DIY Antique Mirror Tutorial

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Create your own antique mirror with this simple & easy DIY antique mirror tutorial.

Antique Mirror

Do you love the look of an antique mirror but have never found one that you really love? No worries, you can create your own DIY antique mirror with this easy tutorial!

Antique mirrors are one of the many things I search for when we go thrifting. You know the ones that have the beautifully distressed mirror framed in a gorgeous old, vintage frame? Needless to say, my searches have never yielded me the antique mirror I’ve had pictured in my mind. So, instead of continuing my endless search, I decided to make my own…with the help of hubby of course!

Antique Mirror

To start, I found an old framed piece of art at our local antique store. I fell in love with the frame, but the art not so much. I knew the frame and the glass would fit perfectly in this little wall in our entryway. I purchased the framed art for about $20.

Farmhouse Entryway

For this project, If you have a frame you love, but no glass. You can purchase a piece of glass cut to fit your frame from a local hardware store or glass company for this project as well.

DIY Antique Mirror

After doing a little research I found a simple & easy method to transform glass into an antique mirror.

What You Will Need to Make a DIY Antique Mirror

Items to Turn Glass into a Mirror

Steps to Make a DIY Antique Mirror

1. Prepare the Frame & Glass

We peeled the paper backing from the back of the frame very gently. The frame we purchased was old, so we were careful not to damage the frame. We removed the matting, artwork, and glass.

Vintage Art

At this point, you could paint the frame if you like. Or, you could add a little Rub n’ Buff if you wanted a metallic frame but purchased a brown wooden one like mine. I loved the warm brown tone of our frame, so we opted to leave it as is. We did wash it carefully with just a little soap and water to remove any dirt & debris.

Clean Glass

Then we cleaned the glass we removed from the frame. You could use Windex or vinegar to clean the glass. Just make sure there are no streaks on the glass as this will affect your finished product.

2. Spray on Black Paint

On one side of the glass, paint it with the black spray paint. The black will show through all the semi-transparent spots so make sure you give the glass a nice coat of black paint (not too thick though). Allow the black paint to dry completely before moving onto the next step.

3. Spray on Vinegar

Once the black spray paint is dry, flip the glass over.

Vinegar on Glass

We purchased a spray bottle (with a fine mist) and sprayed a mist of distilled white vinegar on the glass. I focused the vinegar mist on the outer edges for a realistic antique mirror look. I also added some random, larger droplets throughout. I made sure the vinegar spray looked natural and organic (the mirror should look like it was aged naturally).

DIY Antique Mirror

Dab any droplets that are too large or that you don’t like with a lint free cloth. Or, wipe the entire surface of glass to remove all of the vinegar, and add your spray and droplets again.

4. Spray on Mirror Paint

Spray the mirror paint directly over the vinegar, with several thin coats making sure all of the glass is covered.

This paint has a very strong smell, so make sure to do this in a well ventilated area or wear a mask!

5. Dab the Vinegar

This part of the antique mirror process goes really fast, so it was nice that Dave and I worked on this together.

Mirror Finish

The mirror paint dries very quickly, so give it a couple of seconds to dry, and then using a lint free cloth, lightly dab up the vinegar on areas where you want to distress the mirror paint. This is the tricky part! Dabbing the vinegar immediately on wet paint removed the mirror effect completely and dabbing the paint too late leaves a spotty finish.

You may need to try a few times to get the antique mirror result you like (continue reading for how to remove the mirror finish). It took us 4-5 tries to get the antique mirror result we liked.

Removing Mirror Finish

If you don’t like how the mirror finish turned out, redoing the same piece of glass is easy! Spray the mirror side of glass with a decent amount of Windex. Then scrub the finish off with paper towels, working until all of the mirror finish is removed. Again, we did this 4-5 times and the mirror finish came off the glass easily each time.

DIY Antique Mirror

6. The Final DIY Antique Mirror Step

Once your DIY antique mirror is done and you are happy with the result, it’s time to hang it!

Now, you could hang your mirror from a normal everyday sawtooth hanger but I decided to add a fun, whimsical detail to our mirror by hanging it from ribbon. I love using ribbon in our home décor, it adds another layer of depth and texture that I just can’t get enough of.

DIY Antique Mirror

To hang your mirror from ribbon, add eye hooks to the top left and right sides the mirror. Eye hooks simply screw into the wood frame, so they are very easy to use. Grab your favorite ribbon and thread one piece through the left eye hook and another ribbon through the right eye hook, then tie the ribbon in a knot around the eye hooks.

Meet the other ends of the ribbon in the center of the mirror and tie into a knot (make sure the knot is centered otherwise your mirror will hang crooked). Hang the ribbon from a nail.

Then take another length of ribbon and tie that into a bow around (and covering) the nail. Trim the ribbon tails so that they are at your desired length. How pretty is that?!

Decorative Mirror

Don’t forget, you could change the ribbon seasonally…which is exactly what I will be doing!

Antique Mirror

This DIY antique mirror was super easy, inexpensive, and honestly I wish we had done it sooner. The entire project took us about an hour from start to finish and was easier than we anticipated. The result is a gorgeous DIY antique mirror that looks like it’s been around for ages, and I love having a mirror hanging in our entryway.

Why have we not hung one here before?!

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DIY Antique Mirror

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DIY Antique Mirror Tutorial
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