so much on your plate, the last thing you want to worry about is creating a show stopping Easter dessert.

Well, this Easter, I’ve got you covered with this lazy girl’s Easter cake idea that no one will guess took you no “thyme” to prepare & decorate.

You can forget about fancy frosting techniques and intricate decorations with this Easter dessert.

We’re going for rustic simplicity.

Let me show you how easy it is to elevate a store bought cake into one that looks like you’ve been slaving away in the kitchen all day!

Herb cake topper with fresh flowers for a DIY Easter cake.

What you’ll love about this easter diy:

  • This DIY Easter cake idea combines simplicity with elegance (two of my favorite combinations), making it perfect for those who want to create a beautiful dessert that says Happy Easter, without spending hours in the kitchen.
  • The bunny ear cake topper made with fresh thyme adds a charming and organic touch to the cake.
  • Impress without the stress! You can elevate a grocery store cake in no time, saving you valuable time during the busy Easter season.
  • Choose your favorite cake flavor (my family loves vanilla) and adjust the size and shape of the bunny ears to make this a dessert that reflects your personal tastes & preferences.

Supplies You’ll Need to Make this DIY Cake Topper

Gather the following materials to make your thyme bunny ear cake topper…

Materials for DIY cake topper include a cake, fresh thyme, floral wire, and pliers.
  • Green Floral Wire: This provides structural support for the bunny ears. A smaller gauged wire is easier to manipulate for this DIY than a thicker one. Green wire is a good choice so it blends naturally with the fresh thyme.
  • Wire Cutters: You’ll need these to cut the floral wire to length (sharp scissors can be used too).
  • Sprigs of Fresh Thyme: Essential for creating a bunny ear cake topper that looks rustic, natural, and charming.
  • Fresh Spring Flowers (optional): This step is optional, however I love how the fresh flowers elevate the cake even more with their spring, pastel colors.


How to Make a Bunny Ear Cake Topper With Fresh Thyme

Follow these simple steps, you’ll have a charming and delicious dessert that’s going to impress your family & friends this Easter holiday.

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Step 1

With a pair of pliers, cut two pieces of craft wire about 12″ long.

Floral wire and pliers to create this Easter DIY for your Easter table this spring.

Bend the wire in half, and then shape into a bunny ear. The shape of the ear does not have to be perfect, you’ll continue manipulating the wire as you add the thyme.

Florist wire shaped into a bunny ear that will be wrapped with fresh thyme sprigs.

Wrap one end of the wire around the other, and twist until the floral wire is secure at the end.

Don’t cut the excess wire, that is what you’ll use to stick the ears into the cake.

Step 2

With the wire shaped into bunny ears, begin wrapping sprigs of thyme around the wire.

I found starting at the bottom and working my way up the ear was the easiest way to add the thyme to the wire.

Fresh thyme wrapped onto floral wire to create a bunny ear cake topper for Easter celebrations.

Continue wrapping the thyme all the way around the wire until it is fully covered.

An Easter cake idea for your spring celebrations that is easy to make and delicious.

It’s ok if some of the small stems of thyme poke out around the ears.

It adds to the natural, organic look!

Bunny ear cake topper wrapped in fresh thyme sprigs for an Easter cake idea.

Step 3

Before you insert the bunny ear topper into the cake, prepare your store bought cake.

With a butter knife or icing spatula, carefully remove most of the frosting from around the cake to give it that rustic appearance (you want some of the cake poking through the frosting).

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Leave a thin layer of frosting on the top of the cake to help the DIY cake topper adhere securely.

Also, if you’re going to include fresh spring flowers as a cake decoration, gather and prepare them, making sure they are clean and free from any debris before placing them on the cake.

Spring flowers on a rustic, round cake for spring celebrations.

Step 4

Gently insert the bunny ear topper into the center of your cake, adjusting the angle to your liking.

Don’t worry about perfection, slightly askew ears can add to the whimsical charm of the cake.

Thyme bunny ear placed in a spring cake for the Easter holiday.

I also tied a little bow on one of the bunny ears because, well everything is a little cuter with a bow!

Step 5

Add fresh spring flowers for an additional touch, and your lazy girl Easter cake is ready for serving and enjoying!

Bunny ear cake topper made with thyme for Easter celebrations.


  • Choose a thin, flexible wire that is easy to shape. Floral wire in a green color works best to seamlessly blend in with the fresh thyme.
  • Make sure the thyme is wrapped securely around the wire bunny ears to prevent it from unraveling. You can also use small pieces of floral tape, additional wire, or twine to help hold it in place if need be.
  • Depending on the size of your cake (the cake I used was 5.5″ in diameter) you may need to adjust the length and width of the bunny ears to ensure they are proportional. Take into account the height and diameter of your cake before shaping the wire.
  • Feel free to get creative and add additional decorations to your cake like pastel colored sprinkles or mini chocolate eggs to enhance the Easter feel.
  • If you’ve used fresh flowers for decoration, remember to remove them before eating the cake unless you’re using edible flowers.
Herb cake topper with fresh flowers for a DIY Easter cake.

FAQs: Thyme Bunny Ear Cake Topper

You can prepare the bunny ear topper in advance and store in an airtight container in the refrigerator for a day or so. However, it’s best to insert the topper into the cake shortly before serving to maintain its freshness and appearance.

Absolutely! Feel free to adjust the length and angle of the bunny ears to the size of your cake. You can also experiment with different wire thicknesses for varying levels of stability and flexibility.

The bunny ear cake topper will last several hours on the cake without wilting, especially if the cake is refrigerated. For optimal freshness, insert the cake topper shortly before serving.

Which spring flowers can I use on this Easter cake that are edible?

When serving edible flowers with food, make they are grown organically and have not been treated with pesticides or other chemicals.

Also, only use the petals or blooms of edible flowers, the other parts of the plant may be toxic.

Spring flowers on a rustic, round cake for spring celebrations.

If you’re unsure about a specific flower’s edibility; it’s best to err on the side of caution, remove them from the cake, and avoid eating them altogether.

  • Violas & Pansies: These colorful flowers have a mild, slightly sweet flavor.
  • Lavender: Known for its fragrant aroma, lavender flowers have a floral and slightly sweet taste.
  • Marigold: Their petals have a slightly tangy flavor and add a vibrant pop of color.
  • Chive Blossoms: Purple chive blossoms have a mild onion flavor similar to their leaves.

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Bunny ear cake topper made with thyme for Easter celebrations.
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